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Remote employee equipment agreement template

An employee equipment agreement is essential before sending laptops and other equipment to remote workers. 

This agreement sets standards for using and returning company equipment for any remote employee, contractor, or independent contractor. 

It is a document that protects both the employer and the employee from any liability should the worker leave the company or be terminated.

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employee equipment agreement

How to write an employee equipment agreement

employee equipment agreement

In your employee equipment agreement, you want to include specific conditions that represent your laptop management and company values. Equipment can be damaged in various ways, so it makes sense to prepare your company for any unforeseen circumstances.

The most common is holding the employee financially responsible for lost or damaged property if done purposely. However, each device should also come with insurance or a warranty for accidents or theft.

This way, the employee isn't held accountable for events outside their control. For maintenance, the employee should be given remote access software so that the IT department can resolve any issues without the remote worker having to bring it to a physical location.

The next conditions you want to stipulate are the actual use. If the device contains sensitive company or client data, it would make sense to stipulate in the agreement that it can only be used for work-related purposes. Personal use would be prohibited. 

Finally, you want to make very clear the consequences if a remote team member does not return the equipment after leaving the company. One way is to give the ex-employee the option to buy the device after it has been wiped clean.

Another option is withholding final compensation until the equipment has been returned. However, this can be a somewhat dicey legal situation, so we recommend delaying the final paycheck for a certain amount of weeks if the device is not returned on time. 

The last point is to clearly state that failure to return equipment will be considered theft and may lead to criminal prosecution by the company.

What do you do if an employee does not sign an agreement for equipment?

If you have a remote employee who will not sign an agreement for equipment, you are really only left with two options:

  1. Have them use their own equipment for their jobs, and don't offer any type of work-from-home stipend.
  2. Do not proceed with the contract offer. 

Remote employee equipment agreement template

employee equipment usage agreement


I understand that: 

  • The equipment that I will be using is [Company Name] property and will be used for work-related purposes only;
  • I will take proper care of all company equipment that is given to me and will be responsible for reporting to my supervisor should any damages or issues that may occur during its use;
  • In the event that the equipment is lost or damaged due to my own fault, then I shall be solely responsible for the cost of replacement;
  • In the event that an accident occurs, the device is stolen, or stops working under reasonable wear and tear conditions, I shall immediately notify my supervisor and IT department.
  • Additionally, I understand that upon the termination of my employment, I will return all [Company Name] property and that each piece of equipment will be returned in its correct working order.
  • If the equipment is not returned within the time given by my supervisor, the company has the right to delay my final payment until it is proven to have been successfully returned.
  • Failure to return equipment will be considered theft and may lead to criminal prosecution by the Company.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have reviewed each point of this agreement and agree to all the conditions above. 


Employee Name

Employee Signature


Supervisor Signature




Item Model Serial Number Initial Status
Macbook Pro  13-inch, M1, 2021 xxxxxxxxxxxx Small scratch on cover



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