How GroWrk Helped CCI Systems Launch Their International Remote Team in India

How GroWrk Helped CCI Systems Launch Their International Remote Team in India

About CCI Systems

CCI Systems specializes in telecommunications, comprehensive network assessments, industry-leading engineering, drafting and design services, and 24/7 support services. 

As an employee-owned solution provider, they are dedicated to bridging the gap between overly complex networks of the past and the new, operationally efficient networks of the future.

At a glance

  • Launch international remote operations.
  • Establish international leadership teams.
  • Ability to work on a 24-hour basis.
  • Improved onboarding process.

The Problem

CCI Systems wanted to expand its business and establish a private limited office in India. However, they faced a major problem. They quickly realized they did not have the resources to manage IT equipment for their new hires in the new country.

The company had limited experience in handling the logistics of providing equipment to remote employees living across the world, and they did not have the necessary personnel to handle the task on their own. Doing this in-house would have been a time-consuming and exhausting process.

CCI Systems needed a solution to keep their business moving forward. That meant finding a solution that would allow them to quickly and efficiently equip their new hires with the necessary equipment to begin work. They began to research various options, but many solutions did not meet their needs.

The Solution

The company reached out to GroWrk to find a solution for its international equipment management needs. By using GroWrk's services, the company was able to relieve the burden of managing IT asset for its global hires. This allowed them to completely establish their private limited office in India and continue hiring in the region.

GroWrk was able to provide CCI Systems with the necessary IT equipment to support its international team. With this solution, the company was able to simplify the onboarding process and streamline operations from a single platform.

The Results

Thanks to their partnership with GroWrk, CCI Systems successfully established their new office in India and began hiring new employees. The company was impressed with GroWrk's high level of customer service and technical expertise, which allowed them to quickly and efficiently equip their new hires with the necessary IT equipment.

CCI Systems also established leadership teams internationally and kept in touch with their international teams with the equipment solutions provided by GroWrk. The company can now complete work on an almost 24-hour basis, thanks to their international hires.

The onboarding process for new international hires has also improved significantly since adopting GroWrk's IT asset management software solution. The company now has access to a range of tools and resources that make it easier to onboard new employees and get them up to speed quickly. GroWrk's support team has been incredibly helpful, providing guidance and ongoing support to solve all the challenges of establishing themselves in a completely new location.

CCI Systems was able to launch international remote operations in India from scratch. Since implementing GroWrk’s solution, the company has hired a significant number of remote employees in India, allowing them to expand their business and reach new markets.

Overall, CCI Systems is extremely satisfied with the results of its partnership with GroWrk. They have expanded their business internationally and established a strong presence in India, thanks to the high-quality IT support and customer service provided by GroWrk. The company is excited to continue working with GroWrk as they grow and expand their business even further in the future.

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March 31

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