Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: June 2021

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: June 2021

We are back this month with a whole new ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

June has been been quite the controversial month in the world of remote work. 

Apple, Google, and Uber announced a 3-day work week at the office and was met with immediate backlash by their employees. So, Google and Uber made some adjustments to their hybrid policy and we are still waiting to hear the verdict on Apple.

Facebook announced a 50-50 system of half the year remote work and half the year at the office. But if workers want to relocate and continue working remotely for the whole year they risk getting a pay-cut.

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From our own research on Twitter, it seems like people want to keep their home offices because they keep getting more creative with each ranking we do! 

We sifted through all the posts from June and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace. Plus the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below.


wfh setup


This compact home office designed by @sayalook is perfect for any combination coding and music lover. It has both a coding laptop and what looks to be a hand-built desktop PC. However, the sound system is the impressive part. 

Equipped with three interior speakers and a desktop bass, the desk has an audio interface for the best quality sound. This is an excellent idea for anyone who loves to listen to deep house as they work. You certainly wouldn’t miss any information from a video conference with this setup either. 

We would probably add a laptop stand, so he doesn’t have to crane his neck when switching over from the PC. Also, this doesn’t appear to be a traditional desk as much as a dresser or cabinet with the doors removed. It left us wondering where he puts his legs.

To his credit, he did say he was “almost done,” so ergonomics could be the final step for him.  Also, it would be interesting to see what he has got inside that machine.



work from home setup

We thought @tanmay1705 did an excellent job of adding space to his home office. If he just had that desk with the white drawers, there’d be no way for him to fit all his equipment. That monitor and laptop would leave little space for a keyboard, let alone sufficient elbow room. 

Intuitively, he added an easily mountable wall desk to extend his workplace. We loved his incorporation of the bulletin board. It looks like he has a mount for his phone and his router up there! Having a router on the wall is a great idea because mounting your router in a higher position can maximize coverage.  

As a bonus, his space isn’t just clean. It’s also got some fun minimalistic decorations. Too many fancy trinkets and doodads will only clutter your WFH space. Tan stuck with a simple world map (very relatable for most remote workers) and a Spiderman action figure as his primary decorations. 

It would be great to know how many places he has visited on that map and if he brings Spidey with him on his travels.



home office sports


This home office by @mikesmitty70 is any hockey's fan's dream. It is a bit cluttered by all the papers and markers but once you clear them off you got plenty of space on multiple levels. 

The dual monitors would make it easy to watch two games at the same time while you are working from the laptops. We even see a small El gato ring light in the back for some extra light besides all the computer screens.

He also has a nice ergonomic mouse but we wonder which device it is actually connected to. Then he also has a headset to discuss any draft day developments with his buddies.

Hockey can be a religion for many Canadians but we wonder if he has any favorite U.S teams, from his profile picture it seems he is a Rangers fan. Go Islanders!


closet home office

@scientiffic was shocked that a rental agency included this image of a closet home office in their rental listing. We weren’t. Working from home is becoming more common than ever before, and a home that’s already equipped can be an absolute steal in terms of setup costs. 

This is a classic office-in-a-closet design, and people with big closets should take note. For example, the large desk area is perfect for fitting two monitors. As you can see, the primary monitor is on an elevated shelf, so a teleworker doesn’t have to spend their workday craning their neck. 

We also liked that they kept a few shelves in place so the closet wouldn’t lose all of its storage capabilities. They have space for their office supplies and the house’s linens. 

The lighting is also great for this closet office. Usually, offices like this need external lamps that take up desk space. This one already has a light fixture installed. We’d love to rent this house for a working vacation! 



home office wide screen monitor

We like how you could easily find @rosselle’s home office in a co-working space as well. The distinct organization and equipment placement make this look more like a display at Officemax than a workspace in someone’s home. At a glance, you can tell he has everything he needs to perform his job effectively. 

What’s impressive about this WFH setup is the lack of cables. He has two monitors, an Keychon keyboard, a microphone, and webcam, yet the only wires in sight are neatly sorted into a power strip. 

We can see one of his cables is neatly wrapped together behind his cup of coffee. Excellent work Ross T! But where is your go-to coffee joint? Dunkin', Starbucks or something local? 

We also like the JBL Go speaker he has there. A Bluetooth speaker like this one can dramatically improve your audio quality, whether it’s for music during the workday or to better hear your colleagues at a meeting. 



home office nice desk

@Craigsperez puts audio quality and free space at the forefront of his home office design. As an online teacher, he must have realized the problem with a laptop’s factory microphone and speaker and shelled out to get a proper setup.

This was one of the first at-home setups we found with a pop-filter on the microphone. If you’re not a famous recording artist, you might not know that certain sounds from the letter “P” and “B” can distort audio quality. A pop filter keeps out those bad sounds so people can hear you more clearly. 

Beyond the high-quality mic and BlueTooth headphones, we were impressed with Craig’s ability to minimize desk clutter and how neat his cables are arranged. He has only two lines running out of his Mac, leaving room for the beautiful family photos on his desk. 

While the desk is sleek and stylish, it does leave us wondering where he keeps his class notes. Some more storage space would move this office up much higher on our list. Also is this a standing setup or is there a chair hiding somewhere?


 wfh setup ergonomic chair

In the description of this tweet, @javieraltman says he’s “So proud of [his] cable management.” We understand why. Despite the two monitors and desktop, there isn’t a cable to be found. As we can tell by the Rockstar logo, this is also a PC for gaming development which makes his lack of cables even more impressive.

We also loved Javier’s use of an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. The keyboard’s elevation will put a lot less strain on his hands and fingers, as will the raised mousepad. 

While there isn’t a ton of storage space, we do like how he has a small compartment to store his laptop in his desk. He’s also got an easily accessible shelf to the right of the desk where he can store documents or extra equipment. 

Javier’s chair looks comfortable as well. Those extra supports for the lower back will lower his risk of back pain and allow him to work for longer. A couple of fun toys (the Bulbasaur and Rubix Cube) will provide a little bit of light during his workday while not creating too much clutter. 

With a setup like this you have to wonder what his favorite game of all time is?



home office with powerful computer

powerful computer home office

This magnificent home office built by @bhutanisanyam1 is a coder/gamers paradise. It’s an excellent example of how remote workers can take a few tips from gamers to build a comfortable workspace. 

It seems that he turned one of his 22 in. monitors vertically to better view Slack and lines of code. Then he has a 27in primary HD monitor with a custom-built desktop. We know that the light display on the desktop doesn’t mean much for productivity, but we can’t ignore how cool it looks!

The 192GB Ram i9-10940x graphics card and aircooling certainly helps though.

Some other envious items are the mini fridge under his desk for refreshments and the tower of shelves for his router and other storage space. He’s also got a rotational setup with a laptop behind him to go with his Keychron K2 keyboard.

With a solid speaker, an external graphics card, and a second PC tower for editing 4k footage and podcasted, he has all the tools necessary to win at remote work. 

Our question is, how much time does he log in everyday from this space?



home office with great view


This sunny home office setup was organized by @ChattyDM, a programmer for RPG video games. As you can see by his gaming controller, this space is suitable for both work and leisure. With a lovely street view, he has the perfect natural lighting during the day and a three bulb desk lamp for at night. 

He has an ergonomic gaming mouse and a wrist rest in front of his keyboard, to avoid any Arthritis. A glass monitor stand is a perfect compliment for a relatively small screen, putting it front and center, so you don’t have to squint. 

He also has a laptop stand, so he probably uses both screens simultaneously. The pair of wired and wireless headphones will keep him safe from any distractions throughout the day. Overall, a well-put-together home office that isn’t too complicated. Anyone could build it with a few extra hardware purchases. 

We have to know though, what is his favorite game to play on this setup.

Drum roll please...we have reached number one: 


awesome home office setup

@andres_vidoza went the extra mile to label the other parts of his home office. We get an idea of the whole room from the photo in this setup designed for audio production or podcasting. People interested in either of these fields can note his equipment like his Scarlett Audio Interface and studio monitor speakers.  

Despite a relatively large amount of equipment, Andres’ desk looks organized and clutter-free. We like the wrist rest he has in front of his keyboard -- it will undoubtedly relieve strain from regular use. He’s also got plenty of storage space with five drawers on either side of his electronic desk. 

What makes this home office genuinely unique is the lighting. Bright office lights can be a headache, so Andres has prioritized serenity in his lighting. The warm dim colors are enough for him to see the keys on his keyboard, but not too much that he’ll be seeing them when he shuts his eyes at night. 

Make sure to check out his video where he does a deep dive in every device

Judging by this great effort at having a sweet setup, we're pretty sure Andres already has something new in mind to enhance it even more, we wonder what that is?

Now for this week's funniest post:

“Just supercharged my ultimate ‘working from home father of 4 in vacation with no office in the house’ setup.”


funny home office

Thank you, @fdevillamil, for providing us with another hilarious ironing board home office pick. We understand the struggle of maintaining a family and working from home and think you’re a superhero for doing so! At least you knew enough to elevate your laptop screen! 

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #RemoteSetup hash. We could feature it in our July edition.


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