How GroWrk ITAM integrates with ServiceNow

Linking ITAM with essential IT and business systems helps companies centralize their asset data and automate critical workflows. This reduces operational costs and enhances compliance and security.

Integrations like the one between GroWrk and ServiceNow offer a hassle-free solution for managing your organization’s IT assets. For IT managers, this integration means less time spent on manual tasks and more focus on strategic initiatives.

With the new integration, ServiceNow users who choose GroWrk can now add procurement and asset management features to their tech stack.

Here's a breakdown of how to set up the integration in the GroWrk Dashboard and the benefits and advantages it can bring to your IT teams.


What is ServiceNow?


ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based platform that revolutionizes how businesses manage their IT operations and enterprise workflows. Founded in 2004, ServiceNow has grown into a comprehensive solution for automating and optimizing various business processes, making it a cornerstone for digital transformation.

ServiceNow, at its core, is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes operations across various departments. Its Now Platform, a unified technology stack, streamlines operations across IT, HR, customer service, security, and more. With its suite of IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), and HR Service Delivery (HRSD), ServiceNow enhances different aspects of enterprise operations, fostering seamless workflow connectivity and improved efficiency.

The ServiceNow platform provides real-time analytics and AI-powered insights, helping businesses predict issues, anticipate trends, and make informed decisions. Its low-code development tools enable rapid innovation by allowing quick app customization. ServiceNow's Integration Hub can also connect workflows with third-party systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and Google Drive.


Benefits of integrating GroWrk with ServiceNow

Integrating GroWrk with ServiceNow offers many advantages that can significantly enhance your business IT operations and asset management. If you are already using ServiceNow, this integration can bring additional layers of efficiency, visibility, and control to your organization. Here are some of the benefits you will see from this integration:

Streamlined digital workflows and improved efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of integrating GroWrk with ServiceNow is streamlining digital workflows. ServiceNow's robust automation capabilities and GroWrk’s comprehensive IT asset management minimize manual processes. 

This integration allows your IT team to automate repetitive tasks like asset tracking, procurement, and maintenance scheduling, freeing up valuable time and resources. 

Enhanced visibility and management of IT assets

GroWrk’s platform provides a unified dashboard that centralizes all IT asset data, giving businesses a comprehensive view of their asset inventory. When integrated with ServiceNow, this data becomes even more powerful.

IT managers can monitor every asset's status, location, and usage in real-time, making managing the entire asset lifecycle easier. This comprehensive visibility helps anticipate needs, plan for future asset requirements, and make informed decisions that optimize resource utilization and reduce costs.

Simplified employee and device data synchronization

The GroWrk and ServiceNow integration also simplifies employee and device data synchronization. You can seamlessly sync critical information such as employment start and end dates, email addresses, and device assignments. GroWrk’s platform ensures that all employee-related data and device details are consistently updated and accurate across both systems. 

This synchronization is crucial for efficient onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring that new employees receive their necessary equipment promptly and that departing employees return their devices without hassle. Additionally, this integration helps maintain compliance and security standards by ensuring all devices are accounted for and properly managed throughout their lifecycle.


Setting up the integration

Integrating ServiceNow with GroWrk is a straightforward process that enhances your IT asset management by syncing critical data and automating workflows. To get started, you just need to follow these steps:


1. Enter ServiceNow user credentials
  • Start by navigating to the Integration Setup page on your GroWrk Dashboard.
  • Enter your ServiceNow user credentials, including the URL, username, and password.
  • Click Continue to proceed.

2. Confirm and accept the integration
  • Once you have entered your credentials, GroWrk will sync with your ServiceNow account. You will receive a notification confirming the successful connection.
  • Click Accept to finalize the integration.


After completing these steps, your ServiceNow account is now integrated with GroWrk. This integration enables seamless synchronization of employee and device data, improving efficiency and accuracy in managing your IT assets. 


Customizing filters for data sync

Integrating GroWrk with ServiceNow enables robust data synchronization through customizable filters. These filters ensure that only relevant employee and product data are synced, simplifying workflows for your IT team.

GroWrk provides two primary groups of filters to tailor the data synchronization process: employee data filters and product data filters. Here's what data is included in each one.

Employee data filters

  • Countries: Include or exclude employees based on their geographic location.
  • Teams: Filter data by specific teams within the organization.
  • Statuses: Select active, inactive, or other statuses to sync relevant employees.
  • Employments: Customize based on employment type, such as full-time, part-time, or contractor.

Product data filters

  • Product types: Specify the types of products, like laptops or mobile devices, to include in the sync.
  • Manufacturers: Filter products by manufacturer, ensuring only selected brands are synced.


How to set and edit filters for syncing account data

After connecting your ServiceNow account to your GroWrk Dashboard, you can customize and set filters for syncing your account data by following the steps below:

  • Accessing the filters tab
    • Navigate to the Integration Setup page and select the Filters tab.
    • This page provides options to add filters for both employees and products.
  • Editing filters
    • To edit a filter, click the edit icon next to the desired filter.
    • Customize the filter type by selecting Include or Exclude and choose specific criteria for each filter category.
  • Setting up employee filters
    • Select the filter type (Include or Exclude) and make your filter selections, such as specific countries, teams, statuses, or employment types.
    • Click Save to apply your settings.
  • Setting up product filters
    • Choose the filter type (Include or Exclude) and specify criteria such as product types and manufacturers.
    • Click Save to apply these settings.
  • Finalizing the filters
    • Once all desired filters are set up, select Continue to save and apply the filters to your data.

Synced fields overview

 Here's a breakdown of the specific employee and device information that will be synced.

Employee information fields synced:

  • Employment start date and end date
  • Email
  • Team
  • First name and last name
  • Location
  • Mobile phone

Device information fields synced:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Location
  • Assigned to
  • Serial Number
  • Name

With these fields synchronized, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records becomes effortless, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry. 

Seamless data synchronization simplifies onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring new employees receive equipment quickly and allowing easy reassignment or retrieval of devices when employees leave.

Advantages for IT managers and teams

Integrating GroWrk with ServiceNow provides many advantages for IT managers and their teams, making IT asset management more efficient and effective.

  • Improved accuracy and consistency of data
    With GroWrk and ServiceNow working together, IT managers can trust the accuracy of their records, which is crucial for reporting, audits, and compliance.
  • Easy IT asset tracking and management
    The integration provides a unified dashboard where all IT assets can be tracked in real time. IT managers can quickly locate devices, schedule maintenance, and plan upgrades or replacements.
  • Simplified employee onboarding and offboarding processes
    Onboarding and offboarding processes are streamlined with synchronized employee data. This reduces the downtime and administrative burden associated with managing employee transitions, ensuring a smoother workflow.
  • Better decision-making with unified data insights
    Having a single source of truth for employee and device data enables better decision-making. IT managers can analyze unified data insights to understand asset utilization, predict future needs, and identify potential issues before they become problems. 

Wrapping up

Integrating GroWrk with ServiceNow ensures accurate and consistent data across platforms, streamlines asset tracking and management, and simplifies critical processes like onboarding and offboarding. With real-time, unified data insights, your IT teams can make informed decisions that enhance operational efficiency.

For businesses already using ServiceNow, adding GroWrk’s robust IT asset management capabilities offers an opportunity to optimize their IT operations further. 

Speak with one of our product specialists to learn how GroWrk can save your IT operations time and money. 

Zachary Trudeau
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