Top Ten Home Office Setups For April 2022

Top Ten Home Office Setups For April 2022

We are back with a new edition of remote office setup for April. But first, we will discuss some recent trends in remote work.

 “The level of remote tech positions that are open is drastically higher than it was pre-pandemic,” said Jennifer Grundy Young, Tecna’s chief executive officer. According to a jobs data review by Tecna, a trade group for regional tech councils, remote jobs in tech jumped by more than 420% between January 2020 and last month. In February, more than 22% of all tech jobs were listed as remote, compared with 4.4% in January 2020. This shows a growing acceptance of a workplace environment where telecommuting and work at home opportunities have become the preference. 

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As remote working has become more popular, more and more people are sharing their WFH setups. Some do this to show off how much time and effort went into creating their ideal setup, while others want to inspire others with their journey.

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds. As always, we included the fan-favorite, the "Funny" category! Check it out below, and don't forget to share it with your family and friends!


Ranked at number 10 for April is @evergeneva home office. With the purple curtains, frames, painted walls and the elegant purple velvet office chair with gold nailhead trim and white desk, you can tell that purple is one of the favorite colors of @evergeneva and we love these purple tones. 

This setup includes a dual monitor with all the peripherals hooked up under the monitor shelf and the white desk with the drawers comes in handy as a storage system for work- related supplies. 

We like how cozy this setup is. We got our eye on the cup warmer and wonder if the content of the cup is coffee, water or tea?

work from home setup


At the 9th spot is @Diaedidi1 setup. It consists of a single dual screen monitor. A wireless ergonomic keyboard, and mouse and speakers. 

This setup is the true definition of “make it simple but significant”. We love how clean and organized this setup is and how the decor on the desk is minimal, it aids with more desk space. 

Having a clean and organized workspace is vital to keep yourself productive and focused at work and we have no doubt that @Diaedidi1 has no hard time focusing on work. 

home office setup


@alanjack two computers and four screens is definitely stunning and we love it. One of the things that caught our attention is the Dell Vertical Monitor UltraSharp 1909W. It is an LCD with a TFT active matrix panel type. 

It also comes with a built-in USB hub which makes it a very versatile option for a computer setup and we love how @alanjack has achieved this. We really like the digital clock, sometimes working remotely makes you lose track of time but with a clock like this in front of you everyday, there is a low probability of you get caught up.

 One of the things that warmed up our hearts in this setup is the picture placement close to the keyboard. It is a constant motivation of why we do the things we do, which is because of our loved ones.

work from home setup


As soon as you see @bballjonnjonzz setup, you know he means business. There is no need for extra fluff with @bballjonnjonzz and all that’s necessary is the equipment. We love the simple arrangement. 

The interesting part of working remotely and setting up a home office is that there are no instructions to the look and feel of how it should be and the design you decide to go for will exudes your personality, which @bballjonnjonzz has done very well. 

We are particularly interested in the 34 keys stream deck and would like to know what brand it is?

remote work setup


The first thing you might immediately notice in @j_senpaii1 red themed setup, is that he loves anime and he is a gamer. Although the red LED light is taking dominance in this space, we can see the mild rays from the purple and green decor piece. 

We like the miniature anime decor pieces on the desk and on the shelves above the monitor. We are sure those are one of @j_senpaiii favorite anime characters. 

One other thing we appreciate about this setup is how within reach the headphones are, you don’t necessarily have to stand up to get it from the top or corner of the shelf. And the stylish white and black keyboard adds to the pop of this setup. However, we are wondering if the stool under the desk serves as a footrest?

home office setup


We love a complete makeover! The way @robertfenech converted his garage to a home office should be a youtube DIY video. We love the arrangement and how the setup turned out.

It is clear that @robertfenech takes his exercise seriously as he added an exercise bike to ease the cramped muscle that occurs as a result of sitting for too long. And that’s a different twist to most of the setup we have come across.

This setup includes two monitors, a laptop, a spider-man wall art, a swivel chair, headphones and a white storage cabinet. 

We can only imagine how soft the carpet feels and how beautiful this setup looks at night. 

remote home office setup


@Sir_Joel we love this setup! Here, we can see the ASUS VT229H Touch Monitor. This monitor has a 21.5” Full HD IPS technology with stunningly wide 178° viewing angles and a 10-point multi-touch capacity featuring 7H hardness screen delivers smooth and durable touch experience.

One of the notable specs is that ASUS Eye Care monitors feature TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

Also, @Sir_Joel shows us that one way to utilize a drawer knob is to use them as headphones placement, which is functional if you need to grab your headphones to have a quick meeting.

No doubt, this setup is one that will make you get up and get to work.  That’s why we love it.

remote work setup


@andyturner32 setup is one crafted for productivity. We love how all the screens have a unified wallpaper, it shows that organization is @andyturner32 top priority.

This setup has a check mark for organization, simplicity, cleanliness and functionality. 

The Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) is one remarkable feature of this setup. It has 18 types ofCharming RGB backlight with elegant keycap legends that helps to type in dime environments, and you can also choose other static color backlight modes. Also has a durable gateron mechanical switch with 50 million keystroke lifespan, providing unrivaled tactile responsiveness on the brown switch.

This keyboard is recommended for anyone who spends countless hours typing and prefers a wireless keyboard. 

The pixel art behind the monitors just adds the right amount of beauty to the look and feel of this setup. Well done @andyturner32!

home remote office


Nothing like a well lit space. This dual setup is just right for couples who love to be productive together and that’s what @smashingteacups sister has achieved with this setup. 

The window view provides the right amount of sunlight for use and it's a good way to look at something else if you have been too focused on the screens.  Those monitors look like a gamers dream and we guess that’s their use.

This setup shows the personality and preference of two individuals, one who likes their headphones on the desk and the other who prefers theirs hanging under the desk. We love a setup that allows you to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. 

And the look on your co-worker’s face, seems like she is reminding you that your break has gone on for too long and it’s time to get back to work. We love an accountable pet coworker. Overall, this is an effective setup.

home office


Drum rolls for our number one spot! Just looking at this setup, you can see how gorgeous it is. You definitely know that a lot of work has gone into planning and achieving @Nikhil_Kirve setup.

We love how in sync the desk to shelf measurement is. Starting from the shelf, it has just the right amount of miniature decor pieces and from the books, the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, explores the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to make better sense of one of life’s most important matters. It is obvious that @Nikhil_Kirve is interested in finance and that’s very commendable.

The lamp, the batman poster, the monitor, keyboard, plant, rubik’s cube, game pad and laptop add to the gorgeousness of this setup.

We particularly love the glass of wine and we are cheering with @Nikhil_Kirve for making his dream setup become a reality. Cheers!

remote home office

Funny Category

Nothing is as humorous as this potential WFH setup from @JefferyWShapiro  team. We like their determination in planning for their setup and it is obvious they are very clear on what they want. 

However, we are unsure on what Dell specs the monitors are supposed to be. And for the keyboard, we think some keys are missing but we like the fact that they know that they need to be awarded for something. We are also concerned about the telephone or is that an intercom? If it is a telephone, it might be outdated and need an upgrade. 

Thanks for making our day Jeffery, and that wraps up this month's ranking. 

home remote office

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Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll be on the lookout for more cool remote workspaces, so please share yours on Twitter with the hashtag #HomeOfficeSetup. We could feature it in our May edition. If you would love to check out previous editions, feel free to browse below:

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