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About GroWrk

What does GroWrk do?

GroWrk provides global end-to-end IT management services for distributed workforces. We streamline IT equipment procurement, deployment, and management to help teams achieve more.

GroWrk’s IT asset management platform automates all your company’s IT equipment and compliance needs worldwide, allowing you to equip your globally distributed teams in just a few clicks.

What type of companies does GroWrk provide services to?

We provide service to any company with a distributed or remote workforce needing IT equipment logistics and management.

Where is GroWrk headquartered?

GroWrk is a remote-first company with headquarters in San Diego, CA.


What services does GroWrk provide?

GroWrk provides full lifecycle management services, from onboarding to offboarding, including break/fix needs.

At the onboarding stage, we offer device procurement, storage, imaging, MDM enrollment, delivery, helpdesk, and warranty management.

When you request an offboarding for a departing employee, we handle pick-ups, diagnostics, disk wiping, clean up and return to inventory.

What countries does GroWrk support?

GroWrk supports 150+ countries.



Does GroWrk have asset tracking capabilities?

Yes, GroWrk’s IT asset tracking platform provides real-time status updates on collections, inspections, and deliveries. 

Does GroWrk offer 24/7 helpdesk support?

Yes, GroWrk provides 24/7 Tier 1 IT support and can handle hardware requests from teams across the globe.

GroWrk also offers AI-powered tech support through GroWbot for faster response times, improved accuracy, and greater efficiency

Does GroWrk offer solutions for delivering other 3rd party products, such as furniture, SWAG, etc.?

GroWrk is focused on the management of workstations. Additional SWAG items can be provided through GroWrk on a case-to-case basis. However, we do not procure, deliver or manage furniture.

IT Equipment

Can GroWrk improve the end-user experience for employees?

After companies add their employees to the GroWrk platform, employees will have access to an Employee Dashboard where they can view real-time updates about the equipment they will receive.

What brand of equipment does GroWrk support?

GroWrk is agnostic on hardware delivery and supports all brands, from Apple to HP, Lenovo, or Dell. GroWrk also supports associated peripherals and IT equipment, such as monitors, docking stations, mice, microphones, cameras, phones, or tablets.

Does GroWrk sell computers?

GroWrk can procure computers on behalf of our customers, but customers can also provide computers through other procurement sources.

Can GroWrk provide storage for devices?

We are your IT closet in the cloud. GroWrk provides secure in-country storage facilities for company equipment for as long as required.

Who legally owns the equipment?

GroWrk customers legally own all their distributed equipment.


Does GroWrk have a subscription model?

GroWrk charges a monthly management fee per workstation managed. A workstation consists of a laptop plus peripherals.

The monthly management fee includes the initial setup of equipment (imaging, MDM enrollment, shipping, 24/7 IT support, repairs, warranty management, and storage.) Offboarding fees include pick-up service, diagnostics, disk wiping, and re-provisioning.

What is the onboarding process like for companies?

GroWrk's onboarding process is designed to be short and efficient, allowing companies to begin using the platform quickly. The onboarding process for companies is as follows:

  • Review and sign GroWrk Services Agreement and SOW.
  • GroWrk will schedule an onboarding call to review their company portal, catalog build, employee information, integrations, and other company needs.
  • GroWrk will populate your Dashboard based on the information provided on employees and workstations.

What is GroWrk’s workstation delivery response time?

New equipment orders are subject to availability and manufacturer lead times. In-stock equipment can be delivered in 4-5 business days (depending on location). Prior to shipping, the device can be imaged and enrolled in your preferred MDM solution.

What is GroWrk’s engagement process? And what is the duration of an agreement?

Initial agreements cover the first 12 months, but 2nd year and add-on agreements are also available.

Does GroWrk offer services a la carte?

Yes, GroWrk can customize a solution to your company’s specific requirements.

Our Products

Can I transfer my existing computers to GroWrk management?

Yes, most companies migrate their distributed IT fleet to GroWrk management as a simple solution to global IT management.

How does the employee offboarding process work?

A company can initiate an offboarding for its employees within the GroWrk platform.

When you start an offboarding, you will have to provide specific information like employee name, date of offboarding, and a pick-up address.

After gathering these details, GroWrk will initiate pick-up, disk wiping, diagnostics, break/fix, reprovisioning, and storage.

Can GroWrk enroll my devices in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) program?

Yes, GroWrk can enroll the requested devices into multiple MDM solutions such as Intune, Autopilot, Kandji or ABM.

Does GroWrk integrate into HRIS Systems?

GroWrk has integrations with popular HR and IT systems like Hibob, BambooHR, Google Workspace, UKG, Workday, and Okta. GroWrk also offers APIs and access to the interaction team for integrations with additional 3rd party solutions.

Does GroWrk have asset management/asset tagging capabilities?

Yes, GroWrk can attach asset tags at your company’s request.