Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: December 2022

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: December 2022

We are back with a new edition of the top 10 home office setups on Twitter for December 2022. But first, we will discuss some recent trends in remote work.

Back in December, the South Korean government announced a new workcation visa aimed at attracting digital nomads to the country. The measure seeks to revive the country's travel industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. 

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As remote working has become more popular, more and more people are sharing their WFH setups. Some want to show off the time and effort put into creating their ideal setup, while others wish to inspire through their journey.

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds. As always, we included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and don't forget to share it with friends and family!


Spot number 10 goes to @natmiletic. Hear us out. This may not be the best-equipped setup in town, but it has an unbeatable location. Nothing says work-from-anywhere perks better than a rustic layout deep in the jungle. 

Although the beauty of this setup is mainly made by mother nature, it’s the perfect office away from home. After all, a powerful workstation is one that lets you efficiently finish all your tasks –and you can do just that with a MacBook and a cup of coffee. The nature surrounding everything is just an added bonus. 

We’re only wondering if @natmiletic can get any work done without wanting to get up and explore the surroundings.


Next up is this sleek setup by @theoliveranwar. He has made great use of a small corner in his apartment to create a modern and efficient home office. The standing desk is equipped with a widescreen monitor, an ergonomic mouse, and an Apple Magic Keyboard, all powered by a MacBook. 

The desk also has a lamp, a small ring light, and a microphone on a mic arm for optimal video conferencing. The accessories, such as AirPods, a water bottle, and an audio console, add a touch of personalization to this sleek setup. 

We can’t help but ask if @theoliveranwar has any plans of adding a walking pad beneath the desk to match the fit vibe from the picture on the wall.


This colorful setup by @loughtv comes in at number 8 for making the most of the space under the stairs. Although space is tight, @loughtv has created a perfect setup for streaming and video production. 

The combination of a curved monitor in a vertical position, two smaller horizontal monitors, and a white mechanical keyboard and mouse provides a tremendous visual setup. The power source is a PC case on the desk's right side. 

The two DSLR cameras, a mini key light, an audio console, and a stream deck are essential for streaming and video production. The long wooden desk provides ample space for all the equipment. The standing desk on the left is an excellent addition for standing during long streaming sessions. 

This workstation has a lot of personality, with the huge black calendar, the keyboard collection, and the dog bed under the desk. We especially love the statement black calendar with big white numbers on the left wall. It surely helps to stay organized and remember important dates. Have you missed any important deadlines after getting that calendar, @loughtv? 


Coming in at number seven is @goldenmirmy’s fun and cute setup. The pastel earth tones add a touch of warmth to the workspace. The Samsung monitor, keyboard, Razer mouse, and white speakers are all standard equipment for a productive workday. 

But what sets this setup apart is the stand holding tiny animal plushies, adding a playful touch. The shelf on top of the desk has more animal plushies, a diffuser, a digital clock, and decorative plants, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. The hexagon lamp behind the monitor with purple and pink lighting adds an extra pop of color. 

The motivational posters and cute illustrations on the sides of the wall behind the desk provide a positive and uplifting environment. This setup is an excellent example of how you can infuse your personality into your workspace and make it a place to work, relax, and enjoy. Great job, @goldenmirmy!


@kritikatwtss has created a cozy and compact home office that packs a punch. The setup features an LG monitor, two MacBooks, a Keychron keyboard, and a Logitech mouse, providing all the necessary tools for a productive workday. 

We love how the cute tree lamp casts a yellow light and adds a touch of warmth to the space, making it inviting and comfortable. The setup may be small, but it is a powerful workstation that can handle all remote work demands. 

This setup is a great example of making the most out of a small space and creating a functional and cozy workspace. How many projects can those two MacBooks handle, @kritikatwtss? 


Spot number five goes to @ByteReview’s setup, which is the epitome of a clean and polished. The main setup consists of an Apple Studio Display, a Macbook, a Mac Studio, and an IQUNIX PC case. 

The accessories, such as a NuPhy keyboard, 8BitDo controller, and a pair of Ruark Audio speakers, are all top-of-the-line and add to the overall aesthetic of the setup. The desk from Ikea, with a Grovemade Desk Shelf and Ugmonk Laptop Stand, provides a sturdy and spacious work surface while maintaining a clean look.

The desk's light wood finish and the accessories' white accents give the setup a Scandinavian feel, making it both functional and visually pleasing. We would love to get all of @ByteReview's tips on keeping a desk nice and clean for a long time.


@shiinareii has created a powerful and visually stunning setup perfect for digital art and illustration. The main setup includes two Prism monitors held on monitor arms and a Huion Kamvas drawing tablet powered by a custom PC. 

In terms of accessories, the setup includes a Logitech keyboard, mouse, and headset. There are also a pair of Razer Nommo speakers, a digital clock, and a cute white cup. The desk is an Omnidesk standing desk with a black desk mat. 

The wall behind the monitors is adorned with black hexagonal panels and a Japanese illustration on the left. The two monitors display an illustration as wallpaper, adding to the space's overall dark and moody vibe. 

We love how @shiinareii has built this powerful workstation while still keeping it visually stunning and inspiring creativity. Awesome work!


The coveted third spot of our ranking goes to @tomwarren for this gamer corner. The main setup includes two vertical monitors and a horizontal one held up with monitor arms powered by a custom PC. 

The accessories include a mechanical keyboard, mouse, Echo Show, a microphone on its mic arm, and headset. The Elgato's essential streaming gear: a key light, stream deck, and audio interface are all top-of-the-line and add to the overall aesthetic.

The standing desk's wooden finish provides a sturdy and spacious work surface. The wall behind the desk has hexagonal soundproofing panels, and subtle yellow and green lighting is coming from the back of the desk, creating an environment that matches the green tones of the Destiny wallpaper on the monitors. This is truly a gamer's paradise. Nice work!


The second place in this month’s ranking goes to @toripareno for achieving a fabulous makeover. The previous setup was all black, with cables peeking through and not many personal touches. 

@toripareno created a dynamic and personal setup perfect for vlogging, streaming, and content creation. The main workstation consists of two AOC monitors powered by a custom PC. Accessories include a monitor bar light, a white mechanical keyboard, and a Razer mouse. 

What we like about this setup is that it gives a glimpse into the creator's personal life. The photos on the corkboard, the figurines, the toy car, and the bear-shaped desk mat show @toripareno's personality.

We can tell @toripareno is serious about vlogging by boasting all the gear. We spot an Elgato ring light, a Sony DSLR camera, a Canon PowerShot camera, a handheld video camera, and a Koday Ektar camera. All those cameras make us wonder if you are a camera enthusiast and if you plan to have any new additions in the future.


Can we get a drum roll for this ranking’s winner? @JannisZFN has managed to build a very cool and minimal setup that is perfect for streaming. Although it looks simple, it boasts some serious power.

The setup consists of two monitors on monitor arms powered by two PCs. The accessories include a mechanical keyboard and mouse, an Elgato stream deck, a GoXLR streaming interface, and a webcam. 

What sets this setup apart is the structural white sound panels on the wall behind the desk. The green lighting from the panels adds visual interest and gives the workstation a unique feel. We only wonder how many hours @JannisZFN can spend without wanting to leave this awesome pod.


This time in our Funny category, we’re taking a walk down memory lane. @alvinfoo has brought us back to the nineties with this nostalgic setup. Although this is a funny category, we might shed a tear thinking about how much technology has changed. 

Anyways, thank you, @alvinfoo, for making our day. Anyone else suddenly wants to get a flip phone and a dial-up modem?

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Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll look for more cool remote workspaces, so please share yours on Twitter with #OfficeSetup. We could feature it in our next edition. If you love to check out previous editions, feel free to browse them below.

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