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If you're a content writer covering remote work topics, we want to hear from you. Our blog is a growing library of remote working news, tips, and tricks.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure you get published on our website.

What we’re looking for:

  • Original and unpublished articles that follow our guidelines. We will check for plagiarism in all submissions.
  • Pieces that match our voice and style. Dive into our blog to better grasp how we sound and communicate.
  • Expert takes on remote work topics ranging from HR perspectives on welcoming employees and how to set up remote workers to personal experiences working remotely.
  • Content with valuable advice that can easily be put into practice by fellow remote workers.
  • Well-documented pieces on remote work trends and insights.
  • Guides for remote teams.

What we’re not looking for:

  • Unoriginal or plagiarised content.
  • Content that has been published elsewhere.
  • Pieces that mainly promote a brand or a company.
  • Articles that are hard to read or too technical.

We accept guest contributions for the following topics:

  • IT asset management.
  • Remote work news and resources.
  • Remote HR management.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Remote work, home-based jobs, telecommuting.
  • Success stories on nailing remote positions.
  • Personal stories about working remotely.
  • In-depth experience working in a remote position.
  • Lifestyle stories of remote workers or freelancers.
  • Pros and cons of working remotely.

Please ensure your pitch falls between one of those areas before submitting it. Unrelated topics will not be considered and will be automatically discarded.

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