Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: March 2023

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: March 2023

We are back with a new edition of the top 10 home office setups on Twitter for March 2023. But first, let’s discuss some recent news on remote work.

In March, we had great news for remote work enthusiasts. Fortune reports that the distributed arrangement trend is gaining momentum in some of America’s largest cities, despite corporate pressure for employees to return to the office. Data shows that job postings for remote-friendly roles are hitting record levels in major US cities compared to the past three years.

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Despite many pushing for the return to the office, our Twitter research says that remote work is as popular as ever. Dozens of setups are posted monthly and get increasingly creative each time. While some want to show off the time and effort put into creating their ideal setup, others wish to inspire through their journey. 

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds! We included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and remember to spread the word!


Kicking off March’s ranking is this minimalistic setup by @adrianlica20. Everything from the bonsai tree to the tiny Buddha sculpture makes this workstation a peaceful retreat. The neutral colors from the wall and the curtain, the light wood desk, and the seafoam green desk mat come together for a relaxed atmosphere. 

The setup is straightforward: a MacBook on a laptop stand, a Magic Keyboard, and an ergonomic mouse. It has all the essentials for productivity, including a cup of coffee in a perfectly white ceramic mug.

There’s no doubt that when work and life get hectic, knowing that your desk is waiting for you in the calmest atmosphere is a plus.


Spot nine goes to @jordanwildon’s practical setup. This home office elevates the usual corporate gear with a colorful mechanical keyboard that adds interest and ergonomics. 

Equipped with a widescreen HP monitor, a Logitech webcam, a Macbook, and Magic Mouse, this is the perfect nook for productivity. Meanwhile, the black leather desk mat over the natural wood desk and the vintage-looking lamp give this workstation a rugged vibe. 

We love how the keyboard contrasts with all the other elements on the desk. Is it a way to trick yourself into sitting down and getting work done, @jordanwildon? In any case, it must be lovely to write a bunch of emails while hearing the crunchy clicks from the keyboard.


We couldn’t have our monthly ranking without including at least one cozy setup, and @maisyleigh_ has managed perfectly to do that. The cream tones from the different accessories, the soft glow from the rounded lamp, and a few plants here and there make this home office a snug and comfy productivity hub.

The setup consists of a Samsung UltraWide Curved Monitor powered by an ITX PC Case, with accessories like Edifier speakers, a mechanical keyboard, and a Magsafe charger stand. Everything sits on a lightwood standing desk with a pastel green desk mat. 

This workstation looks so peaceful that we wouldn’t mind spending all day working from there. Great job, @maisyleigh_!  


Spot seven of this month’s ranking goes to @monicalimco’s home office. What caught our attention is that this is not just a WFH desk but a whole home office situation. There is Nothing like having room to yourself for total concentration.

This office has all the elements for a productive workspace, from the dual screens, the camera and microphone for streaming or podcasting, and the ergonomic chair for comfort. And let’s not forget about the aesthetics; everything is neutral or white. Even the printer blends right in with the aesthetic. 

This is a great place to cross many items off your to-do list. Once you sort out the cable management, @monicalimco, this place will look like it came straight out of a magazine. Keep up the excellent work!


Coming in at number six is @tsellhorn’s home office. We have two screens, a monitor, and a MacBook on individual stands. We spot a colorful mechanical keyboard, ergonomic mouse, and sound mixing gear.

We can tell this is a desk in action from the notebooks, books, and calendars that fill up the desk. It’s great to see the combination of digital and analog still going strong. And to bring it all together, a lovely family pic.  

By the way, do we spot the Collaboration Supercards by Lisette Sutherland? Shout out to Collaboration Superpowers’ very own director and a friend of ours! We love to see how the remote community is tight-knit, and everyone knows each other. 


Spot five of this ranking goes to @BrandonButch’s powerful setup. This workstation harnesses powerful specs by boasting two Studio Displays and a Mac Studio. Completing the Apple environment are two black Home Pods, a Macig Keyboard and Mouse, and an iPad. 

Everything sits on a white desk with a black desk mat for contrast, while the monitors, speakers, and the Mac Studio have their shelves. Speaking of, are those six phones we see on the shelf? We sure hope they are not work phones. 

Anyways, excellent work, @BrandonButch, on this ultra-productive setup. We hope you don’t spend all too much time working and get some deserved breaks every once in a while. 


This neon-lit setup by @themarcba takes spot number four for its playful personality. The setup is filled with Funko Pops and knick-knacks showcasing their owner’s personal touch. 

There’s plenty of screen space with the two monitors, an ultra-wide curved display, and a regular BenQ monitor in a vertical position. A Macbook powers the setup and hosts some cool accessories like the Ultimate Hacking keyboard and Magic Trackpad. 

The revamp is looking good, @themarcba! The cable management is undoubtedly making this setup look nice and polished. Well done!


The coveted third spot of our ranking goes to @anniefuchsia, who honors her Twitter handle with the fuchsia screensavers that light up this setup.

A PS5 and Nintendo Switch on the wall (go to tweet for the complete picture) are dead giveaways that this is a gamer’s room. With three displays, a Stream Deck, Elgato key lights, and a microphone, we’re sure @anniefuchsia spends many hours here playing, working, streaming, and more.

The two monitors in a vertical position and the middle monitor in a horizontal position make the setup look like a spaceship, don’t you think, @anniefuchsia? Regardless of the intent, this workstation is doing a great job of piquing our interest. Congrats!


This month’s second place goes to @theatascientist’s neon cozy setup. It sounds like an oxymoron to say neon and cozy in the same sentence, but hear us out.

The left side of the setup has all the flashy elements, like dual monitors, a backlit mechanical keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, and even an iPad. Meanwhile, the right side looks tranquil and relaxed, with the flower painting on the wall and the lit candle on the desk. 

Although it sounds unexpected, this combination perfectly creates a relaxed atmosphere without losing personality. That’s some hard work you did there, @theatascientist. Great job!


Drumroll, please! The winner of this month’s ranking is @trunarla for this fun and colorful setup. We love how this room is filled with personal touches: the figurines on the desk shelf, the banana pencil holder, the keyboard rack on the wall, the pictures with friends, the lanyards from past events, and the artwork. Everything comes together to showcase @trunarla’s personality.

As for the setup, it’s not short of impressive, either. Boasting an ultra-wide curved monitor plus a MacBook on a laptop stand, the display in this workstation looks endless. The Discord desk mat and the mechanical keyboard with purple wiring complement the colorful desktop background on the monitors. 

Even some purple lighting comes from the back of the desk that ties everything together for a chill environment. You’ve done a great job keeping the casual vibe with the high specs, @trunarla. Congrats!


This month’s funniest setup goes to @0xgaut. But the best part about this photo is the caption: “This is an engineer making $500,000 a year.” We can’t help but wonder why engineers can be so quirky with their setups. Is it the efficiency of a combined work and sleep pod? Or perhaps it’s about reaching the highest level of practicality. We just might never know. 

Jokes aside, though, if the desk were on the bottom and the bed on the top, that would be a nice little distribution. Thanks, @0xgaut, for bringing a smile to our faces and making our day! 

Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll search far and wide for the most incredible remote workspaces on Twitter. Share yours with the hashtag #OfficeSetup to be featured in the next edition. If you love to check out previous winners, browse them below.

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