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Top 10 Remote IT Asset Management software to use in 2024

In today's digital age, businesses are increasingly relying on IT asset management to operate effectively. With the rise of remote work and cloud computing, manually managing IT assets is no longer an option. It is crucial for businesses to effectively manage their hardware and software assets, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

One key way businesses can do this is by using IT asset management software. These tools allow businesses to track and manage their IT assets remotely, including hardware and software assets, contracts, and warranties. Efficient asset management tools provide real-time visibility into asset usage and performance and can be customized to meet the needs of any business. 

Key features to look for in remote IT asset management software

Businesses should consider several key features when selecting remote IT asset management software. Here are some of the most important ones:

Inventory management

The software should be able to provide information on all IT assets within the organization, including hardware and software inventory management. This feature enables administrators to keep track of all assets and ensure they are being used effectively.

Asset tracking and monitoring

The software should provide real-time tracking and monitoring of hardware and software to detect and fix problems before they become major. This feature enables administrators to identify and address issues quickly, reducing downtime and improving productivity.


The software should be able to generate reports on asset usage, service level agreements (SLAs), and other critical metrics. This feature enables administrators to track performance and identify areas for improvement.


The software should be able to integrate with other systems and applications, enabling administrators to manage their IT assets from a single location. This feature streamlines operations and improves efficiency.

Top 10 remote IT asset management software to use in 2024



GroWrk is an all-in-one asset management solution designed to automate common IT processes for globally distributed teams. The GroWrk platform makes it easy to procure, deploy, and manage IT equipment in over 150 countries.

Services include imaging and MDM enrollment for organization, device retrievals when an employee leaves the organization, equipment storage, and risk-free deliveries. All of this happens through a centralized dashboard, enabling companies to manage every device, no matter where it's located.

Key features

  • 24/7/365 AI-powered IT support
  • Depreciation tracker
  • Integrations with HR and IT systems
  • Asset tracking
  • Maintenance and swaps


If you're interested in GroWrk, book a demo call to learn how the platform works and receive a solution tailored to your remote team's needs.


  • Streamlined IT processes: GroWrk automates common IT processes, such as equipment procurement, deployment, and management, saving time and effort for globally distributed teams.
  • Global reach: With services available in over 150 countries, GroWrk ensures that companies can effectively manage IT equipment regardless of the location of their remote teams.
  • Centralized dashboard: The centralized dashboard provides a convenient and organized platform for managing all devices, allowing companies to track assets easily, access AI-powered IT support, and integrate with HR and IT systems.
  • Risk-free deliveries: GroWrk offers secure and risk-free device deliveries, ensuring that equipment reaches its intended destination safely and efficiently

N-central RMM

N-central is a remote monitoring and management solution by N-able that gives businesses the power to automate, monitor, manage, and secure all their environments at scale. 

This software can help you monitor and manage everything in your network, including all devices and operating systems, regardless of whether they're on-premises or in the cloud.

Key features:

  • Network & device management
  • Patch management 
  • Automation
  • Layered security
  • Integrations


N-central offers a free trial and tailored solutions based on specific company needs.


  • Comprehensive network management: N-central provides businesses with a powerful solution to automate, monitor, and  manage their network. This comprehensive approach enables efficient management of diverse IT environments.
  • Patch management: With built-in patch management capabilities, N-central helps businesses stay up-to-date with software updates and security patches, reducing vulnerabilities and ensuring the network's overall security.
  • Automation capabilities: N-central offers automation features that streamline repetitive tasks, saving time and effort for IT teams. This automation helps improve efficiency and allows IT professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives.


  • Complexity for businesses: N-central may have a steeper learning curve and be more complex to implement and manage, which could be challenging for businesses with limited IT resources or expertise.
  • Cost: The pricing for N-central may be higher compared to other remote monitoring and management solutions, making it less affordable for smaller organizations with budget constraints.
  • Overwhelming for simple networks: Businesses with relatively simple network setups may find N-central to be overkill, as some of its advanced features and capabilities may not be necessary or utilized to their full potential.
  • Potential integration challenges: While N-central offers integrations with other systems, there may be instances where compatibility issues or limitations arise when trying to integrate with specific third-party tools or custom-built systems.



Freshservice provides robust service desk automation features designed to help organizations streamline their processes. Key functionalities include automatic ticket creation, SLA management with real-time notifications of potential breaches, and integration with third-party tools.

Key features:

  • Asset normalization 
  • Automated discovery
  • Integrated CMDB
  • SaaS management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Contract management


Pricing plans start at $19/agent/month and can adapt to different business needs.


  • Intuitive user interface: Freshservice has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features effectively. This user-friendly design enhances the overall user experience and reduces the learning curve for new users.
  • Comprehensive asset management: This service offers a range of asset management features, allowing businesses to track and manage their hardware and software assets efficiently. This includes inventory management, contract management, and asset lifecycle management.
  • Integrated IT service management: Freshservice combines IT asset management with IT service management capabilities, providing a unified platform for managing IT operations. This integration streamlines workflows, improves collaboration, and enhances overall efficiency.
  • Self-service portals: Freshservice provides self-service portals that empower end-users to submit requests, access knowledge bases, and track their tickets. This self-service functionality reduces the dependency on IT teams, improves user satisfaction, and increases productivity.


  • Limited customization options: Freshservice's asset register and reporting system have limited customization options. Users cannot add fields to the default set of fields or integrate with external asset databases or preferred problem trackers. This lack of flexibility can be restrictive for businesses that rely on existing systems.
  • Limitations in license verification: Users have expressed that the software agent Freshservice uses to collect installation data lacks the ability to verify the validity of licenses used. This limitation can lead to inaccurate license tracking and compliance management.
  • Limited reporting capabilities: Freshservice offers up to 20 different reports, but users have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that they are not significantly customizable.

ManageEngine Desktop Central

ManageEngine Asset Explorer is an IT Asset Management software that helps companies manage assets in their network at all stages in the lifecycle. This software’s capabilities extend to software and hardware asset management, software license compliance, and tracking purchase orders. 

Key features:

  • Inventory management
  • Software license management
  • Software asset management
  • Purchase order management
  • Life cycle management
  • Asset tracking software
  • Configuration management database


Asset Explorer is available as a free edition, a 30-day trial, and a professional version. It also offers a subscription model that starts at $95 for 5 computers and 5 users.


  • Comprehensive tool set: ManageEngine offers a feature-rich toolkit, making it a reliable choice for managing software and hardware assets. The software provides comprehensive asset management features, like inventory management, software license management, software asset management, purchase order management, asset lifecycle management, and asset tracking.
  • Easy setup: ManageEngine boasts an easy setup process, allowing users to quickly start and deploy the software without significant delays or complications. Plus, the service is available in 31 languages, making it accessible and suitable for businesses operating globally.
  • Reasonably priced: Manage Engine's pricing is competitive and offers good value for its features and functionalities, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking cost-effective IT asset management solutions.
  • Familiar user interface: The user interface of Asset Explorer follows a familiar Windows-style design, ensuring ease of use for users with existing Windows-based knowledge and experience.


  • Free plan is limited: The free plan provided by ManageEngine has certain limitations, which may restrict access to advanced features and capabilities. This limitation could be a drawback for businesses relying heavily on the free plan or with budget constraints.
  • Expensive for small businesses with limited IT staff: ManageEngine's pricing structure may be expensive for small businesses with limited IT staff and financial resources, potentially making it less accessible for these organizations.
  • No location tracking: Asset Explorer lacks location tracking functionality, which can be crucial for businesses with distributed or mobile assets. 


Snipe-IT is an open-source IT asset management software that provides comprehensive inventory management, software license compliance, and asset tracking capabilities. It allows businesses to track their IT assets across multiple locations and provides real-time asset usage and performance visibility.

Key features:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Asset management
  • License management
  • Integrations

Snipe-IT provides a free subscription, but users who need more features can choose from various payment plans.


  • Effective IT asset management: Snipe-IT enables users to efficiently track and maintain their IT assets and resources, especially for small businesses.
  • Easy to use: Users find Snipe-IT user-friendly, stable, and accurate in its asset tracking and calculation functionalities.
  • Strong product support: According to user reviews, snipe-IT offers excellent customer support, ensuring that users receive timely assistance when needed.
  • Customizability and usability: Snipe-IT is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the software to their needs. It has been praised for its good usability and performance.


  • Software may have bugs: As with any open-source software, Snipe-IT may have some quirks and bugs that users may encounter during usage.
  • Varied feature development: Some features in Snipe-IT are well-developed and robust, such as consumable tracking and re-ordering, while others may be underdeveloped or lacking certain functionalities, like the ability to specify asset locations manually.
  • Difficult upgrade process: Upgrading Snipe-IT to newer versions can be tedious, although recent major version changes aim to simplify this.
  • IT knowledge required: Like many open-source projects, installing and maintaining Snipe-IT as a self-hosted application requires some IT knowledge. This requirement may not apply to users opting for paid hosting options.


Atera offers a comprehensive remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) platform for IT professionals and managed service providers (MSPs). With Atera, IT professionals can access remote monitoring and management, remote access, helpdesk, billing, and reporting in one place. 

Atera allows you to monitor all your devices from a single dashboard while automating tasks such as patch management or system update deployment across multiple platforms like Windows or macOS systems at once. 

Key features:

  • Remote monitoring and managing
  • Professional services automation
  • Remote access
  • Patch management
  • Helpdesk
  • Network discovery
  • Integrations


Atera’s pricing plans are available for IT departments and managed service providers. Pricing for IT departments starts at $149/mo per technician, and pricing for MSPs starts at $99/mo per technician.


  • Cost-effective: Atera is praised for being cost-effective while offering rapid development of new features. They provide a per-technician option that small and medium-sized companies can use for better cost control.
  • User-friendly: Users appreciate the intuitive nature of Atera and how it continually evolves. The software's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, and its constant updates and improvements ensure that it stays up-to-date with industry demands.
  • Easy inventory and integrations: Atera's basic inventory management and application service pack installation are straightforward and user-friendly. Users appreciate the ability to integrate with various support products, including multiple antivirus and endpoint security tools, enhancing their overall IT management capabilities.


  • Customization limitations: Users may find Atera's customization options slightly limited compared to other platforms, despite the various features offered.
  • Learning curve for the interface: While the interface is typically easy to navigate, individuals who are new to it may require some time to become accustomed to it and grasp all of its features.


service now

ServiceNow IT Asset Management provides a range of features to help businesses manage the lifecycle of their hardware and software assets, such as automation workflows for procurement or license compliance analysis. With features like procurement automation workflows or license compliance analysis, ServiceNow ensures maximum efficiency at all asset lifecycle stages.

Key features:

  • Enterprise asset management
  • Hardware asset management
  • Software asset management
  • Cloud insights
  • IT asset offboarding
  • SaaS license management


To evaluate each company’s needs, ServiceNow provides custom quotes that include detailed evaluations and scalable packages.


  • Customization capabilities: ServiceNow offers customization options, including creating multiple dashboards, customized chat integration, and workflow customization. Users can also customize reports to meet their specific needs.
  • Efficient support: ServiceNow simplifies help desk management, allowing technicians to work efficiently and effectively in resolving issues.
  • Seamless integration: ServiceNow can integrate third-party applications through built-in plugins. Users report seamless integration with other tools, such as Slack, which provides effective notifications, enhancing team collaboration and communication.


  • Steep learning curve: ServiceNow has a steep learning curve, making it challenging for users to navigate and find the specific features they need. Exploring and discovering functionalities may require additional time and effort.
  • Complex platform: ServiceNow's extensive range of product areas can make navigation challenging, particularly in areas that are not frequently accessed. Users may find it difficult to locate specific features or functionalities.



SysAid uses automation to provide a service desk solution with built-in IT asset management. It allows businesses to track their IT assets across multiple locations and provides real-time visibility into asset usage and performance. All asset data is available within each ticket to eliminate the complexities of ticket management, driving quicker ticket resolution.

Key features:

  • Ticket management
  • Self-service portal
  • Knowledge base
  • Remote control
  • Asset management
  • Reporting and analytics

Pricing is available upon request through their website.


  • Flexible configuration: SysAid offers flexibility in configuring the solution to meet specific needs. The software allows for customization based on requirements, and the vendor assists in configuration if needed. However, some users have expressed finding the configuration options tricky.
  • User-friendly interface: Users find SysAid's interface simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The tool also provides valuable reports and reminders.
  • Simplified ticket management: Users highlight the convenience of SysAid in creating, assigning, and concluding tickets. Clients appreciate the ability to create tickets and track their progress, reducing the need for phone calls or emails. Customer support is also commended for being helpful, even for free version users.


  • Lengthy setup: SysAid requires a few hours of initial setup time and web server configuration. Users also mention the need to provide clients with a tutorial on using the software. However, the software is easy to use once the initial setup is completed.
  • Mobile user experience: Some users report they avoid using the mobile version whenever possible because of the complicated UI and UX.

InvGate Insight

invgate insight

InvGate Insight is an IT asset management software that provides real-time visibility into hardware, software, and fixed assets, as well as detailed reports on usage and performance. It allows businesses to track their IT assets across multiple locations and provides comprehensive inventory management, software license management, and asset monitoring capabilities.

Key features:

  • Software and hardware inventory
  • Automation
  • CMDB
  • IT security compliance
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Software Metering
  • Remote desktop
  • IT financials
  • Dashboards and reports


Specific pricing details are available upon request on their website.


  • Ease of use: Users find InvGate Insight easy to use and appreciate the accessibility it provides to standard asset information. The software offers a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio.
  • Self-service portal: The self-service portal is highlighted as a positive feature, providing users with a streamlined experience and enabling them to find information and solutions independently.
  • Streamlined IT support: InvGate Insight streamlines IT support processes, allowing for efficient management and resolution of support tickets.


  • Complicated implementation: Some users experienced challenges with the support provided during the implementation process. However, the software performed well once the initial implementation hurdles were overcome.

BMC Helix Discovery

bmc discovery

BMC Helix Discovery is a cloud-native, SaaS-based IT asset discovery and management platform providing complete IT asset visibility. It covers hardware, software, and service dependencies across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. With BMC Helix Discovery, businesses can also access dynamic service modeling to detect anomalies quickly.

Key features:

  • Agentless discovery
  • Dynamic service modeling
  • Security and compliance
  • Continuous content updates

Pricing information can be obtained by contacting BMC directly.


  • User-friendly and easy configuration: BMC Helix Discovery has received positive feedback regarding its seamless integration, easy configuration, and user-friendly interface. Users find this tool easy to customize according to their business needs. 
  • Efficient asset discovery: Users report that BMC Helix Discovery can swiftly discover and retrieve all relevant information about servers, IPs, and other related details. Users have also praised their data models, wich help in reducing visual clutter.


  • Cost: The pricing of BMC Helix Discovery has been a common point of criticism, as users have found it expensive when compared to other competitors in the market.
  • Limited storage capacity: Some users have expressed concerns about the limited disk storage capacity provided by BMC Helix Discovery, especially for enterprises dealing with large volumes of data.
  • Complicated integrations: Users have reported difficulty integrating BMC Helix Discovery with other BMC tools and third-party platforms, including social networking platforms like Facebook.


Remote IT asset management brings businesses efficiency, cost savings, and security. That’s why selecting the right software solution that aligns with your business needs is crucial.

Maximizing efficiency, streamlining processes, automating tasks, and enhancing security are all important aspects of IT asset management. Businesses can easily achieve these goals with the top 10 remote IT asset management software options available in 2024.

The software solutions above can help businesses track and manage their IT assets remotely, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. We recommend evaluating each solution based on your business needs and budget before making a final decision. To learn more about GroWrk's IT asset management software, book a demo with one of our product specialists. 

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