Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: August 2021

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: August 2021

We are back this month with a whole new ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

In August, many companies pushed back their return to office dates and others like Canva are only requiring their globally distributed teams to come to their local office 8 times out of the year. 

This month on Twitter we found people keep getting more and more creative with their WFH setups. 

We sifted through all the posts from August and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace. Plus the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below.


10. Comfortable home office

This comfortable looking home office setup by @rhiannon_io radiates remote work lover. Besides the Remote screen saver after they just became a tech unicorn, she also has a book called the Remote Work Era

We checked it out and it seems like an awesome guide for any women looking to go fully remote and travel the world. For the actual setup it has a classic hard wood desk, and nice sized monitor and a laptop stand. 

We like the giant mouse pad to avoid any wear and tear on the desk and a nice view from the window for some natural light. It is a very well organized space but could probably also include a stand for that other laptop.

We wonder if this is a permanent setup or just for some time before her next adventure. 


sporty home office

We are not sure how much work actually gets done in this huge home office by @hyumankind, but we love it. You could be taking a call and shooting free throws at the same time. Then you can catch up on a game while answering emails. 

The ergonomic chair looks super comfortable but we also want to know where her laptop actually is. They only device we see looks like an eye massager.

The room is really well-lit and gives off big Los Angeles vibes. But does she actually have those super cars on the shelf in her garage?


outdoor home office

We found this incredibly creative home office by @joshbland in a great Morning Brew thread where they try to guess people's jobs by their WFH setup. They guessed Wilderness guide and couldn't be more far off as Josh is actually a marketing professional who just loves the outdoors.

The logistics alone for setting this up is daunting because you would have to run an extension cord to a huge power strip. Then you have to worry about if a squirrel or a gopher is gonna cut your power halfway through a video call. 

No need for speakers as the sounds of nature in the middle of suburbia definitely provide enough natural ambience. The one problem is, you can't eat in there because the last thing you want are ants crawling all over your desk. 


fun home office setup

This vibrant setup by @JoshElngersoll has some style and fancy hardware. We love the three screen setup enabled by the Thunderbolt USB-C. This allows mac users to project their tabs and windows on multiple devices from just one laptop. 

The wireless keyboard with LED lights is perfect for burning the midnight oil and the two speakers provide some good surround-sound. The window behind his main screen is good for illuminating the space during the day but we wonder if he has any other lamps or prefers to work with just a ceiling light. 

The webcam on top of the large screen is more useful than the mac camera and is perfect so you can multitask during long calls. The desk also has some great personal touches from the Lego fighter jet to the photo of his Doggos. 

The one burning question we have is if he actually liked the ending to The Last of Us 2? 


Windows Surface setup

Believe it or not, this whole setup by @DavidSteadson is powered by a Surface Pro 7. This shows not everything has to be Mac to have a great home office and Windows still has got some great tech. He has made this possible with a Surface dock and an old Lumia Dock.

For some, 5 screens might seem a bit excessive but if 2 makes you more productive, then it might be worth trying out. We just hope he has got good cable management behind all those screens or you could quickly find yourself in a tangled mess. 

The room also looks quite dark, so we wonder if his eyes hurt sometimes after long nights. The LED keyboard and mouse add a futuristic touch to the space. Since he has got a surface and another tablet, we are sure he prefers this tactile approach to working. 


colorful wfh setup

This colorful setup by @cap can be admired for hours. The fully dual monitor arms put the screens at the perfect eye level and that LG Ultragear 4K is great for long lines of code. 

We love the touch of wood elements for the wrist pad, coaster and the stand for the control panel. It also looks like a mechanical standing desk so he can adjust it for sitting as well. The speakers seem standard but are also probably ideal for lo-fi beats. 

There is plenty of light in this home office so no worries about not having a view. Then you have an adjustable arm for a microphone for podcasting and a great place to hang those headphones. The bright ergonomic keyboard and mouse ensure that there will be no joints pains using this setup. 

What other knick knacks could he add besides the bobble head and the chimp?


Design wfh setup

This setup by @oywwo is every graphic designers dream. Literally everything matches with white and orange and shows off her personality in a unique way. That custom PC build looks powerful and ensures everything runs smoothly. Then you have all the device accessories from the egg speakers, key board, headphones and mouse all aesthetically in-sync. 

She has got some plants to provide some oxygen for the office and a gum ball machine whenever she wants a quick snack. This setup is also great for either standing or sitting. 

We would love to know what that device is in the middle, it seems like a tablet that has been converted into a drawing board. The only recommendation that we would have is possible a bigger main screen and a webcam.


gaming home office setup

This blend of gaming and home setup is truly envious by @agungsetiawanmu. You have all three gaming systems in one place and we are sure at some point he will add a PS5. Those speakers look like they would make the whole room bounce.

We love the little plant friends to go with the Gundam Wing memorabilia. Atomic habits is also a phenomenal book. The keyboard looks perfect for coding and we wonder if he can quickly switch between games and work all from the same screen. 

On that same thought, there is no way this is all powered by just a Macbook pro. There has to be a custom built PC hiding somewhere under the desk. The thing we would recommend is invest in a better chair! 


starwars themed home office

If you can't tell, @anthonycoppedge is a huge Mandalorian fan. He is also a huge supporter of Autonomous standing motorized desks. We are too, since it is a great way to stay focused and get a bit of a workout while typing away.

A standing desk also makes sense considering those screens are so high up with those dual-arm articulating monitor mounts. The Elgato Key lights provide the perfect lighting for this setup and we are sure his conference calls come in super clear with the webcam and adjustable mic. 

How does he control all these devices? With a stream deck and his OMOTON laptop stand that ensures he doesn't even have to open that Mac. He even has wrist pads for both the keyboard and mouse. 

The one thing we wonder is if he ever does his conference calls in virtual reality with the Occulus rift there. 

Now for this months winner...drum roll please:


The best home office

This "Magical Moss Cave" as @RiotL4T3NCY describes it left us speechless. It is easily the most stylish and well thought out home office we have seen since starting this ranking. Plus, you can even work with your partner in this rainforest workspace.

The undertaking to create it was truly amazing and the whole process is documented in the thread. It took hours to weave together the fake moss and silk leaves and glue them to panels that could then be placed on the wall. Then that PC build as he describes was mounted to the wall and has a 10 Gen I9 processor with 128GB RAM. 

The desks and chairs look like they are from the 1800s but that only adds more style to the space. He has a Predator Z35 among the various other screens on his desk and an ergonomic keyboard. This is a place where regardless of the time of day, you will feel at peace. 

Congrats Riot, you had the best WFH setup for August 2021!

"Added a keyboard to my wfh setup and, naturally, I wasn't allowed to try it first"

funny home office setup

@mike_shoro's home office has an autonomous tweeter. He doesn't need to login to Twitter to tweet. Ok, that is enough puns for us and that you Mike for making us laugh while creating this ranking. 

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #HomeOfficeSetup hash. We could feature it in our September edition.

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