Purchase Analyst Jr (LATAM)

About us 🏢

We solve modern businesses' remote logistics and equipment management challenges. We are obsessed with building the best global remote workspace management platform. Our mission is to ensure people have equitable work experiences and opportunities regardless of their geographical location or remote work preferences.

Our Product 💻

Some of the benefits that we offer to our clients are:

  • Set up a remote team locally, or globally.
  • Ship equipment from their HQ country to other locations or buy equipment from multiple vendors internationally.
  • An experience-driven team, a full-stack tech platform that integrates seamlessly with currently used team onboarding solutions to manage every aspect of team workstations, IT inventory, security, and equipment setup to make remote work at scale.

Our Company Culture 💛

We are a people-oriented company where our people are valued, driving a culture where one of the most important values is mutual respect. We want all our GroWrkers to feel that they can relate with each other and feel they are treated fairly in a global team-safe environment.

Leaders listen and have active conversations with everybody, especially their closest team. They make all employees feel like they are a vital “cog” in the wheel and give them the recognition that they deserve.

Work From Anywhere (WFA) 📍

At GroWrk Remote, we work from anywhere (WFA), which is a workplace choice that enables our employees to work from wherever they choose. Work from anywhere in the world (with good wifi). We prioritize time for deep work weekly and only have meetings when we have to. So you can work around your life—not live around your work!

Work Async ⚙️

Realtime (Sync) meetings on Meet/Slack are good for SOME things, like socializing and team bonding. There are also sensitive situations that need face-to-face interaction (emergencies, alignment, separations). But we’re a global company with people in many time zones. This makes sync meetings/huddles inefficient for routine work. The person you need could be asleep or enjoying downtime. If we waited for syncs to decide or act, we would be too slow to be competitive. The answer is to avoid sync methods for most work and use asynchronous work methods instead!

Highlights 🎢

As part of our team, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to create, innovate, and implement all the processes and projects.
  • Work with a global team that comes from different backgrounds and industries.
  • We’re a fast-paced company, and you’ll find a new challenge every day and grow professionally! You’ll be part of a learning and development culture where excellence, constant effort, and hard work are recognized as part of our best practices.

About the role 💪🏻

The Purchases Analyst Jr. position at GroWrk Remote will be responsible for following up on Purchase Specialist orders and keeping our platform updated. This position is within our IT management company, where precision, organizational skills, and attention to detail are paramount. The ideal candidate should have some experience in purchase order management, POs, and vendor relationship management.

What will you do? 👩🏻‍💻

  • Follow up on orders placed by Purchases Specialists to ensure timely processing and delivery.
  • Coordinate with vendors to confirm order details, shipping, and delivery schedules.
  • Address any discrepancies or issues related to purchase orders.
  • Update and maintain the company's purchasing platform with accurate and current information.
  • Ensure product details, pricing, and availability are regularly updated.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues related to the purchasing platform.
  • Collaborate closely with Purchases Specialists, vendors, and internal teams to facilitate seamless communication and order fulfillment.
  • Provide regular updates to the Purchases team regarding order statuses and potential delays.
  • Analyze purchasing data to identify trends, discrepancies, or areas for improvement.
  • Generate reports on purchasing activities, supplier performance, and inventory levels.
  • Ensure all purchasing activities comply with company policies, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Maintain accurate records of purchase orders, invoices, and receipts.

What do you need? 🎯

  • 1 year of experience in Purchasing Roles
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or a related field.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to interpret data and trends.
  • Knowledge of purchasing software and tools (PO, blanket PO, invoice management, Plex Arena, SAP, or any ERP).
  • Previous experience with IT products and vendors is desirable.
  • Detail-oriented and capable of managing multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Prior experience in a purchasing or procurement role at IT companies is a plus.

Personal Skills 👩🏻‍🦰

  • An optimistic and can-do character.
  • A proactive mindset that is always looking for ways to improve
  • A great team player who enjoys working with others to achieve group success and improve customer outcomes.
  • Growth mindset, challenging the status quo to find new solutions and out-of-the-box ideas
  • Exceptional attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects effectively
  • Proactive approach and strategic thinking
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

Performance and Career Growth 🔥

GroWrk Remote will help you reach your goals and grow in your career. We offer mentoring, regular check-ins, a feedback culture, and training resources to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

What do we offer? 🏆

  • A 100% WFA (Work From Anywhere) position with a people-centered company that values and fosters personal and professional growth
  • Payment in USD or local currency
  • Company equipment
  • An outcome-driven environment that offer full flexibility in your working practices
  • Learning budget
  • In-person annual gathering


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