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Best 12 holiday gift ideas for remote workers : The complete guide

No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, it's a time for giving and making others feel appreciated. If you're looking for gifts for a loved one who works remotely or just looking for a little something for yourself, get inspired with these holiday gift ideas for remote workers.

Remote workers already have the gift of the distributed lifestyle and its proven benefits, so finding a gift that will make their lives even easier may be challenging. The end of the year is the best time to show your appreciation and indulge in some well-earned pampering.

A perfect gift idea for remote workers enhances their work situation without interfering with it. The best gifts are those that support their productivity and help them enjoy their work environment more.

Below are 12 ideas for holiday gifts that will help remote workers feel appreciated and motivated during the busy season.

12 thoughtful gift ideas for the remote worker in your life

Remote workers might feel lonely or left out during the holiday season since they don't get to join office parties or pick up on the festive spirit from coworkers. Depending on the remote company culture at their workplace, they might spend some lonely days.

A thoughtful present can help alleviate this feeling of loneliness, and it's also an excellent way to show them that you care about their well-being during the holidays. Here are some great gift ideas for remote workers who love technology.

Noise-canceling headphones

Remote workers can spend quite some time looking for quiet spaces. Crowded cafes, busy coworking offices, or a house full of distractions can get in the way of remote work productivity Give someone the gift of silence with noise-canceling headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones can be incredibly helpful in getting things done. They allow users to block out the noise around them so that they can focus on their tasks. These headphones are handy for people with trouble concentrating or focusing in noisy environments.

The best part is that it's not just a gift for work. That special someone can also use them for listening to their favorite music or enjoying a relaxing moment of meditation.

Standing desk converter

While standing desks are touted as the latest productivity hack, they can be a bit pricey. Consider a standing desk converter if you're looking for a more affordable alternative to a full-size standing desk.

It's an adjustable tabletop that turns your sitting computer into a standing one. This desk converter can be used on your existing workstation or table and is compatible with most laptops and monitors.

It's also a great way to encourage your loved one to stand up more often during the day, which can help improve their overall health.

Espresso machine

For those remote workers who want to copy the coffee shop feel at home, an espresso machine is a great way to provide the perfect cup of coffee.

Although this gift might be on the pricier side, the amateur barista in your life will love the possibility of making their own lattes at home.

The espresso machine is perfect because it can make their favorite drink quickly and easily, allowing them to start the day with a gorgeous cup of coffee.

Walking pad

Another trendy item making the rounds everywhere on social media is the walking pad. The most common trend is for remote work enthusiasts to have a walking pad under their desks to promote activity while they work.

A walking pad is a type of treadmill that has been designed specifically for use in an office environment. They're compact enough to be stored under your desk when not in use and sturdy enough for regular use.

A walking pad is an excellent way to stay healthy while working, and many people find that it helps them stay focused on the task. It's a great way to incentivize your loved ones to procure their health.

Mechanical keyboard

We know for a fact that remote workers love mechanical keyboards. They are always a staple in our WFH setup ranking, varying in size and color.

This gift can quickly put a smile on your loved one's face. For the beginner to the most experienced keyboard enthusiast, there's a mechanical keyboard that fits everyone.

Some people dedicate much of their free time to building the perfect keyboard. From the color scheme of the keycaps to perfecting the sound of the keys while typing, a mechanical keyboard can quickly become a hobby that warrants a vast collection.

Under desk footrest

Suppose you know someone who spends most of their day sitting at their desk with bad posture or trying to find the most comfortable position. In that case, they need an under desk footrest.

Footrests can make it seem like you're sitting in a bean bag chair while working at your desk. Aside from being comfortable, these supports can relieve stress on the lower back and knees, preventing the pain from spending too much time sitting down.

Meditation app subscription

Tell your loved one you care about their mental health with a subscription to a meditation app. Meditation is an excellent way to combat stress and anxiety, increase focus, and decrease burnout.

Remote workers can get caught up with work and forget to take time for themselves. Meditation apps can make it easy to squeeze time to wind down and relax during the workday.

For that friend or family member who works from home and can't seem to take a break, a meditation app subscription is a great way to express your care about their wellness.

Air purifier

One of the most overlooked aspects of working from home is ensuring your environment is free of airborne allergens like pollen or mold.

Good indoor air quality can be challenging in an urban area with high pollution levels. Remote workers need to keep the air in their houses fresh to help them stay healthy and focus on their work.

An air purifier can help remove toxins and allergens from the air, which is especially important for those who have respiratory issues.

If this sounds like something that would be useful to someone who spends most of their time working from home, then an air purifier just might be the perfect gift.

LED light strip

An LED light strip is a flexible lighting option that can be wrapped around any object. It's a great way to add style to an office or workspace and can also be used for mood lighting.

If you're shopping for a remote worker, any gift that helps them improve their home office will be appreciated. This is an easy way to help a remote worker friend get started or complete their WFH setup. 

The light strip can be controlled by a remote control or smartphone app, and it's available in a variety of colors and styles. You can wrap it on the back of your computer monitor, along the edge of your desk, or under cabinet shelves—there are endless options.

Ring light webcam

Help your remote worker friend look polished and professional on their video calls by gifting them a ring light webcam.

Ring lights surround the face with a soft glow that gives the effect of studio lighting. They can be mounted on top of the computer monitor so they can shine directly at the person on the desk.

A ring light is an excellent gift for someone who works from home and needs to be able to make video calls with clients or even just their coworkers.

If the person you're buying for often works from coffee shops or locations without adequate lighting, they can easily take their ring light with them. It's small, but a ring light webcam can make all the difference in your remote worker friend's online persona.


When you work from home, it's easy to forget to take a break, get up from your desk, and drink water. Help your remote worker friend stay hydrated with an insulated tumbler. 

A nice tumbler will remind them that they need to drink water throughout the day—plus, it will keep other beverages hot or cold for hours. Besides, they'll stay focused and more productive by keeping themselves hydrated throughout the day.

Even if they're at the desk all day or constantly on the go, a tumbler is a useful gift that your loved one can use daily.

Desk lamp

A desk lamp is a nice touch to add to any desk or home office setup. You can improve your remote worker friend's working environment only by giving them a cute and functional fixture for their desk.

This gift can provide ambient lighting and create a peaceful and cozy workplace. For design nerds, an elegant form can inspire them and stimulate their creative juices.

A desk lamp will certainly light up your loved one's day while creating a comfortable atmosphere they'll never want to leave.

Wrapping up

The holiday season is officially upon us, and it's time to start looking for gifts and ways to show our friends and loved ones how much we care about them.

If one of those people around you happens to be a remote worker, these holiday gift ideas will help you find the perfect something. We're confident that any remote worker would love to receive any items on this list.

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