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How it Works?

What is GroWrk?

How Do Your Leases Work?

What are Your Available Lease Terms?

What Happens After I Place My Order?

Is There a Monthly Minimum?

Is There an Order Minimum to Brand Desks With Our Logo?

Where Do You Place Our Company Logo?

What Happens Once The Lease is Over?

Can I Buy The Items at The End of The Lease?

Is There a Lease Agreement?

What If I Need To Terminate My Lease?

Where Do You Deliver?

Do I Have to Pay for Delivery?

What Is the Expected Delivery Time of the Order?

How Do Pickups Work?

What If I Damage an Item?

How Does Billing Work?

Can I Change My Card On File?

What Happens If I Face Any Issues With My Products?

What is Your Return Policy?

Are there any credit checks?