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Shipping Laptops Internationally - Expert Advice on How to Ship

Shipping laptops internationally can be complex for distributed teams. You need to determine customs fees and taxes according to each country, which can be expensive. Not to mention making sure that the laptop safely arrives at its destination and is ready to be used by your team members.

A service like GroWrk can make this process much more manageable. We have the expertise and know-how to ship laptops worldwide. Companies like Orium trust GroWrk to streamline IT equipment management for their remote workforce

Equipping global teams was a stressful logistics endeavor for the software company Orium. Their IT teams had to use coworking spaces to prepare devices and ship them to end users in Latin America. After using GroWrk’s platform, the IT team could replenish their stock in a few clicks and ship devices to users regardless of location.

Whether you are a business owner expanding your operations globally or an individual sending a laptop to a remote worker, understanding the ins and outs of international laptop shipping can help you provide a smooth onboarding experience for your remote employees. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide expert advice on the cost of shipping laptops internationally, how to pack them securely, and tips to ensure a smooth process overall.

How much does it cost to ship a laptop Internationally?


How much does it cost to ship a laptop Internationally

When it comes to shipping an international package, many factors can impact the final cost. Some of the most significant considerations include the box's weight and dimensions, the chosen shipping method (express or economy), and the destination country. 

Importing expensive goods, like laptops, usually incurs higher customs fees, depending on the import policies of the destination country. To ensure compliance with import regulations and potential additional fees, you may need to seek advice from legal experts, incurring even higher costs for your company.

When shipping a laptop internationally, consider the following costs in your budget:

  • Customs Fees
  • International Shipping Fees
  • Cargo Insurance Fees
  • Local Taxes
  • Extra Fees

How much does it cost to ship a laptop to a remote worker?


How much does it cost to ship a laptop to a remote worker?

Nowadays, many remote companies provide equipment for remote workers to guarantee employee productivity. Owl Labs reports that 20-25% of companies pay for home office equipment.

Purchasing, configuring, managing, and shipping a standard laptop for remote work in the U.S. can cost $3000. These costs can increase as you branch out to other countries, like Brazil, where they can go as high as $8000 for the same standard laptop.

If you use an average shipping service, the shipping costs of sending a laptop to a remote worker will ultimately depend on the destination and weight of the package. Shipping a laptop from the USA to India will incur different shipping costs than sending it from Spain to France.

With an IT asset management solution like GroWrk, you don’t have to worry about traversing shipping fees or customs charges. We leverage a global network of partners and in-house expertise to help companies procure and deploy IT equipment for their remote workers in more than 150 countries. The process is as simple as going onto the GroWrk platform and selecting which employee needs which device. From that point, we’ll take care of things to ensure your end users receive the equipment they need right on time.

How should you pack a laptop for Shipping?

One way to overcome global hiring challenges is to offer your distributed workforce the best equipment. However, providing devices that help workers do their work tasks efficiently can be costly, especially if you have to ship them from one country to another. In that case, you must pack it securely to arrive safely in your employee’s hands.

Proper packaging will help protect equipment from unwanted scratches or bumps and guarantee a longer life for your device. Here are some key tips for packing and shipping laptops internationally:

Clean and Power Down the Laptop: 

Before packing the laptop, clean it thoroughly and remove any dust or debris. Ensure that the computer is completely powered down, and if it has a removable battery, take it out as well.

Protect the Laptop's Buttons and Screen: 

Cover the power button and volume buttons with cardboard or electrical tape to prevent accidental power-on during transit. Additionally, place a thin layer of bubble wrap or foam between the keyboard and screen to protect them while the laptop is closed.

Wrap the Laptop Securely:

Wrap the Laptop Securely

Wrap the laptop's shell with plastic or bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of protection. To safeguard against static electricity risks, place the computer in a snug-fitting plastic bag.

Wrap Cables and Accessories Separately:

To avoid tangling and potential damage, wrap the laptop's cables, plug adaptors, and other accessories in bubble wrap and secure them with cable ties. Place them separately from the computer in the shipping box.

Select the Right Shipping Box:

Choose a sturdy and appropriately sized laptop shipping box. If you have the original packaging that the laptop came in from the manufacturer, use that, as it will offer a reasonable level of protection.

However, many boxes made by manufacturers are meant for shipping on pallets, not to be shipped individually. Double boxing may be necessary to ensure safe shipping. To double box effectively, select an outer box six inches larger than the internal container in all dimensions. Fill the space between the inside and outer box with packing material, such as inflatable packaging, foam inserts, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap.

Fill Any Empty Space: 

Ensure the laptop is securely packed inside the box and has no room to slide around during transit. Fill any empty space with additional packing materials, such as foam inserts or packing peanuts, to hold the laptop in place.

Consider Insurance:

Given the value of laptops, consider opting for shipping insurance to protect against damage, loss, or theft during transit. Many shipping companies offer insurance options to add to your shipment for peace of mind.

Inspect Package: 

After the shipment reaches its destination, kindly request your employee to inspect the package for any damages and test the laptop to ensure it functions properly.

What you should know about customs and import regulations

Shipping laptops internationally involves navigating customs and import regulations, varying from country to country. Understanding these regulations will ensure a smooth and compliant process. Here are some key points to consider:

Customs Declarations:

When shipping laptops internationally, you must complete customs declarations accurately. These declarations provide information about the shipment's contents, value, and purpose. Incorrect or incomplete declarations can lead to delays, fines, or even package confiscation by customs authorities.

Import Duties and Taxes: 

Countries have different import duties and taxes on electronic devices, including laptops. These charges are usually based on the laptop's declared value and the country's import regulations. Import duties and taxes can significantly increase the overall shipping cost, so it's crucial to research and factor these expenses into your shipping budget.

Restricted and Prohibited Items:

Some countries restrict or prohibit importing certain electronic items, including laptops. Before shipping a computer to a specific country, check that laptops are allowed for import and if any additional requirements or permits are needed. 

Additionally, be aware of restrictions on lithium batteries, as these are commonly found in laptops and can be subject to specific shipping regulations. Lithium batteries are classified as hazardous materials for shipping because they can overheat and catch fire if mishandled or damaged.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets guidelines and regulations for transporting dangerous goods, including lithium batteries. Laptops with removable and non-removable batteries may be shipped internationally. You just need to follow the proper documentation and safety measures outlined by IATA.

Documentation Requirements:

Prepare all necessary documentation, including invoices, shipping labels, and any permits or licenses required for export and import. Incomplete or missing documentation can lead to customs clearance delays and potential issues with the shipment.

Harmonized System (HS) Codes: 

HS codes are internationally recognized codes used to classify goods for customs purposes. Each product, including laptops, has a specific HS code. When shipping internationally, you must provide the HS code for the laptop on the customs declaration form. Using the correct HS code ensures the laptop is correctly classified for customs assessment.

Delivery Time and Customs Clearance:

Customs clearance procedures can vary in duration, and it's essential to consider this when estimating delivery times for international shipments. Delays in customs clearance can occur due to high volumes of shipments, inspections, or administrative procedures—plan for potential delays to set accurate delivery expectations for your remote workers.

Can I Ship Multiple Laptops Internationally at a Single Time?


Can I Ship Multiple Laptops Internationally at a Single Time?

Shipping multiple laptops internationally can be cost-effective, especially for businesses sending laptops to multiple remote workers or offices abroad. However, you will need to consider the total weight and dimensions of the package to determine the shipping cost accurately. Working with a reliable shipping company offering bulk shipping discounts can benefit these cases.

Working with a service like GroWrk allows your organization to ship multiple laptops internationally simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if a new hire joins your team from Colombia, France, or the Philippines on the same day—we can deliver their equipment on time for their first day.

Can I opt to work with Country-Specific Vendors?

If you’re looking to skip the shipping process, some options, like working with country-specific vendors, are available. This alternative involves connecting with local vendors within a specific country to procure equipment and having them ship the device locally to the end user.

 This option can be more cost-effective than international shipping since local vendors can offer bulk order discounts. If you deal with them, they can include the packaging, shipping, and insurance in their services for the same cost. 

The downside to this option is finding a reliable local partner that can cater to your equipment and delivery needs. This will often require you to search online for vendors or have them referred to via word of mouth. However, vetting local vendors can be as troublesome as dealing with international shipping if you don’t have enough connections in the country.

Can you get additional insurance when shipping a laptop internationally?


additional insurance when shipping a laptop

Getting extra insurance coverage for your shipments is a good idea when sending packages internationally. This can give you added security in case of damage, loss, or any unexpected problems during transport. Some shipping companies will offer extra insurance options to safeguard your packages.

Various options are available regarding shipping insurance based on the individual's requirements and circumstances. Each type of shipping insurance has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Three common options are carrier insurance, third-party insurance, and self-insurance.

Carrier Insurance:

The shipping company typically provides this type of insurance. In this case, an insurance provider is behind the policy coverage, and they have the financial resources to back it up. The policy issuer is responsible for charging the premium and covering the losses and claims outlined in the policy. The insurance company commits to compensate the insured for financial losses resulting from covered claim scenarios and charges a significant premium for this service.

Third-Party Insurance:

If you opt for third-party insurance, they will be fully responsible for any damages or losses to your package and will cover the cost of refunds or replacements. This means that the time taken to process claims will be much shorter. However, remember that you may still have to pay for certain costs, which could add up and make it more expensive.


This insurance package is highly cost-effective and offers comprehensive protection for shipped packages through carriers, all at a lower price point.

How to track and Monitor your Shipments


Once you've shipped the laptop, you'll receive a tracking number from the shipping carrier. This number is unique to your shipment and serves as an identifier for tracking purposes. Keep the tracking number safe; you'll need it to access the shipment's tracking information.

To track your shipment, visit the carrier's website and the tracking section. Enter the tracking number for real-time updates on the package's location and status. You can also opt-in to receive email or SMS notifications for important shipment milestones.

International shipments need to monitor the delivery status carefully. Different countries may have other customs procedures and delivery timelines. Confirm the successful delivery of the laptop to the intended recipient and ensure they acknowledge receipt.

If you have any concerns or questions about your shipment, don't hesitate to contact the shipping carrier's customer support. They can provide additional assistance and information about your package's location and estimated delivery time.

Why GroWrk Is the Best Way to Ship Laptops Internationally for Your Distributed Team

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GroWrk helps you traverse the intricacies of international shipping without the burden on your IT team. We leverage our team of partners worldwide to provide efficient delivery and budget timeframes, ensuring a seamless shipping experience. 

Efficient Delivery in 150+ Countries

When it comes to international shipping, time is of the essence. GroWrk understands the importance of timely deliveries for your remote team. Our platform streamlines IT equipment procurement, deployment, and management, allowing you to ship laptops to over 150 countries quickly and efficiently. We leverage our extensive network of trusted shipping partners to ensure your laptops reach their destination quickly.

Customized Integrations Options

At GroWrk, we provide a tailored experience for your specific needs. Our platform offers customized integrations with your existing HR and IT systems. These integrations eliminate the need for manual processes and reduce the chances of errors or delays. You can seamlessly manage your entire equipment management process from a single centralized location, making it easy to track and monitor your devices anywhere in the world.

Tracking and Visibility

With GroWrk, you gain complete visibility into the status of your equipment. Our platform provides real-time tracking updates, allowing you to monitor each laptop's journey from departure to delivery. You can easily track your devices using our intuitive user dashboard, ensuring you have complete control and peace of mind throughout the deployment process.

Customer Support

At GroWrk, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional support throughout your shipping journey. Our Tier 1 IT support ensures you have access to assistance whenever needed. Our dedicated support team is ready to address any concerns or questions, providing a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.



Shipping laptops internationally requires careful planning and compliance with regulations to ensure successful and secure delivery. By understanding the different factors that affect the cost of shipping, the proper packing measures, and shipping alternatives like working with country-specific vendors, you can streamline the shipping process and ensure that your laptops reach their destination safely.

GroWrk is your trusted partner for international laptop shipping. We streamline the entire process, saving you time and resources and making it easy to equip your remote teams worldwide. With customized integrations, real-time tracking, and exceptional customer support, we ensure that your laptops are delivered right on time and in excellent condition. Book a demo to get started.

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