Top 10 Home Office Setups for January 2022

Top 10 Home Office Setups for January 2022

This month, we are back with a whole new 2022 ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

In remote work news, we are happy to announce remote work, the new normal is here to stay, and employers have no option but to roll with the punches. 18% of all employees work remotely full-time and in the US more than 4.3 million people work remotely at least half the time. 

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Last month on Twitter, there were more people than ever posting their WFH setups as many people are excited about the new year and would love to give others a glimpse of their home workspace. 

We had plenty of great setups to choose from and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace journey. As always, we also included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and don't forget to share it with your family and friends if you like


WFH setup

This WFH space is the perfect spot for a book lover as it doubles as a workspace and a mini-library. Our personal favorite from @csmitroyalfan2 library is Grant by Ron Chernow, the biography of Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United States. 

The actual setup consists of a laptop, a mouse, and a calculator balanced on a wooden desk that has a book compartment and is right next to a bookshelf. The gamer/ergonomic chair is a nice touch as it reduces stress on the neck, hips, and spine. We always advise remote workers to get one for their WFH space. 

We can’t forget the artwork on the wall! No need for a bulletin board, just paste everything directly and celebrate the achievements of your family. Gotta know how much use those basketballs get because it is a great way to blow off steam from work. Hornets fan, maybe? 


vacation home office

All of us would give an arm and a leg to be like @BrentOwho shared the process of setting up his WFH space in his vacation home. Does it still count as a work from home space when it is in a vacation home? Maybe we should call it a “work from vacation home” space or, well, never mind!

To achieve his setup, he moved the bed from his guest room and set up his workstation on the headboard. The actual setup features a dual-screen tablet, a 2021 MacBook pro, two-stream decks, two apple magic keyboards, two screens, a camera, two Elgato lights, a dual-arm tripod sitting a camera, and a professional led light, another led light, and an astounding amount of cable.

We would love to ask Brent how he navigates all of this without tripping over the cables? Also, what does his routine look like? Does he actually have time to enjoy the place he visits or only during the evenings? 


large home office

This is the perfect home workspace for every map lover like @jennMchoi as it features the biggest map artwork we have seen in a while. It would be cool to put pins on all the places that you visit but may be she is saving it for something else! 

Although it is a temporary WFH set up it has a tremendous amount of space on that dining table and features a cool candlestick centerpiece.

On the table we can see a MacBook set on a binder-like laptop stand, headset, webcam, notebook, pen, ring light, a bottle of water, and a tangerine. A review of the workspace won't be complete without mentioning the tangerine. Nothing beats working from home while constantly hydrating and eating an antioxidant-packed member of the citrus family.

We wonder what other healthy snacks she could recommend to pick at during the day? 


minimalist home office

A clean and succinctly organized workspace aids concentration and helps one achieve an uninterrupted workflow. Less visual clutter helps ideas flow without effort. This is one of the reasons why this WFH space by @bee_r_o is in the 7th spot.

The ambiance and the lighting of the room seems so cozy and the inspirational artwork adds a ton of personality. It is spotting the walls of the WFH office and the three read “love grows best just in small houses like this.” We are tearing up.

The actual setup features a 42 inches monitor, MacBook, a Samsung galaxy smartwatch, a notebook, a pen, and two houseplants all placed cohesively on a white painted wood desk. This is the perfect WFH space for anyone that enjoys a clean and sparse space. We just wonder what other quotes he lives by. Care to tell us?


 three corner desk

Coming into number 6 @BradleyHolt uses the most of his space in this corner desk setup. His setup may appear minimalist at first but he actually has a good amount of items that would help any creative get through day-to-day life. 

At a sweeping glance, we found a 2021 Macbook pro on a grove-made laptop riser and an ASUS HDMI monitor on a grove-made monitor stand.

On the workspace also is an apple magic keyboard on a grove-made keyboard tray on top of a Wool Felt Desk Pad close to an ergonomic mouse on a grove-made mousepad all situated on his wooden desk. 

This workspace is actually quite a good size with a chair for visitors and some plants for oxygen flow. We would love to ask Bradley what kind of chair he has hiding behind his enormous desk and if he can spin around in circles like a boss.


cool home office

The first question we have is, @157Gale do you ever run out of pens? Besides that, this is a pretty well-stocked WFH space.

The setup features a monitor and a Dell laptop, both suspended by adjustable arms, and the desk itself is walnut-colored and looks like it is adjustable as well. This means you can set up anywhere in the room and sit or stand. 

The cool thing about this space is the television mounted on the wall and the PS5 controller ready to boot up whenever the workday is over.

The fidget spinner is definitely an underrated item as it helps you keep focus when the tasks start to pile up. Definitely a music person with the guitar and Pink Floyd poster. But what other Kid Kudi albums does he like


music home office

This is the best setup for an audiophile as the whole setup by @SkyLabTapes screams I love music. 

Even if it is not obvious from the multiple speakers, we can tell from the litany of LP records on the wall of the workspace.

There are so many classics like the police album by synchronicity, Aja the 6xth studio album by the American jazz-rock band Steely Dan, Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan, and of course the late-great MF Doom.

The actual setup features two monitors with one flipped vertically and a Denafrips under the other. Wondering what a Denafrips is? It converts vinyl to digital audio.

Other accessories include Martin Logan speakers, Cassette and Vinyl players, and a medium-sized globe all stacked on an iron shelf with more Vinyl neatly arranged underneath them. On the work from home space are also keyboards, a mouse on top of a large mouse pad all arranged on a wooden desk complemented by an ergonomic chair. 

We can finish reviewing this setup without an honorable mention to the toy gun on top of the shelf and the dwarf hiding in plain sight positioned with a gun. The only suggestion we would like to make is to move his LP records away from sunlight and to update his Diamond life album cover as we believe it has seen better days.

exercise home office

This is the perfect combination of a home gym and a work-from-home space as shared by @itsdanwu. He is the proud husband who helped his wife set up this workspace. It includes a walking treadmill in front of a standing desk and a saddle chair. We can't forget about the guitar either!

The actual setup features a MacBook nestled safely on a laptop stand with an LG monitor propped on an adjustable arm monitor stand, a headset, webcam and a mouse on a cushioned mouse pad all positioned on a walnut-colored standing desk. 

Spread on the desk is a wool desk pad that cushions an apple magic keyboard. We would love to ask @itsdanwu how many hours he or his wife has clocked in the walking pad.


complete home office

This practical work from home space by @BuckWoodyMSFT has the perfect amount of clutter and has a little bit of everything. There is a lot going on with the three different monitors that provide flexibility for what you want to focus on. 

The other accessories include a wireless ergonomic mouse, a miniature tripod, a microphone, and a LED keyboard on a colored desk pad plus another fidget spinner! The outlet tower is something we haven't seen before and the Yeti microphone is a nice touch.

A metal filing cabinet is at the side of the wooden desk for extra space, with an old printer stacked on it. On the wall of the workspace are a mirror, clock, headset, several rechargeable lamps, multiple pen holders, and a cork board for notes. 

A downside to the setup is that the different screen resolutions can alter what you are looking at on the different screens. We would advise the owner to look further into better cable and desk space management.


gaming wfh setup

Can we get a standing ovation for the number one WFH space of January? Yes, Keep clapping because there are a lot of reasons  @JoshBurnsTech's picturesque-looking setup is at the coveted number one spot.

Where should we begin? Perhaps we should begin with the lights. He had purple LED lights running across the entire backside of the room to give that gaming cave style that every developer loves. Then there is the interesting dual monitor setup. He has the Alienware Ultrawide Monitor and the Samsung 4K Monitor hanging on top at an angle to rain down light while you work.

This is all complemented by his custom-made Josh PC, Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard, and a Razer DeathAdder Elite ergonomic mouse. We would love to know what games he plays on this elite setup. 

New home office setup:


Laughing is and will always remain the best form of therapy. We 100% endorse the work from home space by @SoniaCuff! The work from garden space features a hammock and a pillow where Sonia can comfortably watch meeting recordings and fall asleep right after.

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #HomeOfficeSetup hash. We could feature it in our February edition.

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