How to track your IT assets globally with GroWrk

How to track your IT assets globally with GroWrk

GroWrk is a global end-to-end IT equipment solution provider. Our platform's IT asset tracking features are designed to give complete visibility into your global inventory and help you make informed management decisions. With GroWrk, you can track your purchases, get real-time status updates on equipment orders, and monitor your collections and maintenance processes. 

These features, combined with the abilities to procure, deliver, retrieve and store IT assets in over 150 countries, makes GroWrk a comprehensive solution for modern IT asset management. In this article, we will be showing you in more detail what sets us apart from standard IT Tracking software. Let's dive in! 

What makes GroWrk different from other IT Asset Tracking Systems?

Real-Time updates

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At the heart of GroWrk's IT Asset Tracking features are the real-time updates. Whether you want to check on a device's status or track an equipment order, they are both a couple clicks away.

The second component of these updates are the platform's advanced notification center.

You will automatically be notified about the progress in an equipment purchase or retrieval, any type of status change in a device's health, or employee request.

Instead of just looking at an inventory screen, you get an interactive dashboard with unparalleled visibility of your equipment worldwide.

Procurement cost tracking

IT Asset Tracking

Understanding and managing the financial aspects of IT asset management is crucial for any organization.

However, most IT asset tracking systems lack any features that track your procurement operations and many IT departments have to use multiple tools to know where their equipment is and how much they are spending.

One unique feature of GroWrk's IT Asset Tracking system is the ability to generate detailed reports. These reports are very useful for distributed teams to know where a device was sent, the number of workstations deployed in a specific region, and how much each team spends during a specific time period.

This level of detail enables effective budget allocation and future planning, ensuring that your organization can optimize its investments in IT assets.

Device lifecycle Management

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Knowledge of your device's lifecycle is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and security. GroWrk's platform offers comprehensive history reports detailing who has used your equipment and when maintenance was last performed.

This feature enhances transparency and ensures that you can maintain high service continuity and compliance. Whenever a piece of equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle, we offer certified device disposal services that responsibly recycle, donate, or buy back used equipment.

How does it work?

1. Order Status

By going to the Orders option in your navigation bar, you can find the status on every order you make using the GroWrk platform. You can filter through statuses, order types, and regions.

You can also toggle through different tabs to see your active, cancelled, and closed orders. Finally for reporting, you can export your entire order history. 

2. Inventory screen, device status, device history

From the Inventory option in your navigation bar, you can track the status of each device that you are currently managing through the GroWrk platform.

You will know instantly if a device is being shipped, being recovered, or active. The platform updates automatically.

If you click the elipsis next to the product name, and then click on "View Product History," you will be able to see the entire device history from the moment it was shipped.

If you want a report on each device's history you can export your complete inventory history using the top tab. 

3. Notification Center 

What makes the GroWrk asset tracking system truly unique is our notification center.

By going to the Notifications option in your navigation bar, you will be presented a hub for all the activity happening in your GroWrk account.

Here you can filter between your read and unread messages just like any inbox, but you can also switch between your different notifications depending if they come from orders, products or employees. 

4. Expense Tracker

A new feature that we are releasing on the GroWrk platform is our Expense Tracker.

From the reports option in your navigation bar you can generate detailed reports about your IT asset operations.

In the top of the dashboard you get a complete overview of all your products, workstations, employees, regions, storage, and total expenses up to that date.

You can then download reports and graphs on the number of employees you have onboarded, the amount that you have spent on equipment for each region, or the SLAs that you have enacted.

If you want a holistic report, you can choose the "Export History" tab and download a file that contains your activity using GroWrk up to that point. 

Common use cases from our customers

orium case study

Orium, a Toronto-based software studio, faced the challenge of equipping its rapidly expanding distributed team in Latin America amidst the pandemic. With each employee being required to use company-owned devices, the logistics of timely equipment delivery across new countries became a daunting task. The solution came from GroWrk, which offered a seamless and scalable way to procure and deliver IT equipment internationally, bypassing the need for individual vendor relationships and overcoming language barriers.

GroWrk's IT asset tracking system ensured Orium could provide precise onboarding details for each new hire and avoid any delays. They still continue to use the GroWrk platform to track their equipment usage among their employees and take action whenever necessary for their teams in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. Read the full story here


clickup case study

Amid rapid global expansion, ClickUp faced the logistical challenge of equipping a growing distributed workforce across 13 countries, including new offices in Australia and the Philippines. To ensure employees had the necessary productivity tools, from laptops to mice, ClickUp partnered with GroWrk. This collaboration streamlined the setup for over 800 employees, simplifying the procurement, management, and tracking of IT equipment internationally.

GroWrk's global partners and in-country storage solutions enabled ClickUp to control their inventory from the GroWrk platform without every having to coordinate with a third party. As a result, ClickUp successfully scaled its operations, nearly tripling its employee base while enhancing the remote work experience, thanks to GroWrk's comprehensive support and efficient logistics management. Check out the full story here.

Why choose GroWrk for your global IT asset tracking needs?

Widest Global Coverage Procurement and deployment capabilities in over 150 countries.
Robust Logistics Efficient handling of large-scale and diverse client needs.
Superior User Experience Customer-feedback-driven, feature-rich dashboard.
Comprehensive IT Support Includes 24-hour AI support, global IT help desks, and on-demand warehouse support.
Custom Integration Solutions Tailored system integrations for seamless onboarding and onboarding worldwide.
Optimized Device Management Advanced preconfiguration and MDM solutions.
Competitive Pricing Customizable, cost-effective plans for global operations.
Market Leadership Renowned among top-tier companies globally for IT solutions.


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February 20

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