Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: September 2022

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: September 2022

We are back with a new edition of the Top 10 home office setups on Twitter for September 2022. But first, we will discuss some recent trends in remote work.

In September, remote work scored another win as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, reported that the company will not order corporate employees to return to physical offices. This marks a reversal to the company’s previous goal of having all employees back to the office by late 2021.

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As remote working has become more popular, more and more people are sharing their WFH setups. Some do this to show off how much time and effort went into creating their ideal setup, while some want to inspire others with their journey.

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds. As always, we included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and don't forget to share it with your family and friends!


Starting this month’s ranking is @HeartyHomies’ minimal setup with the Apple ecosystem consisting of an iMac, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Apple Watch. Sitting neatly on the wooden desk is also a Blue Snowball mic and an insulated mug–with coffee! 

This setup is perfect for those who like their workspace clean and clutter-free. The minimal composition makes it easy for the eyes and an ideal place to get stuff done.

Simple doesn’t mean plain with this one. The Oogie Boogie candy dish sets the tone for the festive season. The question is, is it a Christmas or Halloween decoration, and if so, what’s the link to get one?


Spot nine goes to @heyOnuoha with this functional and straightforward setup. The large desk is holding an Omen laptop, an Acer monitor, mouse, keyboard and speaker bar. 

Although it looks simple, there are some hidden accessories that make this a complete setup. On the right corner, there’s a Logitech G Pro headset and an Xbox controller which tell us that @heyOnuoha sneaks in a game or two while sitting at this place. 

We recommend a little bit of cable management and a laptop stand or a monitor arm to take this setup to the next level. The only thing we’re curious about is if that mug still has any coffee in it.


Spot eight of this ranking goes to @Srta_Irenes setup, and yes, this IS a very pretty home office. First things first, the view is unbelievable. It looks like it came out of a movie where the main character spends a lot of time writing letters by the window. 

The actual setup is simple, with a MacBook on several wooden stands, a Dell monitor, an iPad, a Magic Mouse, and a standard keyboard. Other essentials, like Airpods, glasses, markers, and a physical organizer, complete the workstation.

The white windows and the light wooden desk create a luminous, cozy space. We can only imagine how relaxing it must be when you turn on the diffuser! @Srta_Irene’s productivity must be through the roof.


Coming in at number seven is @chaneltech_'s workstation. The displays for this setup consist of two Alienware 25" Gaming Monitors on a dual monitor arm topped with a BenQ Screenbar and Logitech webcam. 

Sitting on the white standing desk is a Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard and a Logitech mouse on a black Orbitkey desk mat. There are a few Elgato accessories like a Stream Deck and a Wave 3 microphone on its own mic stand, as well as a Sony camera on an adjustable arm. The whole thing is powered by the white PC on the right.

What we love about @chaneltech_'s setup is its relaxing vibe. Maybe it's the light blue desktop background, the tall plant, or the footrest beneath the desk, but it feels like a really comfortable place to work, stream, podcast, and more. 

We can't help but notice the tiny Kaws figurine and the Rubik's cube giving personality to this workstation. One last question, @chaneltech_, how fast can you solve the Rubik's cube?


This setup by @lastofcam takes spot number six in this month’s ranking. In true gamer fashion, this room is lit with LED lights and neon signs that give off a laid-back atmosphere. 

All the gaming essentials are there: the Samsung curved monitor, the PC in a case that looks like it came out of a Star Wars set, the microphone on its own adjustable arm, the mechanical keyboard with wrist rest, the speakers, and the headset. 

A wall-mounted TV screen crowns this workstation, along with Funko Pops on tiny shelves. On that note, how extensive is your collection, @lastofcam?


This setup by @KyleMHilliard is coming strong with the two monitors and MacBook. The room gives serious gamer vibes with the artwork on the walls and the checkered soundproofing. 

The accessories for this workstation are a microphone on its mic arm, a Canon camera, and a ring light. The two monitors are placed on their own stand, while the laptop sits on a desk mat next to a Razer mouse. All of this is powered by a PC beneath the black standing desk.

The cable management is looking pretty good, @KyleMHilliard! The space looks clean and practical for everyday use. Also, is that a Dyson air purifier in the back? We really hope you have it there to feel refreshed, not because of allergies.


It’s not often that we see a setup using a full Microsoft ecosystem, but @zacbowden has gone all out with the Huawei Mateview monitor, Surface Laptop and Surface Duo. The natural wood-colored desk looks decluttered thanks to the wireless keyboard and mouse–both Microsoft. 

Other accessories complementing this workspace include a pair of headphones on a sleek silver stand, what looks like an Echo Dot speaker, and a Logitech webcam.

The setup is simple, clean, and effective. We love the way @zacbowden has styled his workspace with a minimalist aesthetic that makes us want to tick off all the items on our to-do list.


The coveted third spot of this month's ranking goes to @johnfeal2's setup. What we like about this space is that it shows a lot of personality, with all the awards and keepsakes filling the shelves and walls. 

The setup itself is straightforward. A black desk holds a monitor on a raised section, as well as a keyboard, mouse, and desk mat. The desk's decoration is complete with a lamp, a coffee mug, and a few Captain America figurines.

We would say that the best part is that he desk is very close to the bed, which might come in handy for a good old power nap. Nicely done, @johnfeal2!


The second place for September’s ranking goes to this setup by @SailorTabbyCat. We can tell this is the room of a streamer because we immediately spotted the Elgato key light and Stream Deck, plus the BEACN mic. 

The tech gear boasts two monitors supported on monitor arms, a keyboard and mouse, all powered by a PC in a Cooler Master transparent case.  

We also noted that @SailorTabbyCat likes to have things in pairs because there are two black Nintendo Switch consoles, two webcams, two controllers, and, unexpectedly, two sewing machines. 

The room is filled with quirky items ranging from fanmade anime merch, passing by a Halloween blanket, and all the way to an Alien plushie. We would love to see this room when @SailorTabbyCat is in full creative mode, sewing up a project or just playing games to relax.


The winner of September’s edition of our WFH setup ranking is @BrentO. This neat setup is a remote teacher’s dream. It’s fully equipped with a Macbook Pro with Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, a Gigabyte 34” monitor, two Elgato XL Stream Decks, an iPad, a DPA headset microphone, two Sony cameras, a pair of Neewer lights on the desk plus another pair not pictured, and a couple of speakers. All the equipment sits on a Vari Standing Desk with a natural wood finish. 

What we love about this setup is its functionality. All the elements are neatly organized and serve a specific function. The two stream decks allow @BrentO to trigger events regardless of where he is standing, which we think is pretty clever. The three displays make it easy to display all the necessary information and tools to make presenting a breeze. There’s even a bottle of water and mints!

The art on the walls and personal items here and there make this a perfect example of a comfortable home office that is also highly functional. Congrats, @BrentO!


Remote work is so peaceful you start to miss being stuck in traffic? We really don’t hope you would put yourself through the trouble, @tunguz. This transformer-like setup will give you the speed you need for all your projects for the week. 

Thanks, @tunguz, for making our day with this!

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Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking next edition. We'll look for more cool remote workspaces, so please share yours on Twitter with #OfficeSetup. We could feature it in our September edition. If you love to check out previous editions, feel free to browse them below.

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