Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: April 2023

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: April 2023

We are back with a new edition of the top 10 home office setups on Twitter for April 2023. But first, we will discuss some recent news on remote work.

In April, Egypt announced that certain tourists would now be able to receive a 5-year visa at a very affordable cost. The measure aims to boost tourism, with an end goal to welcome 30 million visitors by 2028 to compensate for lost time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase clamped down on remote work by ordering managing directors to return to their desks five days a week. Employees were told through a memo to  "lead by example" to reinforce the importance of office attendance. 

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Despite many pushing for the return to the office, our Twitter research says that remote work is as popular as ever. Dozens of setups are posted monthly and get increasingly creative each time. While some want to show off the time and effort put into creating their ideal setup, others wish to inspire through their journey. 

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds! We included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and remember to spread the word!


We’re kicking off April’s WFH setup ranking with a bang, thanks to @PedroGuijarro_’s setup. The triple display is the focal point of this minimal workstation. 

We can tell that @PedroGuijarro_ is a gamer through and through thanks to that ESL Play –an esports league– poster on the wall. 

Powered by a PC under the desk, this mighty setup also features a Blue microphone, a webcam, a keyboard and mouse, an Elgato key light mini, and a Stream Deck. 

We like how this setup focuses on efficiency. The 34” Ultrawide LG monitor plus the two other Full HD screens are sure to make this a multitasking paradise. We just have to ask, @PedroGuijarro_, what do you use each monitor for?


Spot number 9 goes to @_TommyMason for another minimal workstation. We can see a creative vein flowing through this setup thanks to that statement monitor bar. Not to mention the graphic design book casually laid out beside the laptop.

What we love about this setup is how few elements can make for a powerful workstation. There’s everything a designer or a streamer might need: a MacBook, a microphone, and good lighting.

The vertical calendar design and the Praktica camera bring everything together for a minimalistic but original space. Just one last thing, any chance of showing the pictures in the 35mm film roll?


Landing on spot 8 is this classic home office setup by @rishikagupta__. It covers all the basics of a productive workstation: tech gear, books, and plants!

The setup consists of a MacBook on a laptop stand, a ThinkVision monitor, a webcam, a headset, a mechanical keyboard, a microphone on a mic arm, and an Echo Dot. All of these are excellent for routine work tasks as well as podcasting or streaming.

We love when users add touches of green to their workstations. It reminds us of how precious it is to connect with nature. And something tells us that @rishikagupta__ feels the same way. Well done!


This peaceful setup by @gemzape earns spot 7 on this month’s ranking. The overall black and white theme with pops of green makes for a zen work hub where we could spend countless hours. 

With two monitors and Fractal PC, this workstation is nothing short of powerful. The setup also features accessories like a camera, microphone, Stream Deck, mechanical keyboard, and a Nintendo Switch.

We love how @gemzape incorporates a powerful setup into a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Even the Logitech Aurora wrist rest matches the white seating puff.

And let’s not forget about the plant on the right of the desk. You wouldn’t want to leave this cozy work hub for one second. We can’t help but wonder how much time @gemzape spends in there. 


Coming in at number 6 is this impressive setup by @KevinNaughtonJr. The caption for this picture is” i don't have a good personality but i have a good desk setup”. While we don’t know about the first part, the second is true: this is a really good desk setup.

Boasting UltraWide curved monitor, a custom mechanical keyboard with wooden wrist rest, not one but two Sony cameras, a webcam, a BenQ screen bar, a Stream Deck, a sound console. You name it, this setup has it.

But the most powerful thing powering this setup has to be the coffee in that bright yellow mug. Great job, @KevinNaughtonJr. Just make sure you don’t over-do the caffeine.  


Spot number 5 goes to @ernsto305 for this efficient blue-toned setup. Everything from the light strip to the carpet to the PC is blue and we have to applaud the compromise to the aesthetic. 

Boasting three displays, two PC cases, headphones, a camera, and a Strem Deck, this mighty setup is sure to provide hours of endless gaming. We love how this shot captures @ernsto305’s setup in action, with the video game on one screen and the chat on the other. 

Nothing says gamer setup quite like some mood lighting, and @ernsto305 delivers with the LED light strip around the ceiling and the monitor screen bar. Awesome work, @ernsto305!


Spot number 4 goes to this minimalistic setup by @ianzelbo. There are a few key elements that make this workstation unique, let’s break them down.

The focal point of this home office is the BenQ PD2725U monitor and probably the huge windows behind it that fill the room with natural light. Besides the monitor, the only other gear is the MacBook and a microphone.

The other elements that bring this whole setup together are the desk lamp, the hourglass, and the mid-century modern-style desk. The lamp has an industrial feel that contrasts with the desk. Meanwhile, the hourglass adds an analog touch that is also useful, perhaps for some Pomodoro-style work sessions.

Finally, the big potted plant on the left side of the desk adds a touch of green that is always needed in an office. 

With all these elements in place, @ianzelbo creates a beautiful home office that is bound to reflect hours of productivity. Amazing job!


The coveted third spot in our ranking goes to @RahulDesignWeb3. This setup is the definition of functionality. 

The setup itself is comprised of an LG monitor, two MacBooks, a Keychron keyboard and wooden wrist rest, a black desk mat, a ring light, and a microphone. 

However, the efficiency doesn’t stop there. The sticky notes and the art on the walls combine analog and digital to create an expressive home office where things get done.  

We absolutely love the five plants surrounding the desk. We would love to see a picture of the setup once they grow and this becomes a tiny jungle.


The second place in April’s ranking goes to @IAmBpala. The most impressive part about this setup is the three displays and two PCs.

We like how this setup features everything in pairs or trios. There are two PC cases, two Elgato stream decks, two Elgato key lights, and three monitors. Nicely done! 

Although @IAmBpala’s setup has powerful tech, the whole thing gives a calm atmosphere. Maybe it’s the blue curtains or the lake on the desktop background, but there’s something relaxing going on in this office. Would you confirm that, @IAmBpala?


Drumroll, please! The winner of April’s WFH setup ranking is @GuptaSayujya

This neon-lit workstation is an inspiring productivity hub. The Apple ecosystem, the plants, the mood lighting, and even the neon sign come together to showcase @GuptaSayujya’s creativity.

The setup itself consists of a MacBook, an iPad, and a Zebronics monitor. Accessories include a microphone on its arm, a digital clock, and a speaker.

We love how the workstation is divided into a productivity-intensive side with all the tech gear and an inspiring and creative side for brainstorming ideas. Congrats, @GuptaSayujya!


Last but not least, the funny section belongs to @Lady_nishaaa, who pokes fun at software engineers’ love for multiple displays on their setups.

While we admit that two or three monitors make for an impressive setup, sometimes we might get too excited about them. Thanks, @Lady_nishaaa, for making us laugh!

Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll search far and wide for the most incredible remote workspaces on Twitter. Share yours with the hashtag #OfficeSetup to be featured in the next edition. If you love to check out previous winners, browse them below.

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