Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: May 2023

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: May 2023

We are back with a new edition of the top 10 home office setups on Twitter for May 2023. But first, we will discuss some recent news on remote work.

In May, the remote vs. return to office debate was as hot as ever. Ride-sharing company Lyft announced that it would require employees to return to the office at least three times a week. Moreover, IBM and OpenAI expressed that remote work could harm employee career development and that startups are most effective when employees work together in an office.

However, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, criticized other CEOs for mandating a return to the office while advocating for a flexible work environment. Chesky believes CEOs should consider the productivity of having employees physically present in an office versus the benefits of accessing a global talent pool.

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Despite many pushing for the return to the office, our Twitter research says remote work is still going strong. Dozens of setups are posted monthly and get increasingly creative each time. While some want to show off the time and effort put into creating their ideal setup, others wish to inspire through their journey. 

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds! As usual, we included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and remember to spread the word!


Starting this month’s WFH setup ranking is this uncomplicated workstation by @nicolasadamini. The focal point is not in the tech specs but in that amazing view of Parisian rooftops. 

With only a Macbook on a laptop stand, a mechanical keyboard, and a Magic Trackpad, this setup is nothing short of inspiring. 

The low desk with the cushion on the floor adds to this easygoing and breezy workspace that will inspire even the most stressed-out soul. Let us know when you get tired of working from here, @nicolasadamini, and we’ll gladly do some desk-sitting. 


We can tell Spring is in full swing when we start seeing outdoor setups all over Twitter. This time, our spot nine goes to @paigebyerly for this breezy workstation under the shade of a tree.

When it comes to working remotely, simplicity is key, and @paigebyerly exemplifies this notion perfectly. With only a trusty HP laptop and a refreshing beverage by her side, she's all set to take on the warmer weather from the comfort of this patio.

At the end of the day, that's what remote work is all about - the freedom to work from virtually anywhere while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  


Following our trend of simple workstations, spot eight goes to this wonderful setup by @brian_blum1. The workstation is minimalistic yet effective. It comprises an HP monitor, a Macbook, a keyboard, and a mouse, all neatly arranged on top of a sturdy wooden desk.  

However, what truly sets this workstation apart is the breathtaking river view that serves as a stunning backdrop. It's a true feast for the eyes and it must really add to the whole experience of using it. Just one question, @brian_blum1, do you ever get distracted by that spectacular view?


Coming in at number seven is @andrewjclare’s setup boasting the whole Apple ecosystem. He’s got the Studio Display, the Mac mini, Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, an iPhone, and even an Apple TV. 

The setup is sleek and minimalist but contains all the essential elements of a productive workspace. Everything is neatly arranged on a white desk with a light grey desk mat. The only thing missing is a good cup of coffee to keep you going through the day. Well done, @andrewjclare!


This setup by @mendezmendezart takes spot six for their take on a classic home office. The workspace comprises a Studio Display, a Macbook, a mechanical keyboard, and ergonomic mouse. Other accessories include a pair of speakers and some AirPods. Everything sits neatly on a wooden desk with a cabinet and cozy lamp on either side. 

We love how the room looks balanced, with two sets of plants on the shelf and some art pieces on the left wall. We can tell this is the artist's room just because of the relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. We wonder how many pieces have been created in this very office, @mendezmendezart. 


Taking the fifth spot is the exceptional setup curated by @quinrex. This workstation embodies power and efficiency, boasting an impressive set of specs that caught our eye.

With four monitors and a sleek tri-corner standing desk, this workstation is designed for productivity. The setup is equipped with two types of cameras that allow for high-quality video streaming, a microphone for crystal clear audio, a Key Light to ensure perfect lighting, two Stream Decks for seamless control, two sets of headphones for immersive sound, and a massive speaker that delivers an exceptional audio experience.

This setup is undoubtedly a streamer’s dream. Awesome work, @quinrex!


Spot number four goes to @brandonstirrup for this sleek workstation overlooking a huge window. What we love about this setup is that it combines powerful specs with natural touches like the potted plant and the wooden desk. 

In terms of equipment, the workstation consists of a Studio Display, MacBook, and an iPad Pro. The PC powering the entire setup is placed conveniently beneath the desk, allowing for easy access and use. The combination of style and functionality in this setup is truly impressive, creating an exceptional, visually appealing, and practical workspace. Nicely done, @brandonstirrup!


The coveted third spot in our monthly ranking goes to @juristr. With two monitors, a MacBook, and an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, there’s no stopping productivity. Other accessories for the setup include a Key Light, a Screen bar, and a Sony camera. 

What we love about this setup is that it manages to incorporate some personality despite the minimalistic arrangement. The colored keycaps in the ergonomic keyboard, the small toys on the desk, and even the cup of coffee make this setup a comfortable place to get things done. The only question left is if @juristr is a coffee or a tea person.


Taking the second spot on the list is an impressive all-white setup created by @me_uko. Although this is actually his wife's home office, @me_uko decorated it beautifully. The room emits a calming and neat vibe, making it the perfect workspace.

The setup includes a vertical LG monitor, a MacBook, a Magic Keyboard, a Trackpad, headphones, and a microphone. To add a personal touch, the room is adorned with some personal photos and green plants. We hope that your wife is pleased with the outcome, @me_uko!


Drumroll, please! The winner of May’s WFH setup ranking is @cathrynlavery

This month’s ranking has been all about the scenic views. From Parisian rooftops to bushy gardens, it seems everyone on the internet is enjoying some deserved time under the sun. This setup by @cathrynlavery doesn’t fail to stay on theme.

With a large window overlooking a wonderful garden, this home office inspires the dullest days. Regarding equipment specs, @cathrynlavery includes a Studio Display, a MacBook, a wireless keyboard, and ergonomic mouse. Although the setup is simple, it’s enough to tackle a long to-do list. Congrats, @cathrynlavery, and keep up the excellent work!


Last but not least, we have this lace-covered setup by @kays_wacho. You may be wondering who would do such a thing, but the answer is in the caption: “New setup custom made by my mother.” 

While we don’t think any gamer would let their mothers near their perfectly curated setups, this might spark a trend in the Pinterest community. Who knows if this is the next big thing? Anyways, thanks to @kays_wacho for making us giggle with this meme.

Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll search far and wide for the most incredible remote workspaces on Twitter. Share yours with the hashtag #OfficeSetup to be featured in the next edition. If you love to check out previous winners, browse them below.

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