IT asset management software

Your Inventory at a glance

Growrk’s IT asset management software lets you organize inventory by region, check status updates, review all product transactions, and track depreciation.

Get Complete Control
Over Your Assets

Manage all of your products—even across different warehouses and countries—from a single IT asset management software. Filter by country or by type of product to know where everything is.

Inventory Management

Monitor Every Move
In Your Inventory

Track the history of each product in your inventory from the day you buy it till the day you retire it to gain complete control over your asset inventory management.

simplified offboardings

Full Lifecycle

Maintain visibility of your assets by monitoring their depreciation rate in your IT asset inventory management platform. We will let you know when it’s time to retire the equipment and collect it for you.

simplified offboardings

Keep Track of all
Distributed Teams’ Assets

With a single tool that gives you real-time status updates, complete product histories and more.