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Procure equipment for new hires in Latin America: 5 essential tips

Latin America has become an increasingly popular region for recruiting remote talent, but setting up employees there might take a few steps. Let's go over the basics of how to procure equipment for new hires in Latin America and how GroWrk can support you along the way.

Since remote work has made it possible to hire anywhere globally, global companies are increasingly looking to Latin America as a source of talented employees.

According to Safeguard Global, 80% of HR leaders think operating in different countries is crucial to their company's success. As a result, the demand for skilled workers worldwide has skyrocketed.

The tech industry, for example, is already taking advantage of the untapped potential of Latin American developers. Statista reports that in 2021, around 500 thousand software developers were involved in offshore development in Brazil, Mexico had 225 thousand software developers, and Argentina totaled more than 110 thousand.

Latin American talent is valued because they demonstrate strong skills, have a good command of English and live in time zones that are compatible with the US.

Hiring remotely goes beyond finding the perfect fit for the roles available at your company. It is crucial to create a great remote culture where talent can thrive and provide the equipment they need to fulfill their tasks.

Latin America is a diverse region, and each country has its own rules and laws under which business must be conducted. However, any procurement process follows a few general steps you can anticipate.

What does an equipment procurement process look like for new hires in Latin America?


Identify your needs

The first step in providing equipment for remote workers is identifying their specific needs. This might include a laptop suited for remote work, office furniture, or specialized tools and equipment specific to their role. It is essential to be clear on your requirements so you can plan ahead and offer the best option for your new team member.

Make a purchase plan

Once you have identified their needs, plan the equipment you will need to purchase. Specify the type of devices required and when you need them according to employee start dates. With GroWrk, this process is streamlined through our platform. You can create your catalog of products that will arrive at your new hire's desk on time for their first day.

Choose vendors

After the request to purchase has been submitted, the next step is to choose vendors from which to buy the equipment. This might include local suppliers or international vendors. With GroWrk, you don't have to look for vendors because we have a strong network of partners worldwide that make it easy for us to get the right equipment for your employees ensuring the best price and quality.

Create a purchase order

A purchase order is a formal document that outlines the terms of the purchase, including the equipment specs, quantity, and price. This process is thoroughly detailed in GroWrk's platform so you can have complete visibility of your purchase.

Arrange payment

International payments are complex. Companies might need a financial entity in the country where they wish to buy equipment and provide the necessary tax documents to fulfill order payments. As previously stated, each country has regulations and tax requirements that will affect companies differently depending on where they are headquartered. At GroWrk, we traverse the different complexities of international payment, so you only have to pay a single entity regardless of how many countries you send equipment to.

Get the equipment

After the purchase order has been created, the equipment will be delivered directly to the address you provide. When you work with GroWrk, devices are sent straight to each employee according to the addresses you register on the platform. We handle the complex logistics so your team can have everything they need to start working from day one.

How can GroWrk help organizations procure equipment for new hires?


When you procure equipment for your remote team through GroWrk, you will receive personalized attention that will make it easy for your company to identify equipment needs and plan accordingly.

It doesn't matter if your new hire is in Argentina or Colombia, our network of partners and warehouses will make sure to deliver their devices right on time for their first day.

Forget about complex international payments and required tax documents. We tackle the hassle of traversing each country's tax laws and financial requirements so you can equip your employees at the touch of a button.

Wrapping up


Building an effective distributed team is challenging, and there's no magic formula. But it starts with putting in the groundwork, building trust, and ensuring that your team members are equipped to be the best remote employees possible.

Procuring equipment for your distributed teams can be manageable once you partner with the right stakeholders.

GroWrk can help you at every step in procuring equipment for your international hires. Our platform simplifies the process so you can quickly scale and set up your teams worldwide. Request a demo today.

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