Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: July 2022

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: July 2022

We are back with a new edition of the Top 10 home office setups on Twitter for July 2022. But first, we will discuss some recent trends in remote work.

In July, The Netherlands made waves on social media after Parliament approved making work from home a legal right in the country. The legislation would force companies to consider employee requests to work remotely as long as the profession allows it and provide adequate reasons for refusing such requests.

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As remote working has become more popular, more and more people are sharing their WFH setups. Some do this to show off how much time and effort went into creating their ideal setup, while some want to inspire others with their journey.

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds. As always, we included the fan favorite, the "Funny" category! Check it out below, and don't forget to share it with your family and friends!


Starting this month’s countdown is @mhaithaca’s clever three-screen basement setup. Before we dig into the details, we have to applaud this user’s wit to create a functional workspace amidst all the random things that usually fill storage spaces —hello, piano and dumbbells!

For this improvised home office, we have a MacBook on a makeshift laptop stand, a monitor, and an iPad. Accessories include a standard keyboard with a number pad and a travel mug. It’s clear that @mhaithaca is a creative and resourceful person. Is that a piece of styrofoam acting as a laptop stand?

This setup takes spot number 10 for going above and beyond to attend virtual events. We were kind of reminded of those early pandemic days when everything suddenly went remote and people scrambled to adapt their homes to their work needs.

One last note: we really hope you got your comfy desk chair and mug warmer!


For number nine, @ryanhuber wowed us with this minimal arrangement. There’s something fascinating about simple setups because they prove that even with minimal gear, a workspace can be efficient. 

This user’s setup is pretty straightforward. A MacBook on a “child-sized” —as @ryanhuber describes it— standing desk and some accessories like AirPods and a MagSafe Duo Charger are the only pieces of equipment in this minimalist home office.

We love the clean and sophisticated look we get from this workstation. We would only recommend a bit of cable management for an ultra-polished setup. One question, though, does this space ever get cluttered?


Sitting on spot number 8 is @JessaRoar’s steam room / WFH setup. You can tell this is a gamer’s workstation with the Elgato key lights and Sony camera slightly above the two ASUS monitors. 

The tri-corner desk seems to have its own raised monitor shelf where the two monitors are placed along with some cute toys and a stream deck. This setup is complete with a backlit keyboard, light-up mouse pad, and gamer mouse.

This room has a lot of personality with the World of Warcraft screensaver, Pokemon plushies, and that Animal Crossing Special Edition Nintendo Switch. We can tell that @JessaRoar can spend countless hours playing games from this room. That fluffy footrest looks super comfortable.

Also, @JessaRoar, we appreciate the effort you put into cleaning up those cables, it looks really good!


Coming in at number 7 is @methodtim’s home office. This is what you expect to see when you hear home office, a lived-in place, has knick-knacks here and there, and lots of pictures of your loved ones.

We can’t believe that it’s already been two and a half years since the pandemic started, but kudos to @methodtim for having built such a wonderful workstation during that time. 

The actual setup is conformed by a tri-corner desk with two distinct areas. On one side there’s an iMac with its magic mouse and keyboard, AirPods Max, and a wooden laptop stand that’s holding a few toys. 

The other side of the desk seems to be dedicated to streaming or podcasting. There’s a MacBook, a DSLR camera on a tripod, two sets of headphones, a microphone, and what looks like an Elgato key light. This setup is complete with a phone and travel mug, as well as an iPad on a vertical laptop stand.

We like how @methodtim has managed to inject his interests into the room with the Iron Man toy, the superhero piece on the shelf, and the Android collectibles. We are curious to know how many figurines make up the entire collection.


The 6th place on this ranking goes out to @OOGA_Mentality’s home office setup. This user has a solid workstation comprising a Gigabyte monitor with a webcam on top, small white speakers, a backlit keyboard, a white wrist rest, a Razer mouse, and a PC. All of this sits on a patterned desk pad and a black standing desk.

A cool thing about this setup is the contrast between the white accessories and the color accents coming from the lighting on the keyboard and the components inside the see-through PC case.

Lastly, we agree that the art on the wall ties the space together and adds the final touch to an already amazing workstation. Thumbs up, @OOGA_Mentality!


This setup by @the_compiler is all about ergonomics: Capisco chair, Keyboardio’s Model 01 keyboard, Logitech MX vertical mouse, and Siteg standing desk. Not to mention the three displays for seamless multitasking. 

The 27” monitors are both Dell and the laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad. The setup also includes a webcam, speakers, and stream deck. The warm lighting gives the room a cozy atmosphere, but during the day the window must provide some amazing natural light. 

One reason this setup made the fifth place is because it has everything you need to stay comfortable and focused as you work. It even has some unique artwork on the walls that bring interest into the room. 

Just one question, is that a wooden crate acting as a laptop stand? How clever, @the_compiler!


Don’t let @localghost’s simple setup fool you. It may look simple, but it’s actually super powerful. This minimalistic and simple workstation takes fourth place for its great organization and impressive cable management.

The office is divided into two sides. The computer side consists of an LG GN950 monitor with VIVO monitor mount, Vanatoo speakers, a Glorious Modular mechanical keyboard, a black Magic TrackPad, and a BenQ monitor light. @localghost uses this space to work by switching between a Mac Studio and a gaming PC, located on the right side of the desk.

The workspace side is an open desk area that @localghost dedicates to using his laptop (not pictured), building computers, or filming. It has a swiveling lamp that clamps to the desk which is perfect for working on any kind of project. 

What we love about this setup is the all-white desk choice and outstanding cable management. The LED lighting coming from the edge of the desk gives this space a relaxed vibe that must be the birthplace of many cool ideas.

One last thing, could we have some time to play with the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset?


The coveted third place on our ranking goes to @NMoutschen’s setup. What caught our attention was the carefully placed colored accents that contrast with the white room and standing desk. The patterned desk pad adds a playful side to this home office.

For the actual workspace, we have two monitors that seem to be connected to a MacBook and a PC. There’s a mechanical keyboard with some colorful keycaps, a gamer mouse, and other streaming essentials like a ring light, headphones, and a Blue Yeti microphone on an adjustable arm. 

The workspace wouldn’t be complete without a glass of water and a small plant on top of a cabinet that’s right next to the desk. We also spot an unsuspecting controller on top of the PC. Looks like you are always ready for another round of play.

Although there’s some powerful tech gear on this desk, we love how @NMoutschen stays analog with that notebook conveniently placed beside the desk pad. We wonder how many ideas he has jotted down while working in this inspiring setup.


Sitting in the second place is @gamebowski’s moody setup. The purple lighting, combined with the neatly organized desk, gives this home office an otherworldly feel that must provide some serious inspiration. 

The actual setup is just one monitor, a MacBook, a PC, and a keyboard, but it has some key accessories like the Elgato key light, a camera on a flexible tripod, and a pair of headphones. We also spot a Logitech mouse and mousepad and a pair of Airpods. How cool are the stickers on the MacBook? We wonder how many stories are behind collecting each one.

We’re also impressed by the use of space. It looks like a small dedicated area but it holds just enough room for a pro setup like this one. We can’t forget to praise the cable management that makes everything looks neat and organized.


Drumroll, please! This month’s winner is none other than @Nikolarn for giving us some amazing before and after inspiration. You’ve certainly come a long way from those two Samsung desktops to a fully equipped office with four impressive displays.

You can tell a pro streamer works here and not only because of those YouTube and Twitch plaques. This setup consists of the four monitors already mentioned, one of them is extra-wide and curved that hangs on a wall mount, a backlit keyboard, at least two gamer mice, a stream deck, a microphone on an adjustable arm, what looks like a DSLR camera and two oval light panels. All of this is powered by a PC in a see-through case with LED-lit components. 

The room would not be a gaming workstation without an ergonomic chair and ambient lighting. The lights coming from the PC give a subtle purple glow, meanwhile, the oval light panels give a warm atmosphere that is great for online entertainment. We can only imagine the endless hours that @Nikolarn spends here gaming and streaming. Not bad of a glow-up indeed.


Last but not least is this very professional toy setup courtesy of @camerobradford. Our rating? 10 out of 10 of course. It has everything you need for completing basic work: a laptop —cat pics included— and a cup of coffee. What more can you ask for?

We’re sure that @camerobradford is going to crush his next meeting with this handy workstation. Although the dog manager on the phone seems a bit tough, we hope those graphs are convincing enough.

Thank you @camerobradford for making our day with this meme!

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Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We'll be on the lookout for more cool remote workspaces, so please share yours on Twitter with the hashtag #HomeOfficeSetup. We could feature it in our June edition. If you would love to check out previous editions, feel free to browse below.

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