Leading Companies for Setting Up a Home Office for Remote Work

Leading Companies for Setting Up a Home Office for Remote Work

Amazon and Ikea can seem convenient at first for your remote team. They have all the products your remote worker needs in such a wide variety. However, you shouldn’t order equipment for a dedicated workspace from just any online furniture store. 

When you consider individual shipping costs, diversity of work environment, and international employees, it can add up to hundreds of dollars. Plus, someone has to enter all remote employees’ addresses, collect data on what equipment they need, set a budget for each of them, and track all the shipments. You’ll be looking at a huge bill and endless work hours for yourself or your HR staff. 

Home office set-up companies help make this process a lot smoother by including equipment, budget, and delivery all in one place. Websites like these are relatively new on the market, so we put together a comprehensive list of the leading companies for setting up a remote workspace

What is a Home Office Setup Company? 

remote workstation


A home office setup company is an online domain that distributes furniture and office equipment specifically to remote workers. Some companies provide services like payment plans, budget settings, and employee accounts. 

A company specializing in setting up a home office for remote work should have diverse product options, reasonable pricing, multiple payment methods, and glowing customer reviews. If you have an international distributed team, then delivery timetables and the countries where the website operates are also things to consider. 

5 Equipment Providers for Working Remotely

These are four companies that lead the industry of remote working equipment. Check out the positives and negatives of each and see if they are available in your home country. Around 60% of companies do not provide any compensation for setting up the home offices of their employees or pay for the increased internet and electricity costs. So these options provide a range of options that can fit within your budget or if you are lucky can expense to your company account

This is slowly changing as remote work continues to be the preferred method of working for most people. Setting up a stipend plan for home office furniture or using a home office management platform is a great way to attract top remote talent and to provide a consistent experience for your distributed team. 





You might have heard of Overstock as that website where you can buy anything at a low price. The website routinely has sales on furniture and home items from rugs to bed and bath. 

They recently started a sale called “Home Office Ready,” which offers desks, chairs, and storage space items at a discount for remote employees to “work from home without missing a beat.” 

Overstock’s selection is as practical as it is trendy. They sell entire sets along with individual items that are sleek and stylish enough to be found in any downtown Manhattan loft. We also enjoyed their “space-conscious options,” including a large selection of corner desks, which can help set up a home office in a small space. 

However, Overstock does not focus specifically on home office equipment. They are a massive online department store with thousands of clients in different industries. All of your orders will need to be handled and tracked manually, meaning by either you, your employees, or your HR staff. If you have teleworkers spread out through the country or the world, distribution in this manner can become complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Key Features: 

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Lots of Corner Desks
  • Wide Selection


apt2b lgo

For a home office with a unique look, you can’t go wrong with Apt2b. Their founders built the company on the belief in innovative and attractive designs for a fair price. In their “About Us” section, they claim to make outfitting your home as easy as “ordering a pizza.” 

A quick browse through the Apt2b website proves precisely that. Their sofas, chairs, tables, storage, and many other items are easy to order and deliver quickly. Their selection of home office equipment is both eye-catching and straightforward. They specialize in the kind of home office you’d find on a business magazine cover. 

If style is vital to you or your employees, you’ll find it on apt2b. While their prices might be high, you’ll find that the streamlined delivery and aesthetic value pay off. 

The killer disadvantage to Apt2b is that they don’t have everything your home office will need. Their furniture selections are fabulous, but your employees will need to order their computers and other hardware elsewhere. Buying these items from different stores means multiple shipping costs and higher expenses for a company.  

Key Features: 

  • Luxury selection
  • Eye for design
  • Perfect for setting up a home office in an apartment






    If you’re only looking for remote office furniture, Fully has a supply of everything from a standing desk, office chair, and a keyboard that are perfectly suited for teleworkers. They provide a wide assortment of ergonomic products but also preach looking beyond that office design philosophy. 

    Offering new-age designs like sit-stand desks and kneeling chairs has made them one of the remote work leaders for replacing sitting with healthier alternatives.  They call this their “human-centered” approach. 

    The supply line has products from designers like Luna and Tic Toc. These designers may be pricey, but they have innovative designs like chairs that tilt freely on an axis. On their website, they advocate the benefits of “active sitting,” the idea of constant movement while working behind a desk.

    In their “workplace” products tab, you’ll also find furniture that helps with the everyday problems of working from home as well. Space dividers and privacy panels will provide privacy in shared workspaces or common rooms. File cabinets and shelving units help out with extra storage space

    Fully is also fully (hah!) committed to sustainability. They do their best to use only recyclable materials and bio-friendly products. They also focus on things like shipping methods and waste management to reduce their carbon footprint. The downsides are that their platform is more consumer-oriented so it works better with offering a stipend or reimbursement for individual employees. They are also more oriented towards the U.S market.

    Key Features: 

    • Only Provide Office Furniture (no devices)
    • Emphasis on Active Sitting and Other Sitting Alternatives
    • Offer Privacy Panels and Storage Spaces
    • Eco-Friendly


    Design Public Group




    Design Public Group is a B2B and B2C furniture company as well as a technology operations leader. They recently opened a website that specializes in providing employees with remote working equipment. 

    DPG doesn't have a platform but will create a secure and custom-built website for your company. Employees will register, and then they can shop on the site from a list of preapproved furniture. What makes DPG’s home office division unique is its relationship with 400+ leading design brands. This relationship gives their catalog 500,000+ items for you and your employees to choose from. 

    With that kind of customization, you can select a specific aesthetic that coincides with your company’s culture or chooses from their extensive list of packages to ensure a perfect setup. DPG is budget-friendly and offers bundles to make orders of multiple products more affordable. 

    They also have their owner’s optional stipend management system. This system makes it easy for you to set your employees’ budgets even if you have different stipend amounts for different employees. 


    design public group furniture

    Key Features: 

    • A prominent Furniture Provider for B2B and B2C
    • Custom Built Client Portal
    • 400+ Brands, 500,000+ Products
    • Stipend Management System


    Best overall company for setting up a home office for remote workGroWrk


    growrk smart home office management

    GroWrk ticks all the boxes when it comes to home office setup. They have a platform that can integrate with your HR software and a network of vendors worldwide. They can deliver laptops and a range of devices to more than 100 countries for globally distributed teams. 

    Each laptop comes with Apple Business Manager pre-installed. They provide everything a productive workspace requires, from an ergonomic chair to 2020 Macbook pros. They are like an IT closet in the cloud and your office manager's go-to resource for ergonomic furniture. 

    Their payment plans make big equipment orders payable in monthly installments. This option causes less strain on your company’s budget and can ensure each remote worker has the equipment they need to work safely and comfortably. 

    The devices that Growrk provides all arrive with their software and security installed and get full IT support. Your employee won’t need to spend their first day with their new computer downloading, installing, and updating. If there is a problem with one of your remote employees’ devices, then they will fully service that employee and either replace the equipment or solve the problem electronically.

    With the GroWrk Platform, you can distribute all this furniture without creating a logistics headache for the HR team. Managers can create an account for their remote team and set a budget for what is available. Employees can then choose from a selection of pre-approved products and enter the delivery information themselves. 

    GroWrk also has easy-to-use management tools that allow you to schedule delivery for new workers and collections when they leave, all from their website dashboard.

    Key Features: 

    • Distribution to 100+ Countries
    • 6 month to 12 month Payment Plan
    • IT support for devices
    • Worldwide shipping of devices already in your inventory
    • Managers and employees can order their own equipment
    • Devices Arrive with Software and Security Installed
    • Collection and Delivery Handled from Website

    Wrap Up 

    As you can see, you don’t need to make one million orders on Amazon to equip your remote staff. Instead, you can enter some information on GroWrk and get the entire process handled for you. 

    You can choice us because we have strengths where these other companies have weaknesses. GroWrk IT support opportunities for your employees after their order is delivered. 

    All of this is available at a competitive price which can be paid in monthly installments. Companies like Fully, DPS, Overstocked, Apt2b, and other competitors lack at least one of these benefits.  

    You should pick a company that is fully able to handle your workload and provide your distributed team with equipment that makes them feel appreciated. Deciding to go with the wrong company can result in wasted expenses and an aggravated workforce.

    Be careful with your decision. As the world of remote work grows, so will the competition for a productive and enthusiastic workforce. 

    Equipping remote workers is messy-until Now. GroWrk helps companies supply and manage laptops, devices, and other equipment and services in 150+ countries - all through one powerful dashboard.

    Want to learn how GroWrk Remote can help you take care of your remote team with ease?                  


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