Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: January 2023

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: January 2023

We are back with a new edition of the top 10 home office setups on Twitter for January 2023. But first, we will discuss some recent news in remote work.

In January, the US Office of Personnel Management, the government agency that manages civilian employees, announced its efforts to attract tech industry talent among layoffs at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Meta.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian tourism minister, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, said a Bali Digital Nomad Visa is in the works. The new visa program would allow travelers to stay longer in the country than regular tourists and offer tax exemptions.

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Despite many pushing for the return to the office, our Twitter research says that remote work is as popular as ever. Dozens of setups are posted monthly, and they get more and more creative each time. While some want to show off the time and effort put into creating their ideal setup, others wish to inspire through their journey. 

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds! We included the "Funny" category! Check it out below, and remember to spread the word!


We love a perfectly curated shot of a perfectly curated setup, but there’s something about seeing someone at work that entices us. Spot ten of January’s ranking goes to @korey6s for showing a snapshot of a busy desk when ideas and projects are being put into action. 

The setup is pretty standard, a Samsung monitor and an Alienware monitor, a backlit mechanical keyboard, a white Razer mouse, and a PC under the desk powering everything. There’s also an iPad right beside the illustrated mouse pad. 

What gives character to this tri-corner desk setup is the amount of sketching paper, rulers, and pens taking over the right side. Meanwhile, the board on the wall hosts a bunch of personal mementos and notes. The illustrations on top bring the overall vibe together. We wonder how many hours it takes to make it look picture-perfect again. 


Spot nine of this month’s ranking goes to @reneritchie’s workstation. This small standing desk packs a punch with the MacBook Pro and Studio Display combo. The cherry on top is a Canon C 70 camera with an MKH-50 shotgun microphone. This content creation hub would not be complete without the trusty Elgato key light.

This setup caught our eye because of its efficient layout. Although the desk is small, @reneritchie has optimized this setup by vertically aligning all the elements. It’s what any content creator would need. There’s even room left for personal touches like the small plant, a visually pleasing Grovemade iPhone MagSafe charger, and a water bottle. Well done, @reneritchie!


Spot number eight goes to @Mans_JS’s mighty setup. At first glance, this looks like a simple workspace, but don’t let the minimalistic vibe trick you. Not only one but two Macbooks power this hub. 

An LG monitor is clamped to the desk with a monitor arm to complete the space. A black desk mat contrasts with the white tabletop while holding a Logitech keyboard, a Magic Trackpad, a Magic Mouse, and a pair of AirPods.

There’s an overall relaxed atmosphere thanks to the subtle glow of the hidden yellow string lights. The two plants bring everything together for a cozy look. We love how the theme stays consistent even in the desktop background. We wonder if @Mans_JS plans to add more plants to this fantastic setup.


Spot seven belongs to @leonydborac’s straightforward and efficient setup. This hub's clean and decluttered look is thanks to the Mac Studio and Dell Ultra Wide monitor. The Mac Studio is powerful without taking up space, while the monitor acts as the focal point with a neon-colored background.

The neon theme transcends the screen as LED lighting behind the desk fills the room with a pink and purple glow. The black accessories like speakers, keyboard, mouse, and desk mat bring the workspace together for a minimalistic look. 

We agree with @leonydborac, productivity is about to go through the roof! Your hard work is sure to pay off.


@stevedsimkins takes sixth place this time with a powerful yet artistic workspace. This room’s dark atmosphere comes from the all-black electronics and dark wood tabletop. However, the art on the wall adds a playful and fun personality to the setup.

The setup comprises a MacBook on a laptop stand, an LG monitor, a mechanical keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, a Joby microphone with a red accent, a pair of Sony headphones, and a desk lamp. 

Once you look closely, you can see that the rugged style is present even in the wooden Airpods case. We love how @stevedsimkins incorporates a vintage Canon and some plants as well. We can tell that  @stevedsimkins loves nature and exploring the wilderness. Excellent job!


We’re halfway through the ranking, and spot five goes to @cassiedakota_. We love this clean-looking setup for its creativity introducing cute Ghibli characters here and there.

The setup comprises a wide-screen monitor, the complete Logitech Aurora collection (keyboard, wrist rest, mouse, and headset), and a see-through PC case powering everything. A small wooden desk shelf on top of the light wood desk hosts an Elgato stream deck and two adorable Ghibli plushies.

On top of the PC case, a plant adds a green touch to the overall light-colored palette. Another Ghibli plushie sits on the edge of the case, making the setup look impossibly cute. We love the relaxed and cozy atmosphere in this setup. Great job, @cassiedakota_!


Spot number four belongs to @geezatrix. This setup looks like it came straight from a fantasy story. It’s all in the details. The leather-bound notebook, the gold frame on the wall, and the countless books make this a bookworm’s dream.

The setup specs include a monitor, a black mechanical keyboard, a Logitech mouse, and an iPad. Although the tech elements are minimal, the overall atmosphere feels like a productive workspace. We can tell @geezatrix spends countless hours working, reading, and gaming in there!


Coming in at number three is @thedataprof’s colorful desk setup. We instantly loved the cheerful atmosphere and little knick-knacks sitting around this workstation. The composition is excellent because the Super Star lamp catches your eyesight and directs it to the three-panel artwork above the monitor.

The setup comprises a Macbook, a curved monitor, an ergonomic mouse, a pair of speakers, and a rainbow LED bar on top of the monitor. As for accessories, there’s a calendar, two clocks, a Rubik’s cube, a candle, two lamps, and an Elgato key light. 

The most impressive part of this setup is the 15 tiny plants, or at least that’s how many we counted. We admire @thedataprof’s dedication to creating a workspace that reflects his personality and love for plants. We can’t help but wonder if that’s the new addition you’re talking about.  


The second place in this month’s ranking goes to @dr’s setup. We love a minimal workstation, but @dr goes beyond that. The desk hosts all the essentials for a productive workday while not shying away from showcasing some character. 

The main setup comprises a Samsung monitor, a Macbook, a Logitech keyboard and mouse, and a rectangular desk lamp. Everything sits on a natural wood table top for an uncomplicated look. 

What we love about this setup is that the non-tech elements like the framed illustration, the open notebook, the book, and the coffee mug make this workspace feel alive. We wonder if @dr plans to add more personal touches to this already cool hub. 


Let’s hear a round of applause for January’s winner of the WFH setup ranking! This time, @kvncnls takes the crown for this stunning workstation. The lighting in the picture does a great job of showcasing the most prominent details on this desk.

The dark-wood standing desk holds a Macbook on a laptop stand, a monitor with a monitor bar, an iPad, a Magic Keyboard, and a Magic Mouse. Other accessories include a pair of Airpods, an iPhone, a couple of Airpods Max, and a microphone.

Even though this setup is heavy on tech devices, we love how the orange background brings warmth to the room, making it feel cozy. Congratulations to @kvncnls for the hard work!


So, this is technically not a funny setup, but we doubt any work is getting done with that furry friend comfortably sitting on the laptop. Despite the two monitors and Macbook, it seems like this workstation’s efficiency will go down for a few minutes… or hours? 

We hope that the laptop's heat keeps this cat nice and toasty. Thanks, @AirlineFlyer, for reminding us that we love remote work for moments like this.

Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll search far and wide for the most incredible remote workspaces on Twitter. Share yours with the hashtag #OfficeSetup to be featured in the next edition. If you love to check out previous winners, browse them below.

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