Remote work just got upgraded

Flexible Workstations for Remote Team Members

Boost your remote team's health and productivity with premium ergonomic home work spaces starting at $29/mo

Growing remote with growrk

Everybody wants to work remote

Remote work is a highly desired perk. We help you redistribute office space to your remote workers' homes, supplying flexible ergonomic workstations and accessories for optimal remote performance for a low monthly fee.

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A smart move

With office costs through the roof in cities such as San Francisco and New York, smart companies are increasingly building distributed remote teams.

Did you know? Real Estate is the second highest business cost after headcount.

Our Story
No upfront investment. No hassle. No more sharing space with strangers at noisy coffee shops.

Our remote packages direct productivity back into the business, and save time and money.

Select your team's remote packages or customize them

Extend, upgrade, return or buy out your pieces with full flexibility to scale or downsize as your team grows.

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All the amenities your team needs to be as comfortable and productive at home as in an office at the touch of a button.

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A responsible choice

Beyond the clear benefits for remote teams and the company's bottom line, our rental subscription circular model enables environmentally responsible companies to use the furniture items they need for their remote workers today and when their needs change, we take it back and give them a second (and third and fourth) life, minimizing waste. 

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