Remote Worker Equipment Survey Template

Remote Worker Equipment Survey Template

Onboarding a new remote worker successfully can be a complicated process. You have to remember every piece of information they need to get started. You have to make them feel welcomed despite never meeting in person. 

Then, you don't want to overwhelm them with all the nitty-gritty details of the job, or the history of the company in their first week. 

One way to establish trust, make a new worker feel included in their new team and ease them into their role is by sending an equipment survey.

This way your HR and IT teams get a feel of their current setup. The new hire can receive some good ergonomic tips and knows they are supported by their new company.

Why is it so important to help new employees with the costs of a home office/technology?

Well in a survey with over 400 remote workers over what benefit/perk should become standard for remote work, the majority listed a home office stipend.

remote worker survey

Then there is the issue of security. The FBI saw a 300% increase in reported cybercrime in 2020. 2021 is no different with big breaches making headlines.

You want to be sure your worker's hardware is compliant with your industry and is protected from any potential risk.

You can use the following survey questions to assess your employees’ opinions on remote work and evaluate if they need an upgrade on their current setup.

Or, if you want to take it home with you, you can copy the survey version here

How Satisfied are you while working from home?

Very Satisfied

This is a general question, but it can help you ensure your new employee enjoys their current working situation or follow up and see what their issues are.

How many devices do you have connected to the same wifi network? 

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • More

This will help you assess their risk of being hacked. The more devices that someone has connected to the same unsecure wifi router, the more entry points there are.

How do you feel about your wifi connection? Is it fast enough? Do you feel that it’s secure? 

(You can use this link to test your connection speed) (This link will tell you if your connection is secure)  

Very Satisfied

Again, this will help with determining whether or not they have a decent enough connection to work effectively. You can also add space for them to include the results they got from the speed test. 

Are you using a VPN? 

  • Yes
  • No

Using a VPN makes it very difficult to break into a connection because it changes a person's IP address. It can also give them access to content unavailable in their country or region. 

How do you manage your work files? 

  • I have my own system. ie: Google Drive and desktop
  • I use the file management system provided by the company
  • I don’t organize my files
  • Other: Please state how you manage your files

The way your new employees manage their work files will give you info on if they need some help getting integrated into the company's management system and they are aware of the risks.


How often do you change your Password?

  • Once every six months
  • Once every year
  • Whenever I remember
  • Still using the same passwords from 10 years ago

Using the same simple passwords can put remote workers at risk of identity theft and if that behavior continues into their work habits, then it can be a significant risk for a security breach and data theft.

Do you regularly experience back pain while working?

 Yes, a lot.
Yes, a little.
No, not at all. 

Back pain is one of the most common physical health concerns for remote workers. This will tell you about their overall health and valuable personal information about how comfortable they are in their home office. 

Do you feel cluttered or disorganized at your desk? 

 Yes, my desk is a mess.
It’s organized chaos
No, I keep it neat

Organization and productivity are deeply linked. Keeping your team members organized is a great way to keep them productive. If they feel disorganized, consider offering them a document holder or a file organizer. 


Do you have a Dedicated Workspace (a space exclusively for work)?

Yes, I have my own separate home office
I share a space with my family, spouse, kids
No, I don’t.

A dedicated workspace is pivotal to avoiding distractions. If your employees don’t have a comfortable space to work they might be better off at a co-working space or with items that isolate them from distractions. 

Do you have enough equipment to perform your job adequately and securely? What piece of equipment do you think would make your home office experience better? 

I am missing key items.
I have the basic equipment I need. But think I could have more.
My home office is well equipped. 

Equipment Requests: 


Many people weren’t prepared to work from home during the pandemic. This question will help assess who is comfortable and who isn’t. 

What suggestions would you make for improving your home office experience?



This is a place for your workers to speak freely and make suggestions to management. Take all factors into consideration when assessing feedback. 

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If you want a template for this survey you can download it here

Once you know what your remote worker's needs are, you can go about sending them the devices and equipment they need to work securely and productively.

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