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How to track and manage IT assets with GroWrk

Distributed teams have changed the way we think about work. Employees don’t have to be glued to a desk in a brick-and-mortar office. We now understand that work is not a place you go to but a thing you do. But in the distributed workforce, tracking and managing remote IT assets can be tricky.

As with anything worth doing, challenges arise. Working with distributed teams makes your business more flexible and responsive, but it also means that keeping an eye on all your IT assets becomes a complex task.

The main question globally distributed companies must answer is how to track and manage IT assets when employees are spread across continents.

Luckily, digital transformation and online tools have made this more accessible. Nowadays, you only need one platform to manage an entire company’s devices, regardless of physical location. Tracking and managing IT assets is made easy with GroWrk.

We provide that software solution so you can focus on what you do best: creating value for your customers.

Understanding GroWrk


So what exactly can GroWrk’s IT asset management software do for you?

We provide a range of features to help you keep track of your team's equipment inventory, request repairs and maintenance, and ensure that your team always has the equipment they need to work effectively.

With our all-in-one platform, you can say goodbye to the hassle and inefficiency of manual equipment management. We offer an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to manage IT assets from anywhere.

Getting started: How to manage devices with GroWrk


GroWrk is your assistant throughout the IT asset lifecycle. From procurement to retirement, we support you in every step to provide your employees with the most effective remote onboarding and offboarding experience.


It doesn't matter what country your employees live in; you can buy all the equipment they need in one place. You can keep those devices available for inventory or assign them to employees, which takes us to the next step.


The deployment stage is when you assign equipment to your employees. You don’t have to deal with customs or shipping times. We’ll deliver the gear on time for their first day, no matter where they are. Plus, you’ll see where the device is at every stage.


It’s normal for equipment to break down or suddenly malfunction. Whenever this happens, you can request maintenance for the faulty device. 

You won’t have to move a finger except for a few clicks on the platform. We’ll pick up the devices wherever they are and ship them back fully restored. 

Don’t even worry about missed productivity. We swap out the broken device for another one your employee can use. We first send out a functioning device and then recover the faulty one.


Sometimes equipment is not entirely broken down or faulty; you just need a quick check-in. Working with GroWrk means accessing Tier 1 IT support 24/7. We’ll process your requests and ensure your team gets back to work asap.


When employees leave your organization, it can be difficult for them. Dealing with an offboarding doesn’t have to feel draining for either party. 

When you work with us, we are an intermediary between you and your departing employee. This way, we can collect and wipe their devices to ensure your data is safe. The equipment will return to your inventory, ready to be assigned to another employee. 

We can also collect devices when they reach the end of their useful life. In that case, we retrieve, wipe and dispose of it safely.

Advanced features to supercharge your team's productivity


Powerful dashboard 

With the GroWrk dashboard, you can track and manage all your products, even across different warehouses and countries, from a single place. You get valuable insights at all times, including where the device is and who is using it. 

Employees get their own dashboard to receive real-time updates on the equipment they will receive. 

Depreciation tracker 

Understanding your asset’s depreciation lets you maintain visibility of its value to make informed decisions. Our platform enables you to track the depreciation rate of each product in your inventory. You'll know when to retire the equipment and replace it with new gear.


GroWrk integrates with popular HR and IT systems like Hibob, BambooHR, Google Workspace, UKG, Workday, and Okta to sync employee information and automate your workflow.

Maintenance and swaps 

As mentioned, our platform lets you request maintenance for faulty or broken devices. When this happens, we can swap the defective device for a new one or one from your inventory. We will make sure to send a functional replacement first and then proceed with recovering the faulty one. This way, your employees will always have the necessary equipment to stay productive.


We can handle device imaging or MDM enrollment with ABM, Jamf, or Jumpcloud for device safety. This way, we can ensure that each device is set up with the appropriate OS, software, and credentials required for the team member who will use it.

IT support

At GroWrk, we support you with hardware repairs to ensure your equipment is always in top condition. 

What’s it like to partner with GroWrk?


Clients love our IT asset tracking platform. From setting up your new hires on their first day to collecting the gear from departing employees, you always have complete visibility over your devices.

As Orium has said about us, “GroWrk is an extension of my team. I know that because GroWrk is aligned with our company in terms of values and philosophy, any experience that my end users have with GroWrk will accurately reflect who we are as a company.”

Overall, the GroWrk experience is about trust and reliability. We're here to take the burden of equipment management off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Wrapping up


For many organizations, managing equipment is an afterthought. But the reality is that good technology is vital to business success.

By partnering with GroWrk, you get fast order processing, smooth deliveries and recoveries, and effective procurement in more than 150 countries. All while maintaining complete visibility over your assets.

GroWrk will make your life easier. We're here to provide you with the best solutions and services, so you can focus on creating value for your business.

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