So What's Our Story

PayPal co-founder and Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel complained that too much of the capital he deploys to startups winds up in the hands of “urban slumlords,” adding that rents are so high that cities risk pricing themselves out of relevance.

It is exactly this type of frustration that gave birth to GroWrk Remote. 

After repeatedly slogging through maddening office-hunt labyrinths and planning for insane office budgets while growing a series of startups, GroWrk´s founders decided enough was enough. Time is money and money is limited - they didn’t want to waste it on an office. Further, they found the concept of subordinating business goals to office goals to be ridiculous. Knowing there had to be a better way, they began developing a solution focused on making remote work, work better.

Remote work is not the future, it is the present, and remote work isn't niche anymore—it's everywhere. 

Remote work's benefits go beyond the bottom line -increases in worker satisfaction and positive environmental impact are significant added bonuses. 

At this point, companies of all sizes are implementing remote work policies. A number of forward-thinking companies have quietly grown to hundreds—sometimes thousands—of completely distributed employees working from all corners of the world, with no physical office to speak of.

GroWrk Remote productizes remote working with a flexible, affordable and environmentally responsible solution that brings optimal workspaces and services into the homes of distributed teams, directing productivity back into the business and unlocking capital to focus it where it matters - your company's growth.