Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: August 2022

Top 10 Home Office Setups on Twitter: August 2022

We are back with a new edition of the Top 10 home office setups on Twitter for August 2022. But first, we will discuss some recent trends in remote work.

In August, large tech companies like Dropbox and Spotify reported on the benefits they saw after implementing remote arrangements. The Swedish streaming platform reported a 15% decrease in employee turnover, whereas the San Francisco-based company informed that 88% of their workforce preferred the flexibility to work remotely. 

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As remote working has become more popular, more and more people are sharing their WFH setups. Some do this to show off how much time and effort went into creating their ideal setup, while some want to inspire others with their journey.

Whatever the intent, we are happy to rank the top WFH setups for all workspace lovers and nerds. As always, we included the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below, and don't forget to share it with your family and friends!


Starting off August’s ranking, we have @dariuszdziuk minimalist setup. We love how there’s only one Macbook on the hardwood desk. Sometimes less is more when you have a lot to get done.

We can tell there’s more than meets the eye with this setup because we spot two laptop cases and other exciting pouches on the window sill. It seems like this room gets plenty of natural light, making it a cozy and comfortable space.

We chose this setup because it looks like the perfect place to get inspired. Proof of that is the camera on the desk, which we can assume @dariuszdziuk is already using for some serious creative output. 


Spot nine on this ranking goes to @Hydedriver for this compact but powerful setup. There’s an HP laptop, a ViewSonic monitor on a white desk, and an office chair, just enough to handle all @Hydedriver’s writing.

Two things we like about this setup are the notebooks on the drawer and the abstract art on the wall. We can only imagine how many ideas are jotted down in those notebooks and if any have seen the light of day. We are also curious to know if that colorful painting has inspired any stories.


On spot eight, we have a colorful and festive setup by @SouthpauzArt. We can feel the autumn vibes with this one. The cute fox plushie with a sweater and scarf and the tiny pumpkin at the monitor's base make this a great workspace to get creative.

The setup consists of an AOC monitor, a pink keyboard with a number pad, a pink mouse, a couple of speakers, a Wacom tablet, and an iPad on an adjustable arm. The workspace is held together by a wooden desk and a leaf-patterned desk mat. 

We love the color scheme in this one, and it’s so easy to get inspired when you have so many cozy colors around you. The plants, the tiny figurines, and the candle fill this workspace with the right environment to get creative. We only wonder if the candle scent is as warm and soothing as it looks.


The seventh place in this ranking goes to @scottshapiro. This setup has two monitors, two Macbooks, an ergonomic Logitech keyboard, a mouse, what looks like an audio mixer, and a speaker. 

What takes the spotlight is the view from the window behind this workspace. A nature-surrounded home office can boost your spirits. You just have to look up and take in the greenery. 

We love how the nature theme doesn’t stop at the view, with those spiky leaves peeking through the side of the desk. 

This workspace looks like the definition of productivity, with the monitors and Macbooks coming in sets of two. We are only left wondering what’s the drink in the blue tumbler.


The WFH setup by @AlexHolmeset looks simple, but it’s filled with some cool gadgets. First, there’s a Samsung Odyssey 49” curved monitor, which matches the curve of the human eye to reduce eye strain. 

The other elements of this setup are a laptop, a Logitech mechanical keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, two sets of headphones, an Elgato microphone, and an unsuspecting Xbox controller underneath the monitor. 

A PC powers the whole workspace with a see-through case that sits under the black standing desk.

The setup is complete with an ergonomic chair and a window that must provide plenty of natural light during the day.

We also spot a travel mug and an award proudly placed on the desk. We wonder how many times @AlexHolmeset has been named MVP.


This setup by @PernellThomas is coming in strong with three displays–two horizontal and one vertical. The two horizontal monitors sit on a laptop stand each, and the vertical monitor has its own stand.

The accessories completing this workspace are a Logitech ergonomic keyboard, a mouse with a wrist rest, a headset, a tablet, a webcam, and a desk lamp with warm lighting. An HP mini PC powers everything under one of the laptop stands. 

We love how @PernellThomas keeps a few analog items next to all this gear. We spot a ceramic skull, some office supplies in metallic pencil holders, and some handy sticky notes on the monitors to keep track of tasks and other essential details.

The one thing we would recommend, though, is a little bit of cable management to keep a clean aesthetic. Besides that, this setup looks like the perfect place to get a lot of work done. Fantastic job, @PernellThomas!


Coming in at number 4 is @HelmiHasan_com’s home office setup. The setup consists of a monitor on a wooden stand, a laptop on its stand, what looks like a Keychron keyboard and wrist rest, an ergonomic mouse, a microphone, a lamp, and an ergonomic chair.

This is a functional home office setup with all the essentials for podcasting or other online speaking events. @HelmiHasan_com has a softbox and a camera on a tripod ready to be used.

The wooden desk looks sturdy to hold everything together and provides enough space to get through the most brutal to-do list.

We love how this workstation is right next to the bed. We wonder how often you hit snooze in the mornings, considering your commute is like two seconds. 


The coveted third spot of this month’s ranking goes to this very illuminated setup by @ndwignall. This impressive home office boasts two key lights clamped on the standing desk and a third light on the ceiling aiming towards the desk.

The main setup consists of an iMac with Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, a Macbook, a teleprompter on a desk clamp, some audio mixing gear doubling as a monitor stand, and a microphone on an adjustable arm. 

We love how @ndwignall has implemented this 3-point lighting in his home office setup. This is an excellent example of making the most by being creative. We just have to ask, are those bibliography cards around the ceiling light?


The second place for August’s ranking goes to @GamingSpudd’s setup. This workspace looks very relaxing, with all the purple details on the desk mat and the chair’s cushion contrasting with the white furniture. 

The main setup has two monitors stacked on each other, two Elgato key lights, audio mixing gear, a stream deck, a couple of Pioneer speakers, a Sony camera, a mechanical keyboard and mouse, and an ergonomic chair. All of this is powered by the PC in a transparent case.

We love how this gamer room is true to the all-white aesthetic but incorporates some green touches with the pots strategically placed all around the desk.

We have to agree with you, @GamingSpudd this setup looks pretty good with all the lights turned off, but we are still curious to see that RGB in full action.


With this impressive home office, the winner of August’s WFH setup ranking is @JonahLupton. Not only does @JonahLupton have the tech, but he hits it out of the ballpark with the fantastic Boston view.

The six displays consist of one 32” HP Envy desktop and five 27” Sceptre monitors, all sitting on top of a custom 72” Uplift white desk. The upper monitors are carefully clamped to the desk with monitor arms. 

The setup is complete with a keyboard and mouse, an office chair, and a huge puff that looks perfect for taking a power nap or just taking a moment to take in the view. We hope your to-do list includes a few breaks to admire the amazing scenery.

This is an excellent example of how combining the latest technology with timeless design creates a setup that will last for years. Congrats, @JonahLupton!


Last but not least is @SpaceWhaleRider’s setup, moving edition. We love how @SpaceWhaleRider is making sure to stay available for work despite being in the middle of moving. 

That folding chair looks like a sturdy laptop stand, and all the boxes keep those devices safe; what better way to stay compliant with company policies? 

Jokes aside, thank you, @SpaceWhaleRider, for making our day with your setup!

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Alrighty, future-of-work enthusiasts! We’ll see you in the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking next edition. We'll look for more cool remote workspaces, so please share yours on Twitter with #OfficeSetup. We could feature it in our September edition. If you love to check out previous editions, feel free to browse them below.

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