How GroWrk Helped Typeform Streamline IT Equipment Management for Their Remote Workforce

How GroWrk Helped Typeform Streamline IT Equipment Management for Their Remote Workforce

About Typeform

Typeform is a no-code SaaS platform with thoughtfully-designed tools that help companies grow their business by engaging with their audience. Launched in 2012, Typeform offers people-friendly forms, quizzes, surveys, and asynchronous video solutions that turn digital interactions into human connection. 

At a glance

  • 6+ months with GroWrk
  • 320+ employees
  • 3+ countries

The Challenge

Typeform transitioned into a fully remote company overnight due to the COVID pandemic in early 2020. In the span of three years, the company went from operating in two physical offices in Barcelona and San Francisco to having an entirely remote workforce with no physical offices.

Alex Maguire, Senior IT Support Engineer, had just joined the company when this shift happened. He experienced firsthand the challenges of migrating from a traditional office to a remote environment. 

The biggest challenge was handling logistics. Since all the teams were working remotely, the IT team had to deal with significant stress as they arranged and shipped devices to new employees in various locations worldwide. 

In the traditional setup, when a new employee joined, one of the first events during their onboarding was meeting the IT team to receive and set up their laptop. But the IT team had to handle all the equipment logistics remotely in the new arrangement.

“Our IT team is also 100% remote, so we would send the guys to co-working spaces so they could prepare the devices. It was a logistical nightmare having to ship and receive and deal with it all,” recalls Alex.

Typeform needed a solution that could ease the burden of the IT team and make it easier to provide and track necessary equipment to new remote hires, no matter where they are located. 

The solution

Alex explains that Typeform ran a project to analyze several different companies that could provide them with a solution. One of the main things they were looking for was the regions the solution could cover. 

“GroWrk served all of our regions, which was perfect, and obviously, other things like platform usability, the UI, cost, and potential API integrations in the future.” 

In fact, integrating with BambooHR was another key aspect that helped Typeform choose GroWrk. Typeform did not want to import all of their employees manually, so having that integration was essential.

Partnering with GroWrk allowed Typeform to streamline its onboarding and inventory management processes and made it easier for IT teams to track, prepare, and ship devices to remote employees around the world. 

The Results

Using GroWrk’s platform, Typeform found a centralized place to care for their IT equipment needs. Not only did GroWrk simplify inventory management, but it also made equipping and setting up new hires an easy feat.

“With the GroWrk platform, we can see what we have and if we need to top up the stock, or select a device, and ship it to a user. We can do that from wherever we are in the world. It doesn't matter. It solved a lot of stress, a lot of headaches.” 

GroWrk eradicated all the logistical issues that Typeform faced earlier. The IT team was relieved from the challenges of tracking and preparing the devices by themselves. 

Moreover, GroWrk’s integration with BambooHR was a huge plus, saving Typeform from the hassle of manually importing all its 320 employees into the platform. 

“The team at GroWrk have been super helpful, super friendly, super approachable.”

Typeform now uses the GroWrk portal as a central hub for keeping track of all their assets and inventory. This virtual stock is stored in the cloud and can be easily deployed. With all this information in one place, Typeform can make informed decisions that significantly improve their team’s efficiency.

The next big step for Typeform is implementing GroWrk’s end-user portal, which will allow employees to choose devices and accessories themselves, further streamlining the IT equipment management process.

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