Our Partnership With Capbase

Our Partnership With Capbase

In the first quarter of 2021, US Business Formation Statistics (BFS) reported over 1.3 million new business applications. This is coming after a record year where there was a never before seen 4.35 million new businesses created in 2020. 

The pandemic obviously has been brutal for some industries but it has also shown that there has never been a better time to get a fresh start and pursue your dreams. Especially if your idea is in the tech space, where 86 new companies around the world reached unicorn status in Q1 of 2021. 

For those entrepreneurs with an affinity for software, there is no better resource than CapBase.  Their company helps startups with all the time-consuming struggles that limit growth when you are launching your first product. 

With CapBase, you can get your startup incorporated and ready to raise funds in as little as 3 days. All you have to do is sign up and use their platform to electronically fill out all the necessary forms and contracts to form a Delaware C-corp.

They will hook you up with your own stock plan so you can allocate shares of your billion dollar idea to yourself and your board of directors. They will also help you set up a company bank account so you can then issue and sell stock as soon as possible and build your team of advisors.

Once, you are all set up, you can hire and onboard employees and manage payroll all through their intuitive dashboard. Your cap table will be updated automatically as you issue contracts and stock options. They even have a tool to help you find investors to raise your funds.

When you have your company established, CapBase makes sure nothing gets lost in the mix as you scale. All your important legal documents can be found in one place. From employee contracts, to annual compliance filings you can even share all your financial records privately with potential investors. 

Looking for guidance? Capbase has partnered up with the world's leading accelerators and incubators to give you on-demand expert advice from organizations like GAN, Indie Bio, 500, and One Valley.

The best part?

Growrk is now available to all CapBase customers for a special 15% discount for the first year, plus their first month is free!

Whether you are onboarding one person or fifty, you can send them laptops or any type of device, no matter where they are located. GroWrk delivers to 150+ countries with security and compliance software pre-installed.

As your employees’ needs change, they can order equipment directly from the Growrk marketplace, which consolidates the accounting and inventory lifecycle in an intuitive dashboard. Automate your remote infrastructure, even set up collections when an employee leaves!

All of these purchases are billed monthly, instead of one lump sum payment. If any issues arise, there is 24/7 helpdesk and IT support.

If you are a Capbase customer, simply go to Company Integrations on your dashboard, and take advantage of this special offer from GroWrk.


Discover the platform that will get your distributed team everything they need to be successful. From laptops to standing desks, from the U.S to any location in the world.            


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