How GroWrk helped a US-based remote engineer hiring platform save time and money delivering and managing laptops, devices and home office equipment to team members in Mexico and Colombia


This rapidly growing remote engineering team hiring platform made the decision to allow all of its engineers to work remotely and close its offices in two countries. When the engineers suddenly moved to work from home, they needed a solution to deliver and manage laptops, devices, and office equipment fast. The company also wanted to ensure that each team member had optimal workspaces on par with the equipment standards their engineers were used to working with in the office.

Tackling the problem

The company reached out to GroWrk to help them source laptops and home office equipment to set up their engineers in Mexico and Colombia. We were able to leverage our global supply chain network and come back with a solution within 72 hours. Growrk immediately initiated the delivery of new laptops and equipment to team members in multiple cities across two countries.

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Because offices had closed so abruptly due to the Pandemic, the IT closets used to store new laptops and equipment for new team members were no longer available. The company needed to find a quick solution to get new hires set up fast remotely to start working right away.

The solution

Our operations team sourced, stored, and delivered the laptops and equipment needed for all team members in Mexico and Colombia. We onboarded team members using Growrk's software to provide full operations visibility to company management in real-time. Within two weeks of launching, all engineers were working with new laptops and premium setups in both countries.