Top Ten Home Office Setups on Twitter: September 2021

Top Ten Home Office Setups on Twitter: September 2021

 We are back this month with a whole new ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

In September, reports have been coming out about companies using remote surveillance software to spy on their remote employees. There has also been a huge increase in the amount of remote jobs available, yet many people still struggle to find employment. 

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In September on Twitter we struggled to create a ranking because there were just too many WFH setups to choose from. 

We made some tough eliminations and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace. Plus the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below.


car themed WFH setup

Roaring into 10, we have this sports-car themed setup by @joelatwar. It is fairly basic but we liked the creativeness of the monitor placement. You can use the top monitor for basic communications while using the two other monitors for deep work. 

It looks like he has a Razor Black Widow keyboard with a wrist pad for fast but comfortable typing. The ergonomic mouse also helps prevent any soreness. Then that standing mic with the two webcam combo is perfect for conference calls and speaking to large groups of people. 

The placement of the desk is also a plus as you have a ton of natural light coming in from the window above and the glass door to the side. The one thing we would recommend is getting some dual monitor arms so that he has some more space on his desk and doesnt have to do so much neck cranking. 

We wonder what his dream car is.


home office setup

This home office setup by @1stevengrant is a really great use of space. This is probably the corner of a guest room that he has converted into a productive workstation. The L-shaped desk (although only for right handers) fits perfectly on one side of the room and then you have plenty space for the main monitor and the laptop on the side. 

We love the fact that the laptop has its own stand. Many people forget the need to have their screens elevated and just leave their laptops on the side of their desk. You also have to admire the adjustable arms for both the webcam and the microphone. 

The room also looks like a great place to relax with the ergonomic chair and the couch in the background. We just want to know if he ever gets out on that trampoline in the backyard to knock off the lunch carbs.  


 cool home office setup

We aren't sure if @koehntopp works with someone else here or just loves double of everything. Either way, definitely a cool home office setup. He has a window in the back along with some colored lights for a mix between natural light and mood setting. 

Those very large mounted speakers are probably perfect for turning your home office into a concert hall. The third stand looks like it is used for a camera that would record a podcast. We guess because he also has a high quality mic mounted between the two monitors.

For the desk itself we imagine he makes a lot of calls because he has a wireless phone and a digital intercom to go with it. Then a bit of old school editions with a calculator and the clock.

Our favorite device has to be those mouses. They look really fun to use. But please work on your wire management. 


standing desk setup

This setup by @nikers85 comes in at number 7 because it bring in the best of both number 8 and 9 together. It has monitor arms for both screens to save space on the desk. It also has personality and a good use of available space. 

We have to mention the automatic standing desk because they really are game changers for WFH. You also can't go wrong with a good mic stand and pop filter for crystal clear presentations or recordings. 

What is powering this setup? It has to be the two Mac books folded on the side but that are attached to the displays. A really great amount of storage with the two shelves on either side of the desk but does that growler get any use anymore?


design wfh setup

This shows you how far remote work has come when you have an animator like @robertkohr working from home. He has his iPad functioning as a design pad right in the center of the desk and a huge 49" widescreen monitor to go along with it. A great idea to split it into three sections. 

That looks like a Sony a6300 on top of the widescreen for perfect picture quality in animator meetings. He mentioned in the post it is a Boxx i9 64gb ram with 2x GPUs powering the whole setup, a necessity for heavy programs like Adobe Illustrator. 

A lot of personality in this set up too with the tiny fan and the Powderpuff Girls sticker. We just hope his partner can work over the sound of those massive speakers in the back. 


closet home office

This closet home office by @sidehustlepro had to come in at number 5 for its sheer creativity. When you don't have much space to work with it doesn't mean you have to always shoot podcasts from your kitchen table. A new trend is turning one of your closets into a tiny home office. 

We love the stained wood of the desk and the all white executive chair. Then you have the paintings in the background to give a great backdrop to any call or podcast. That microphone arm is also a nice edition to record yourself at ease while drinking from that massive coffee cup. 

Our only question is if it is easy to get in and out of this setup. 


 his and hers home office setup

Here we have a perfect example of a dual setup by @_jumaallan. A really great use of space as each person can work without feeling cramped. Both ergonomic chairs look like they give ideal back and neck support. They are also pared with standing desks, so you don't even need to use the chairs all the time. 

Those 49" Samsung G9 screens certainly give plenty of flexibility for monitor setups. It might actually answer the burning question if an ultra-wide monitor is better than two normal sized monitors for working from home. 

The Logitech web cameras are small but still have pretty good image quality and there is some good cable management here. The room is just lacking a bit of personality, what item could they add to spice it up?


crypto home office

This fancy setup once belonged to @PhilakoneCrypto but he gave it up for just doing trades on his smartphone. Still you have to admire the amount of screens that he had. Two normal sized ones, a huge vertical screen and of course the giant television that is easily more than 70". 

It has got style too with the red carpet matching the red Ergochair 2.0 and a brick inlay backdrop. He has huge amount of daylight coming in from the window on the right that probably has an incredible view as well. 

If you look closely, you can also see two standing pads for exercise while executing high value trades. We wonder what type of computer build would you need to run everything if you can just do it all on your phone anyway? 


wfh setup

You just have to take a second to admire the style in this WFH setup by @snehasanks. We love the way the lighting from the El gato ring light gives every item a cool texture. That camera also probably gives some great 4k conference calls. 

This simple but sweet setup has an iPad on a stand for multi-tasking and a monitor at perfect eye level. You can't ignore the attention to detail in the eye glasses holder or the other knick knacks attached to the wall. Plus a colorful desk pad that gives this standard an elegant look. 

The printer off to the side is also a rarely seen device in many home offices. What could have been the last things that came out of it? 

Now for this months winner...Drum roll please:


futuristic wfh setup

This wfh setup straight out of a cyberpunk day dream by @rayymorgenstern definitely caught our eye. Not for only the Taylor Swift memorabilia but the lighting is on point. You could spend hours in there an not know what day or time it was. 

Then you have solid placement for the monitor with of course, an LED keyboard and mouse to go along with the laptop on the right. You would only have to swivel back and forth between the two. 

The cable management looks good too with everything connected to a power strip in between the main devices. He then has some headphones to jam out to "Never getting back together" and then take a quick call. 

All it has style, versatility, and ergonomics. The deciding factors in our ranking. Congrats Ray you had the best WFH setup for September 2021!

"Finally Nailed My WFH Setup"

funny wfh setup

If you squint long enough you will be able to see the home office within the home office of @benedictevans. A bit of home office inception with a touch of post-modernism. The best part is that he does all his work trading crypto from his phone like @PhilakoneCrypto so need for any monitors (Joking). 

Thanks for making our day Benedict and that wraps up this months ranking. 

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #HomeOfficeSetup hash. We could feature it in our September edition.


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