Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: October 2021

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: October 2021

 We are back this month with a whole new ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

In October, Pricewaterhousecoopers announced that they would allow 40,000 of their U.S employees to work remotely but we aren't sure it will solve their retention problem. The U.S federal government has also reported over $590 million stolen through ransomware attacks on remote workers in 2021.

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In October on Twitter there was a slight decrease in people posting their WFH setups as many have already settled into their remote routines. 

We still had plenty of great setups to choose from and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace. Plus the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below.


Cool home office

This cool home office by @kimtairi would make anyone stand up from their chair and dance. Disco ball aside, there is a ton of great artwork and a flower pot with a face painted on it that give off serious creative vibes. 

The light coming in from the window is probably perfect for eating lunch on the table in the back (which used to be the desk). The air filter also keeps the space from getting stuffy. 

For the actual setup, we can see the bare essentials, a monitor and a laptop stand on a repurposed desk. There is another object on the desk that looks like a standing microphone with a pop filter but correct us if we are wrong. 

All in all, it is a fairly simple setup based on the circumstances but it is unique and uses the space well. We wonder what it could feel working with the Bee Gees on blast.

The one thing we would recommend is a more ergonomic chair, although props for the comforter backrest. 


attic home office

The next thing you know, attic home offices will be trending on twitter thanks to @TracyLCotton. This setup is a cozy alternative to the people who choose to work from their basement. The only thing we worry about are the temperatures in the summer.

The dual monitors are a nice choice because they allow you to multitask more efficiently. The desk also looks sturdy enough to have a bit of controlled chaos on top of it. You have nice natural lighting during the day and the space probably has great acoustics to listen to music. 

The figurine on the table lets us know this person is a night owl so a lamp would probably be a nice addition to this setup. 


cozy home office

The reason why @lisov's set up hits the number 8 is obviously because of the candle and castle in the background. It may not be intended but there is a Disney aesthetic in here somewhere. 

Here, you also have an example of a dual monitor setup but with a cozy twist. Not only the games but the hanging plant and lights along the wall that provide a relaxing atmosphere. 

The webcam and headphones with mic double for both streaming or taking conference calls.

We just have to know what type of laptop is powering this setup. 


writer home office

 This Emmy award winning setup by @BenMakesTV adds a total of 2 more screens to the mix (Apple monitor on the bottom).

It does make good use of the space with a six-foot table and bookcase adjacent. The hardware is fairly simple at first glance with one widescreen monitor mounted to the bookcase and another widescreen next to the principal standard-sized monitor. 

Then we took a closer look and noticed two tablets, two Iphones, and an audio mix panel. He uses an ergonomic mouse to control the three different screens and his laptop while we imagine the rest is tactile. The only thing to improve on is wire management.

Can't finish this review with mentioning what seem like Triumph, the insult comic dog. Iconic image from the early 2000s and the beginning of the decline of MTV.

dual screen home office

Here, we have an interesting dual screen setup from @n_minaya. He is projecting his laptop screen on two LG Ultrawide 29' inch monitors strapped to a Klip xtreme monitor arm. 

They are far enough from his face that his eyes won't strain but also not too far so that the webcam can still see him during conference calls. The LED keyboard is a nice touch while we would love to know the brand of the ergonomic mouse. 

The whole setup is support by a SKARSTA desk from Ikea, and it blends seamlessly into his wall. The only thing this setup is missing is some personal touches.

We are cool with the white but where are the desk buddies or artwork?


simple home office

This minimalist setup by @ChapAndScholar is so neat and clean. An immaculate motorized standing desk is covered with just a few essential items.

The speaker looks knarly underneath the Charzard Pokemon card mold. Can't forget about the flying Pikachu that is right next to it.

Then you just have an apple monitor on top of a makeshift cardboard box which many of us can relate to(monitor arms are hard to get a hold of and setup). The only other significant hardware is the iphone stand and factory issued Apple keyboard with a common mouse.

Sometimes it is the most minimalist setups that are the most productive. But is the owner a fan of the red, blue, or yellow version of the original gameboy games?


engineering setup

This beautiful setup by @SuzanneAldrich includes the best-in-class from Moonlander, Herman Miller, Vercel, to Next.js.

First, you have the Herman Miller x Logitech ergonomic chair stealing the show. Then you have what looks like a 3D screen supported by some powerful monitor arms that are also able to carry the laptops.

She has a full mic-arm to go along with a ring light and webcam for the perfect video calls. The Tetris lighting on the wall adds more ambience with the standard room light and we know the place smells of essential oils with the diffuser on the desk. 

Can't forget about the Moonlander keyboard. We wonder what type of software she is building with this setup.


LED WFH setup

Here we have an awesome LED WFH setup from @RobH3. The standing desk is a great way to stay focused at work while maintaining a bit of core exercise. Then you have the LED lights underneath that combine with the lights on the keyboard for a bit of a cyberpunk effect. 

The laptop stand and table holder are nice editions and it seems as if the monitor is supported by an arm as well to have all the devices at perfect eye level. Even the webcam and Yeti Microphone have a stand!

The natural lighting from the outside provides some nice contrast but there is also a small ring light on top of the monitor for any extra light. Our only question if this is in a converted guest room or living room and how often do they work with the lights turned off? 


tech wfh setup

Don't be confused, the top photo is the office photo and the bottom one is this the home office of @JoelRussellSr. We can tell which one he prefers working from. 

He has his vertical screen on an adjustable arm and what must be a 40 inch television to his side. His chair looks comfortable and the LED keyboard looks great with the backlight plus an ergonomic mouse hiding in the corner.

Obviously this is the perfect video editing setup to have AdobePro on the three screens and music videos on the television. No wires in sight. 

Now for this months winner...Drum roll please:


best home office setup

The winner for October is this awesome studio/WFH setup by @ChanceKelch. You can't go wrong with a Yamaha Hs5 blasting music in your ear.

Then the Keychron keyboard goes perfectly with the Macbook Pro on a stand. Even the teleprompter has some ingenuity being held up by a WALI Extra Tall Single LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount right next to the webcam. 

The place has sound proof padding so its perfect for recording and keeping sound out. The whole setup is controlled by the two control panels in the middle where everything can be shut off by one power strip button. 

The center piece is a LaMetric smart clock that can connect with everything. From your phone to display messages to the weather so you know if the sun will be out tomorrow after pulling a long night. 

Our one question is how long did it take to get the setup to this point?

Me: *drops hundreds of $$$ on a new home office setup*

also Me:

funny wfh setup

Many of us can relate to @hazandstuff.

Sometimes you have this awesome home office but you just don't want to get out of bed and the next thing you know, your pillow is a laptop stand. 

Thanks for making us chuckle and that is all for this month's home office setup ranking.

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #HomeOfficeSetup hash. We could feature it in our November edition.


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