IT Asset Tracking Your inventory at a glance

GroWrk’s IT asset tracking software lets you organize inventory by region, check status updates, generate reports, and track transactions.

it asset tracking
Track your costs, and make informed decisions

Instantly visualize your IT expenditures with our reports feature! Generate detailed reports on where a device was sent, how many workstations are deployed in a specific region, and how much each team is spending. Plan ahead for the future and allocate your budget accordingly.


Never lose sight of what’s important

Track your equipment orders from cart to delivery with real-time status updates, ensuring effective onboarding planning. Gain complete visibility into each device's status, monitoring collections and maintenance processes from start to finish.

Know each product’s history

In your client dashboard, you will always know who was using your equipment and whether maintenance was performed


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Transform your inventory insights

Make more informed decisions and optimize your budget for future savings.