See how quickly a remote workstation pays for Itself

See how quickly a remote workstation pays for Itself

A well-designed remote workspace is not just a perk, it is an economic investment too. Multiple studies show worker productivity increases with an improved remote workspace configuration. 

A Washington State analysis of office ergonomics case studies showed the median productivity increase was 12% following an ergonomic intervention. Other studies found employees to be 18% more productive when provided with ergonomic furniture that they are trained to use.

Here is another data point. According to a Texas A&M study, call-center workers with stand-capable desks sat about 1.5 hours less per shift, resulting in measurable productivity gains that averaged 45% compared to their seated counterparts.

Finally, using multiple monitors eliminates toggling between documents, decreasing the time it takes to complete tasks. Studies show an average productivity increase of 20% to 30% when using two displays. Depending on the situation, increases range between 5% and 100%.

You can see how fast a remote ergonomics office solution for your workforce is paid back with productivity gains that translate into tangible economic gains.

The figure will vary depending on the number of employees you have, the average number of hours worked, and the average compensation per employee. The case studies above, however, show a clear correlation between high-quality ergonomic equipment use and an ROI that guarantees that GroWrk's remote office service pays for itself.  

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