Employee Dashboard

provide your teams with great end-user experience

Create a seamless onboarding experience for your remote employees by giving them the tools they need from day one.

employee dashboard

Keep Employees In the Loop

Our employee dashboard lets your team members view real-time updates about the equipment they will receive.

You Decide How to Assign Equipment to Employees

Let Employees Select Their Equipment

Your team members can see all the options available to them and choose the best fit for their needs.

Customizable Package

Designate Specific Equipment for Employees

Create packages with pre-selected equipment that will be assigned automatically to your remote workers.

Fixed Package
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Make Onboarding Memorable

Give your employees an amazing onboarding with company swag and goodies when they receive their equipment.

Set Your Teams up for Success.

Deliver the best end-user experience on their first day, no matter where they are.