Best Remote Team Management Software To Use in 2023

Best Remote Team Management Software To Use in 2023

Remote team management requires excellent communication, task monitoring, and collaboration.

Companies that have large remote teams have tackled these aspects in a variety of ways. Some have employed a Head of Remote Operations to coordinate the extra workload. 

Remote team management software has also exploded onto the SaaS scene in the last year. Many tools and applications on the market can help thousands of companies move their operations into the cloud.

So, which products can handle the critical elements of your remote processes?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one software that can do everything you need. Instead, we compiled a list of the remote team management software All-Stars for companies of all sizes and industries. Check out our recommendations for the complete remote tech stack, as well as useful tips on choosing the right software below. 

What are remote working tools?

growrk remote tools

A remote working tool specializes in different aspects of remote team project management. 

1. Companies first need to set up the infrastructure for remote work. To do this, they need software that can distribute equipment and computers. An application that can handle the logistics of shipping these products and related IT assistance is a must. 

2. They will also need a program to administer payments and legal transactions. Salaries and contract signings can all be focused on one domain to make things easier on your legal and HR departments. 

3. Software for customer relationship management (CRM) will cover your customers’ entire journey from entering your website to their first purchase and beyond. Whether you decide to go with an AI or other support options, customer inquiries and interactions can also be addressed by one of these applications. 

4. Typically, remote employees don’t punch a clock at the start and finish of their day. They either log their hours or output in an application. Time management software and remote training programs allow companies to measure a distributed team’s efficiency and develop a skilled remote workforce.

5. A communication and collaboration tool is the foundation of your remote team. It keeps everyone on the same page and swimming in the right direction and ensures their projects are done effectively. 

Once you have all of these remote working tools, you will be ready to manage your remote workforce. 

How to Choose the Right Tools for Managing a Remote Team?

the cost of remote working tools

Choosing the right software for your company comes down to specific criteria for each need. Since you’ll be employing multiple software for your remote tech stack, let’s look at what to look for in each application. 

Furniture and equipment distribution

  • A wide variety of products to distribute to your remote team members anywhere in the world.
  • After delivery, you’ll want a company that will provide IT services and assistance to help keep home offices set up and maintained.
  • The hardware supplied by this company should have all necessary software already installed and arrive ready to use.

Legal and payment software

  • Needs to be reliable above all else.
  • You’ll want to sign up for a service that is reputable and transparent.
  • Look into the convenience of the software and how easily pay scales can be adjusted. 


  • Should have a high score on G2.
  • Complete CRM’s will handle support problems, create business and sales opportunities for your company, and assist your customer throughout the buying process. 

Project Management Software

  • Remote teams often work on flexible schedules or get paid based on output. Either way, employees usually log their own hours and completed tasks.
  • You want a project management program that can keep track of everyone's tasks, is easy to use and collaborate, and can measure each employee’s output. 

Employee training

  • Should be able to upskill your employees quickly in a rewarding and satisfying way.
  • It needs to be interactive with a straightforward interface, so remote workers are encouraged to use it.   

Communication software

  • Needs to have a clear alert and organization system, so employees don’t miss any meetings or emails.
  • They need to be updated regularly to keep the systems functioning and have advanced collaborative and presentation tools to keep teams engaged when working together. 

These are just a few tips on choosing the right software. For even more advice, check our suggestions on the best software below. 

The Best Software for Payment and Legal Support of a Virtual Team: Deel and Remote Team


deel logo


Deel is an international payment and legal remote team tool that can help your company hire remote contractors from 150 countries. They can onboard your employees, create and sign their contracts, collect tax and employment documents, and run your payroll. Their instant invoice system means you’ll have proof of payment in minutes in an easily accessible location. 

The best thing about Deel is how they track necessary documentation for employees. They employ 200+ legal experts that specialize in international and domestic laws for all their market. Suppose you have an employee in Germany who is missing four tax documents you’ve never even heard of. In that case, Deel will send you and the employee a notification and avoid any costly mistakes.  

  • International Network
  • Onboarding, Contract Signing, Legal and Tax Documents, Payroll
  • Highly Rated on Trustpilot
  • Instant Invoice System
  • 200+ Legal Experts
  • 120 Currencies
  • Compatible with Transferwise, Coinbase, Revolut, and Other Platforms
  • $49 per month for each active contract.  
  • Deel does not have any free trial options, but you can request a demo from their website. 

Remote Teams

remote team logo

Remote teams handle payroll for more than 450 remote-first companies. They specialize in businesses whose infrastructure is entirely remote. The app has features for employee check-in, compensation management, digital signatures, organization charts, reimbursements and expense payments, and an asset tracker.

They also have a management suite for all your remote team’s applications, keeping them organized and available in one place. Their time tracking mechanism sets them apart from other companies because it can automatically pay your employees after it's integrated. 

  • 10,000+ HR Tools
  • 200 Countries Supported
  • Legal Assistance and Support
  • Invoicing and Compliance Documents
  • Contract Agreements
  • PEO and EOR Services
  • Applications Suite
  • Time Tracking with Instant Payment Processing
  • $14.99 per month for each person/account
  • Remote Team also has a yearly subscription which is 20% cheaper. They have no free trial, but you can book a demo with them. 

Runnerup: Justworks

justworks logo


If you’re not satisfied with Deel nor Remote Team, then we recommend trying Justworks. They can bundle your compliance, HR, payroll, and benefits under their encompassing software umbrella.


Their payroll feature is especially intuitive with automatic direct deposits, vendor and contract payments, direct deposit splitting, and you can easily integrate Xero, Quickbooks, and QBO. 

The Best Software for Remote Equipment: GroWrk and Fully 


Growrk smart home office management

GroWrk addresses all your home office setup needs. Their services can be easily assimilated into your HR software and provide access to a network of vendors worldwide. They distribute laptops, office hardware, and furniture to remote teams in more than 100 different countries. 


Every laptop Growrk delivers has Apple Business Manager MDM already installed. Their furniture prioritizes the everyday problems of home office work by being ergonomic and space-conscious. They are fully stocked equipment rooms on the cloud, and a vital resource to any office manager tasked with equipping a remote team.


GroWrk is perfect for any budget size because of its payment options. They have twelve, and twenty four-month options that can save your budget from a massive expense while keeping your remote workers comfortable and satisfied. 

  • Easy HR Software Assimilation
  • Distribute Furniture and Computers 
  • Computers Arrive with Software Installed
  • Full IT Service After Delivery
  • Ergonomic and Space-Conscious Furniture
  • International Distribution 100+ Countries
  • Shipping and Pick Up
  • Payment in Installments Available
  • Growrk bases its pricing on the equipment you request and the payment model you decide on.
  • Each of their furniture and hardware has an individual price tag that will be factored into the monthly payment plan you choose for your company. Starting from $1 a month!




With modern furniture styles like sit-stand desks and kneeling chairs, Fully has become the leader in remote space furniture that is good for your health. They are huge advocates of active sitting and its positive effects on your body and mental state. 

Their website also has many items that accommodate the home office’s everyday problems, including space dividers and privacy panels. These furniture pieces can help when working in shared spaces, while their extensive set of storage options will keep the home office tidy and organized. 

  • Only Provide Office Furniture (no devices)
  • Furniture is customizable
  • Emphasis on Active Sitting and Other Sitting Alternatives
  • Offer Privacy Panels and Storage Spaces
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fully requires companies to pay per item with some discounts for bulk orders. Their furniture can cost more than $1000 in some cases.
  • All of it is fully customizable from colour to material to accessories. 

Runner up: Design Public Group


Design Public group is another option for home office equipment. They are a B2B and B2C furniture company that recently opened a website specializing in remote working equipment.

They will build a custom website for your company where employees can choose from their 500,000+ item furniture and equipment catalogue. 

The Best Communication Software for Remote Work: Slack and Microsoft Teams


slack logo

Slack’s best part is regular messaging and video calls on the same platform. 

With the “Channels” section of their platform, you can easily organize tasks. Employees will receive a different set of hashtags related to their work (like #covid-19 planning) and will be able to join and monitor a group chat specifically related to that topic. This makes it much easier for employees to filter out irrelevant messages and stay updated on their work. 

One thing that makes Slack stand out among remote team tools is its “Slack Connect” option. Using this service allows you to join other Slack groups based on your speciality. Like slack groups for remote workers, product managers or digital marketers. These groups allow professionals in similar fields to grow and help each other without having to go to in-person networking events. 

  • Emails, Instant Messaging, and Video Calls
  • Collaboration
  • Task Management
  • Video Calls and Messaging on the same Platform
  • Channel Group Chats for Important Topics
  • Connection to Other Company’s Slack Accounts


  • For the standard package, it costs $8.73/month per active user when paying yearly. The standard package has all the key features of the platform. Still, with their Plus ($16.41/month) and Enterprise Grid (price varies), you can receive options like customer support and advanced identity management. 
  • It also has a free option, but it has minimal features and mostly works like any other video chatting software. 

Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams logo

Microsoft teams is one of the most popular communication software used by remote companies. With their all-in-one software, you can be working on a project with your team and chatting in a group, then switch to a video meeting with one click. 

Microsoft teams also pair perfectly with the Microsoft suite. If your team uses Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or another Microsoft software, they can collaborate using Teams. This is the best communication software for any company that already uses multiple Microsoft products. 


  • Chat, Meet, Call
  • Collaborate
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Very Popular and Adaptable


  • $5 per month for each user. 
  • Microsoft Teams also has a free option, but again it is missing most of the key features. 

Runner up: logo is another communication application you should consider. Beyond the basics of messaging, video chatting, and calling, it also functions as an excellent task manager and a daily planner.

They have a “goals” and “routines” section that will keep your remote staff focused on their regular responsibilities as well as their deadlines and results. 

The Best CRM for Remote Work: Salesforce and Hubspot


sales force logo

The perfect CRM should assist with sales, marketing, service, commerce, be a viable platform, and build towards success in your industry. Salesforce offers all of that in one place for your company to utilize. 

Salesforce gives you the ability to adjust your sales strategy as you go so you can respond to new markets and industry changes, effectively preparing you for the inevitable. 

Smart companies view customer service as a potential sale-generating opportunity for your company — a well-handled support request results in a dedicated and loyal customer that will return to buy more. 

  • Makes Every Minute Count
  • Automates sales processes
  • Improves Data Accessibility
  • Flexible Sales Strategies
  • Support Requests
  • Multiple Support Communications Channels (including Facebook and Whatsapp)
  • Independent Support Options


  • The Sales Essentials Edition costs $25 per month for each user.
  • Their Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions cost $75, $150, and $300 per month for each user. 


hubspot logo


The Hubspot marketing cloud will help grow your business and client base. The AI-powered personalization makes sure that these leads and customer pools grow with your business, so as you evolve, your client group can evolve with you. This makes a remote marketer’s job easier because they can focus on the actual sale rather than finding the right people for their pitch. 

They have Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS hubs that are easily organized and won’t take long for your team to utilize effectively. They are focused on growth and have flexible plans and options for your company to shift and alter its CRM plan as it grows and changes. 

  • Lead-Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Quotes
  • Customer Service Tickets
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Website Themes
  • Their Starter Package is $57 per month. Professional and Enterprise Packages can cost up to $1032 and $4107 per month, respectively.
  • Hubspot also has a free option to use limitlessly and a free demo of their premium version. 

Runner up: Streak CRM


If your company already uses Gmail as their primary messaging service, you might benefit from a CRM like Streak. Instead of being a separate application, Streak plugs into your Gmail interface directly and can handle all your customer relations needs from there. 

Directly from your inbox, you’ll have a tool for sales, project management, business development, fundraising, support, hiring, and real estate. 

The Best Software to Keep Track of Remote Employees: Asana and


asana logo

Keeping track of a remote employee’s tasks and work hours can be challenging. If you have multiple employees, you will have many schedules, events, and deadlines to keep in mind for each person. This much information can be confusing to even the most-experienced HR staff. With Asana, you can see a remote team’s plans, track progress, and discuss work all in one place. 

From their portal, you can add and assign action items easily. Your remote team members will start every workday by sitting down at their PC and opening Asana to see what is expected of them for the day. The application organizes this information for them and allows updates on both ends so projects can be submitted and assigned in realtime. 

  • Schedule Tracking
  • Event Planning
  • Deadline Management
  • Collaboration
  • Task Assignment
  • Employee Submission
  • Work Maps (Visual Schedule and Task Management)

  • Asana Premium costs $10.99 per month for each user. 
  • Asana also has a free version which is available for teams of 15 people or less.

The physical separation of distributed teams makes it challenging to get an idea of what everyone is doing and the big picture. makes an entire company or team’s schedule easier to comprehend. On Monday, employees and the team manager can view overlapping tasks, their scope, and their deadline to make managing and delegating duties more streamlined and simpler to picture. 

Monday also has an easy task assignment option where employees and management can update each other on progress. Creating a task like “creative work request form,” you can assign a job to your creative team with a due date and brief in a matter of minutes. Once inside the project, remote workers can communicate privately or publicly to provide information on their progress and any questions. 

  • Plan, Organize, and Track Your Team
  • 200+ Ready Made Templates
  • Highly Ranked on Review Sites
  • Used by 100,000+ Teams
  • 8 Different Data Visualizations
  •’s basic plan costs $8 per month for each account. Their Standard and Pro Packages cost $10 and $16 per month for each account. They also have an Enterprise option where a price needs to be quoted. 
  • also has a free trial option as well as a free version for smaller teams. 

Runner up: Jira

jira software


Jira is another priority task manager you can try. Their “Scrum boards” allow teams to see everything they are working on, what needs to be done, and what has already been completed. They also have roadmaps and other organizational tools to keep your team’s vision of the future clear and precise. 

The Best Software to Train Remote Employees: Loom and Lessonly


loom logo

Video messages are a great way to train workers, communicate between teams, and record video briefings. With Loom, you can do all of that while also screen sharing for demos and presentations. 

Imagine you need to onboard several remote workers at once. The time it would take for your HR staff and teleworkers to get them up to speed could set back your progress. By having experienced colleagues record training and demo videos, new employees will get first-hand knowledge on their favourite devices that they can access and utilize whenever they want.

Video briefings are also a great way to liven up interactions between management and remote workers. Instead of boring PDFs and word documents, you can describe tasks and assignments in a fresh and personal way. Some things are just better said than written. 

  • Quick download time and link sharing
  • Record Video Briefings
  • Screen Sharing
  • For a monthly business plan with Loom, it costs $10 per month for each user. It is decreased to $8 if you sign up for their yearly subscription. 
  • They also have a “Starter” option which is free, and “Enterprise” (for big companies), which will need to be quoted by their sales team. 


lessonly logo

Lessonly is another simple way for your teams to learn and practice. They have customer service, sales, talent and enterprise options. Your team can record videos and tutorials to make the processes easier to understand and learn for all of these. 


  • Support Videos
  • Scale Training
  • Collaboration and Teaching


  • The basic lesson plan with Lessonly is $300 per month and covers 20 learners. 
  • Prices change based on the number of learners, the plan you choose, and how often you will pay (monthly or annually). 

Runnerup: Skyprep


Skyprep is another software that provides virtual classrooms and compliance, external, and internal training. You can upload almost any type of file into their dashboard, and new employees will have access to it there.

If you wanted, you could put your entire training regiment on Skyprep and streamline the whole process. 

Wrap Up 

If you think about your company as a sports team, then the software it chooses genuinely needs to be of an all-star calibre. The companies we’ve selected above are all great for managing remote teams because they fit all of the criteria a remote team needs to flourish. They are simple, straightforward, multi-faceted, and flexible. That sounds like the ideal remote work job description to us. 

Companies need to do their best to keep up with the growing remote work world and its related technologies or suffer failure. Assigning something like payroll management to an individual employee or employing inadequate software can and will put your company at a competitive disadvantage for years to come. Hire these All-Stars, and you’ll have the right tool to put you at the head of the pack. 

Equipping remote workers is messy-until Now. GroWrk helps companies supply and manage laptops, devices, and other equipment and services in 150+ countries - all through one powerful dashboard.

Want to learn how GroWrk Remote can help you take care of your remote team with ease?                  

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